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26 hobbins 01/25/2021

We did not make the full 3 miles due to trash pick up. Our bag was full. Styrofoam was a great portion of it. Crab buoys, shot gun wads, styrofoam cup pieces . We also found a crab cage connected to a log. It was buried in the sand too far to remove. Lots of wood from large surf. Shoreline was steep. It looked like a great undertow was probably present.

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26 hobbins 03/30/2021

There was some erosion of the sand wall since we were there last but only about a foot. There was very little litter on the beach this time. Nice to see. Most of the activity was near the river mouth.

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26 hobbins 04/14/2021

Beach looked clean and the waves were not reaching the bluff anymore. 

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26 hobbins 05/02/2021

Very cool day with the strong wind. This kept human activity to a minimum. There was a large flock of sea birds flowing something in the water out about 300 yards. We never saw what it was.

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26 hobbins 06/01/2021

Warm windy day. The insects were out on the sand. One beautiful bug was blown over on its back. Its belly was bright irridescent red. When I went to flip it over the back was a bright irridescent green. Amazing colors on this bug. There were a couple ravens looking for a meal and a couple gulls. The sand was being blown hard so for the most part people were on the other side of the rock at the parking lot playing in the stream. The black flying insect that was 3 cm long looked like a termite of flying black ant or wasp. There were thousands of them there. I would have taken pictures of them but the battery went dead on the phone.

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26 hobbins 07/29/2021

Lots of people using the beach mosly near Hunters Creek. Four large RVs in the parking lot. People frpm Medford and Southern California were enjoying the beach!!

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26 hobbins 08/29/2021

Due to the wind there was not much activity on the beach. there was a bit more trash to pick up caught in the grasses.

There were no sand dollars on the beach.

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26 hobbins 09/22/2021

More debis on the shore this walk. Found rope used for crab pots.

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26 hobbins 10/18/2021

There had been some shot gun activity at this beach. lots of wads on the beach. Found two dead emaciated birds. never seen that before. 

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26 hobbins 11/25/2021 View full report 2
26 hobbins 01/08/2022

There was a lot of trash on the beach. I was only able to walk 3/4 of a mile of it due to the trash beg I was carrying was full. I needed two more at least to finish cleaning the beach. Lots of styrofoam and plastic bottles! I need to get back there to finish cleaning the beach!

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26 hobbins 01/19/2022

There was still a lot of styrofoam on the beach!! A tire was found on the beach as well a a crab pot that had a log through it. There were not as many bottles as the last time I was there. One very large log was added to the beach. 

A second crab pot was on its way to shore when we left.

Most of the people hang out near "Kissing Rock".

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26 hobbins 02/10/2022

It was a warm and beautiful day! The beach was clean and everyone was enjoying it. Waves were large and beautiful. There was not much to clean up, which was heartening.

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26 hobbins 03/11/2022

Mile 26 was the cleanest it has ever been. Four people were walking the whole beach of 3 miles long with small back packs . Two of them walk it with their dog and hike the far end up and out to Hwy 101. Dogs were on leash.

Lots of interesting drift wood. 

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26 hobbins 04/07/2022

A beautiful day with clear skies and beautiful surf. The beach looked good except for the plastic debris.

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26 hobbins 05/22/2022

This was the cleanest the beach has ever been since we have walked it. 

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26 hobbins 07/16/2022

The beach was very clean, sand was warm, and the waves were running hard. Other than human beings and the ravens and eagles there was that much on the beach.

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26 hobbins 09/25/2022

Beautiful day with pelicans fishing the surf , seagulls on the beach , little trash compared to same time last year. First starfish found dead on the beach. 

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27 [email protected] 04/15/2007 Problems with ATV's on the beach. Read comments fordetails View full report 0
27 [email protected] 05/01/2009 A sailboat was beached on this mile and left there for several weeks. It is now at the airport waiting to be taken to the boat basin. The owner rode the boat onto the beach and then walked away. View full report 2
28 themermaidscholar 05/01/2007 Storm approaching. Cold wind blowing hard. Seals playing in the surf. View full report 0
28 Shorething 04/23/2013 DISPATCH

A large beach fire on Mile 28 of Gold Beach erupted today at approximately 4 p.m., causing large flames in the air and clouds of white and black smoke. Three fire trucks arrived on the scene, and a water truck. Approximately 5:30 p.m. the fire was contained. How the fire started or what damage it has caused isn't known at present.

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28 AzaleaLane 12/25/2017

We only saw one other person on the beach on Christmas Day.  No dogs.  Beach was litter free.

There was driftwood at the Rogue River jetty end.  Lots of small rocks near the surf.


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28 AzaleaLane 03/11/2018

A beautiful sunny day.  First time I have seen a Raven on the beach. It is good to see the Osprey with a fish.

Previous concern about near-by dredging has been helped by equipment problems. The company packed

up their trucks and left.  Small amount of garbage, picked it up, and disposed of it.


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28 AzaleaLane 12/23/2018

This day, December 23, was the highest tide for this month.  We also went on December 21, but the high tide was

not even close to the 23rd.  We found 4 painted rocks near Kissing Rock.  Amazing to watch how high the waves

and water came up  the shore. See photos.  The time was 11:23 am.


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28 AzaleaLane 12/25/2018

Christmas Day on Mile 28.  We celebrated by  making Mimosas!  (It was also my birthday).  A bit breezy,

but sunny.  3 people looking at rocks near the jetty.  2 people walking a dog.  I found a piece of beach glass!

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28 AzaleaLane 10/01/2018

Our beach walk with Fawn Custer, October, 1, 2018.  We met at the Gold Beach Visitor Center, then 

walked south toward Turtle Rock and Kissing Rock.  Sunny day. Tide was low.  Fawn identified small

jelly fish, and a foot from a mollusk. Fawn talked about photographing this area during the King Tide.

We did!  On December 21-23, 2018. Always informative, Fawn makes beach walks fun.


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29 JimandJoan 09/15/2007 Nice warm day despite the fog. No sign of any birds except for one dead cormorant. One couple on the beach was there to collect agates... Otherwise a quiet day on mile 29.We did note undercutting of the dunes with roots showing along the first half mile, north of the jetty. View full report 0
29 JimandJoan 03/09/2008 Mile 29 looked very good, clean and no debris other than one piece of old rope and a couple of mismatched sandals! We saw no birds other than on the offshore rocky islets.It's obvious the dunes are receding indicated by old pipe fencing now almost completely gone. The newer fence (surrounding the sewer treatment ponds) is now on the edge of the dune. Some driftwood has broken parts of the "new fence." View full report 0
29 JimandJoan 09/19/2008 We've walked the beach several times since our last report in March. Looks great. No evidence of fishing boat debris this summer. We've seen plastic oil containers, nets and rope in the past but only one crab buoy tangled in kelp this summer. Seems to be a lack of birds except the fall migrants. Not as many seagulls, just the offshore cormorants. View full report 0
29 klysparks 04/12/2013 Not much to report on this beach survey. It was surprisingly clean, and I tried very hard to look for litter. I managed to find a little bit of micro trash, but that is all. I didn't see any signs of people having driven on the beach as of late. The best part about the day was watching the osprey flying around the blue skies with his fresh catch of lamprey - yum!It was a cold, blustery day but the sweet sunshine made it delightful. I also found an agate! View full report 4
29 klysparks 12/31/2012 I wanted to squeeze in a survey in 2012, and I sure did by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin! It was a lovely evening; just beginning to get dark out, but the wind was light and the crab boats were out in full effect. Winter is simply beautiful here. Not much debris in the wrack line, but many tiny pieces of plastic (micro-trash) and a few larger pieces of foam. I picked up the big items and decided I will bring a trash bag next time I visit.Nothing too notable on this trip besides there does seem to be some erosion next to a fence line that will soon be gone if we have more storms like we had in November and December. View full report 3
29 klysparks 04/04/2014 Today was a GORGEOUS day on the beach! I had 2 dogs with me, and we picked up approximately one bag of trash off the beach (small, grocery bag size). Mostly people-based debris - like plastic. Found an interesting dead fish on the beach. It was about 2 feet long, spotted, with a longer head (eel?). It was missing its pectoral fins, but was long and skinny. Tried to look it up, but was unsuccessful. View full report 3
29 klysparks 09/09/2013 I apologize for just adding this report (I actually have 2 outstanding entries). This beach is beautiful and receives very few visitors. I found 2 agates on this walk and watched an osprey get a lamprey!Beautiful, cold sunset! View full report 1
29 klysparks 08/26/2015 There were 2 other people on the beach with 1 dog. They were cutting driftwood for firewood, and driving on the beach (allowed at this location). One dead gull and one dead sea lion present - both very decomposed at this point. The erosion near the waste treatment ponds continue to cut back slowly. It doesn't appear that any additional land has eroded since last winter. One small bag of land-based trash collected (this beach is usually quite clean of debris). View full report 2
29 klysparks 10/21/2014 Great, quiet day on the beach. Not much wildlife around at all, but the swell was giant and crashing on this low tide. There was a dead pinniped on the beach that looked like it had been there for awhile. Nothing too notable on today's walk, except that the trash on this beach continues to be minimal. I only picked up 2 water bottles and a small length of crab rope!It began to rain lightly as I ended my survey and my beautiful day at the beach. View full report 3
29 wild1234 01/05/2019 View full report 0
29 hobbins 02/03/2021

The beach was pretty clean. One truck was driving the beach looking for surf wood. All dogs were well behaved. Since it was low tide there was plenty of beach to walk on. 

Beach ranger came near the end of our walk.

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29 Sparks29 04/05/2021 View full report 2
29 AzaleaLane 07/30/2021

A beautiful, calm morning. Such a joy after all the recent winds. Lots of pelicans on the beach, and at the north jetty. Ospreys catching fish and lampreys. 

The sand has moved in, and covered most of the rocks on shore. Our favorite stump is shorter. It sticks out about 3 feet. Three years ago, it was exposed about 10 feet. 

A dredge has just been installed in the Rogue River. Supposed to be there for three months.

Very little trash, thankfully. 


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29 Sparks29 06/16/2021

Really, it's a fairly unused beach, except for the truck access. Most locals know that they can access the beach here to drive to Otter Point. That is the main use. It is also regularly used by kite surfers, but no one was out this day. It was crazy windy this day, and it was just myself and the 2 volunteers that were out walking that day. Nothing else out of the ordinary, and no large trash, except for the drainage pipes. I did find a green hat!

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30 tree13tops 09/14/2017

This is my first Coastwatch report. I have been walking this section of the beach for 25+ years, but this is the first time I have done it with a journal in hand and recorded anything. So I will have much more information by the next reporting period.

There are two changes that I remember. One is that in the last two winters, the storms have carved out the dunes. What used to be rolling sand dunes is now a cliff going down  to the beach. The other one is the change in rocks found at the north end of this section of beach. There used to be many rocks with holes in them. It looked like they had been carved out by sea creatures. But I do not actually know the scientific reason for this. We used to call this section Hole in the Rocks Beach before we knew it was called Bailey Beach. There are a few now, but not as many.

There was one strange sight I have not seen before. There was some smoke in the air from the forest fires. The sun looked orange from shining through the smoke. This orangey sun shining on the waves turned the white caps gold/orange. It actually looked like the waves were on fire. Very pretty!

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30 tree13tops 01/05/2018 View full report 0
30 tree13tops 03/25/2018

There has been a lot of erosion to the dunes in the last two years. However, it is much the same now as in the last report

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30 tree13tops 06/30/2018

8 people were enjoying the beach.  Noted 2 dead gulls and Valella valella in the drift line along with kelp.

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30 tree13tops 09/30/2018

9 people enjoying the sunny day.  Noted two dead gulls and one badly decomposed sea lion

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30 tree13tops 01/05/2019 View full report 0
30 tree13tops 09/16/2019

It started out to be a sunny day, but while I was walking it started to rain hard.

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30 tree13tops 05/05/2019 View full report 0
30 Bob Ivey 05/03/2020 DISPATCH

Never been to this beach, but will be back.  The weather was great, warm, and dry.  Ocean was low tide, plenty of beaches to walk.  No dead marine mammals or birds to report.  Island off the bluff, with common murres, pelagic cormorants, and gulls.  Plenty of social distancing, maybe 12 people on the beach.  

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30 tree13tops 12/27/2020 View full report 0
31 Joseph 05/22/2007 Similar to last report, this beach is relatively unused for its proximity to Gold Beach and shoreside homes. At times, there will be some ATV use. View full report 0
31 Joseph 01/28/2007 Beautiful morning between winter storms, not as much beach debris as in past winters View full report 0
31 Joseph 03/29/2008 Other than the dead sea lion, there is nothing unusual to note. This beach has not changed much in my ten years of close observation. The decrease in litter is a welcome development since three years ago we removed 43 tires and 8 bags of trash after the winter. View full report 0
31 Joseph 02/26/2008 Beach appears to have weathered the major winter storms quite well. View full report 0
31 Joseph 02/03/2008 No shoreline degradation to note. View full report 0
31 B Edgar 10/10/2007 1 dead juv. sea lion. there was an exit hole that looked like a bullet wound on the neck. Was dead approx. a week or less.1 dead seal that had been dead for several weeksnot much litter on beach!! looks good View full report 0
31 Joseph 12/26/2008 Typical winter scene, human debris continues one year trend of being minimal. View full report 0
31 Joseph 09/18/2008 A delightful walk on a beautiful beach. View full report 0
31 Lorenzo2 09/04/2009 Dead sea lion approx. 3/4 mile S. of Otter Point. View full report 0
31 Lorenzo2 08/11/2009 I have been actively fishing (both commercial and sport) for 60 years. I have seen many different types of sharks. I have the dubious distinction of having been hit by the tail of a thresher shark that was still alive, wrapped in a wing of a net. However, I have never seen a shark like the one I've described above. Formidable looking, even at 4ft length! View full report 0
31 Lorenzo2 05/13/2009 If it looks like a smelt and acts like a smelt, it's probably a smelt... View full report 0
31 Lorenzo2 04/21/2009 Few birds in past weeks but migratory birds now arriving. View full report 0
31 Lorenzo2 03/20/2009 Very little to be seen on the beach other than the kelp plants. View full report 0
31 Lorenzo2 05/11/2010 The first Black Brant I've seen here this year. (I hunted them for 20 years in Mexico. They're one of the most delicious of wild waterfowl.) It was by itself but seemed healthy. View full report 0
31 Lorenzo2 05/12/2012 The seal/sea lion (?) is badly decomposed. It's about 3ft long. (The walking stick in the photos is approx. 3ft long.)I poked around the head but could not determine if it had ears. It's about 1/4 mile S. of Otter Point, near an isolated rock that is near the high tide line. View full report 4
31 Lorenzo2 11/01/2011 The sea lion appears to be the same one that I reported on 10/24. It's in the same location and is now dead. View full report 0
31 Lorenzo2 10/24/2011 A live sea lion on the beach, approx. 1 mi. S. of Otter Point. It's in the same place and looks like the one I saw on the 23rd.The sea lion is thin. One can see it's ribs. It's lying on it's side. The healthy ones I've seen are always on their bellies.The sea lion can still lift it's head and neck when someone approaches too close. Uploading a photo. View full report 1
31 Lorenzo2 10/23/2011 The sea lion was approx. 1 mi. S. of Otter Point. View full report 2
31 Lorenzo2 10/21/2011 I reported a dead sea lion on 6 Oct. This appears to be a new one. The last time I saw the previous one it had holes along its back (from the birds). This one did not. It's about the same length as the previous one. (Two walking stick lengths or about 72 in.)This one has no trauma on top. I tried to roll it over, but wasn't able to. It's a little bigger than the previous one.I just tried to upload a photo. It didn't appear to work. I'm trying once more. View full report 3
31 Lorenzo2 10/06/2011 See comments on seal lions (above). View full report 0
31 Lorenzo2 09/09/2011 I'm submitting this report primarily because I was shamed into it by Phillip Johnson's recent email. View full report 0
31 Lorenzo2 12/06/2012 A dead fawn about 1/4 mi. S. of Otter Point. Old enough to no longer have white spots. View full report 0
31 Lorenzo2 06/22/2014 Two live healthy Black Brant Geese at surf line. Positive identification! The only Brant I've seen on this beach in 20 years. They appeared to be first-year birds (not quite full size). (They differ from Canada Geese and Aleutian Canada Geese in not having a white chin strap or a full circumference white neck ring.) (They have a partial white neck ring.)These birds are very late in the migration back to the Arctic. By late April they should have been back to Izembek Lagoon (on the Alaska Peninsula). They may have gotten lost (separated from their migration flock).I hunted this species in the Pacific-side estuaries of Baja California for 15 years. They are one of the best-eating of any waterfowl. View full report 1
31 Lorenzo2 05/05/2014 The Geese were "surfing"."Got a '34 wagon we call it a "woody", surf city..." I moved up on them slowly, taking pictures. I was able to get much closer than one normally would (without them flying). I then saw why: They had one very small gosling with them. The adults would turn into a wave, minimizing their cross-section. They would ride up over the top of it, maintaining their composure. But the gosling was having a bad time of it. The waves would tumble it end over end and away from the parents. But it would recover and get back to them. View full report 1
31 Lorenzo2 05/03/2014 A few days ago I saw a pair of black oyster catchers, 10 Long-Billed Curlew and about 100 sandpipers. I'm not sure if they were The Western Sandpiper or The Least Sandpiper. (How would you like being referred to as "The Least Homo Sapiens"?)In Mexico, The Long-Billed Curlew are called "Zarapito". They're good to eat.Attached is a photo of the Canada Geese. During goose season they can be converted to an excellent "Goose bourgnion" View full report 1
31 Lorenzo2 07/09/2015 A dead seal about 1/2 mi. S. of Otter Point. Approximately 3ft long. Flesh all stripped from head so I could not tell if it had had ears.Lots of large mussels washed up onto beach. More than I've ever seen in 25yrs. View full report 5
31 Lorenzo2 06/21/2015 Dead harbor seal on beach. View full report 3
31 Lorenzo2 05/06/2015 Thousands of Velella velella washed up. View full report 0
31 Lorenzo2 10/21/2014 I don't know the species of the whale. I would like you to inform me. It is a baleen-type, as can be seen by looking at the mouth. It is located 3/4 mi. S. of Otter Point.There is a wound (shown in whalepic03 and 04) that is very deep and has smooth edges. It does not look like something that birds do when feeding. The whale is approx. 24 ft. long. View full report 7
31 Lorenzo2 09/11/2014 A very sick black and white bird. I think it is a murre, but I'm not sure. (See attached photo.) DEAD BIRDS STRANDED A dead sealion. The same one that I reported Aug. 31 but didn't have photos. I took photos today (attached). View full report 2
31 Lorenzo2 08/31/2014 Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me. The sea lion was dry, dark brown in color, looked in good condition (except for being dead)..... View full report 0
31 Lorenzo2 06/23/2016

Nine Zarapico (common Mexican name, US common name is "curlew"), a migratory bird seen here every year at about this time. Brown, with a long downward-curving bill. I used to hunt them in Mexico. They're delicious.

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31 Lorenzo2 08/24/2016

Dead sea lion observed (no photo, due to camera battery being dead).  Curlew also observed.

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32 B Edgar 07/21/2007 Not much change in the bluff during past year. The trail off Otter point is eroded badly.Dozen or so Harbor seals are using the cove fishing together in concert! What a site to see them "herding" the fish!Sleeping all day on the rocks offshore. View full report 0
32 edbear 06/06/2008 The Most Concerning Observation was the off color of the sea itself. It wa a Rusty brown Color as far out as I could see. It looked the same rusty brown color Northward & Southward of Otter Point also. Sorce undetermined. View full report 0
32 JerryT 01/09/2009 Maintenance by State - The Parking Area & theRoad into it have been graded & graveled sinceLast Report. Also, run off Dirches / Berms have been opened up & regraded. View full report 0
33 B Edgar 09/15/2007 8 of us helped out on the SOLV beach clean up. We picked up quite a pickup load of trash and tires. View full report 0
33 B Edgar 05/13/2008 harbor sea pup may have been killed by the 3 roaming dogs as the dogs were vary aggressive and pup was only dead a few hours. I called the dogs owners & he said he would put a gate on the stairs to the beach to prevent the dogs from going down.dogs also chased one of the BLOY off that was feeding 5 BLOY7 Whimbrel's!Not much debis on beach View full report 0
33 [email protected] 03/02/2008 Plesant warm day on the beach, some areas of beach were rocky but in general large amounts of sand remain despite the winter storms. Signs of minor slumping of the bottom 20 feet of the bluff. Not a lot of wild life in evidence, tidepools largely barren except for a few hermit crabs, saw a few gulls but did see a river otter leaving the surf to explore the driftwood line. Not a lot of debris in evidence but found a partially full, sealed 55 gallon plastic drum; notifying National Response Center of location View full report 0
33 B Edgar 02/27/2008 3 adult Black Oystercatcherslots of small bits of plastic on beach View full report 0
33 [email protected] 12/27/2007 Quite day on the beach, deserted, expected erosion in sandstone/slate composition bluff from strong storm surges observed, very few birds in evidence, normal seaborne debris seen: floats, rope, shoes, plastic bottles, collected one 30 gal trash bag of debris. in general nothing alarming observed on the beach View full report 0
33 B Edgar 11/21/2007 One dead sea lion, total length 83", it has been dead about a week. Not much litter on the beach after the big storm last week! Lots of driftwood. On Nov. 5 I counted 21 Black Oystercatchers on ONE rock on this mile! View full report 0
33 B Edgar 10/24/2008 very little litter on the beachA very nice day View full report 0
33 B Edgar 09/14/2008 A buildup of sand has taken place in the last 2 months from the steady north windA feral cat was seen hunting on the cliff faceVery little trash on the beachone dead juv. db cormorant View full report 0
33 B Edgar 08/09/2008 More sand has moved in after the strong north winds. Not much debris this time View full report 0
33 B Edgar 05/10/2010 DISPATCH Calm surf today.2 Peregrine falcons !4 adults & 1 juv. Black Oystercatchers1 Western gull nestThe sand is coming back from this winter Lots of trash ( rope, bait holders etc.) from the crab boats View full report 0
33 B Edgar 04/03/2009

Little activity:  5 people, 1 dog, 2 Black Oystercatchers.  No significant changes to report.

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33 B Edgar 01/03/2009 Some small landslides after over 10" of rainOcean is very muddy from the outflow of silt from the Rouge River. Huge amount of new driftwood from the flooding. View full report 0
33 B Edgar 01/14/2010 The high tide and large swell last week has eroded the cliff face somewhat. Most of the sand on the beach that was in place all summer and fall has been swept away from the south part of mile 33. View full report 0