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7 DewPoint Dave 12/31/2014 Another beautiful afternoon for a walk on the beach at low tide (+1.0 FT). Thirty-four people and 2 dogs were counted along Mile 7 during the survey. Ten cars were located in the parking area at the top of the South Beach Trail, Harris Beach S.P. and several other cars were parked along the road leading down to the picnic area. Several of these cars contained visitors who were there for the last day of Whale Watching Week. The beach area in the southern half of Mile 7 was very clean and the driftline here contained only minor amount of seagrass, kelp, shell fragments, and small rocks. However, in the northern part of Mile 7, the driftline contained large amounts of seagrass and kelp.Near the upper edge of the beach, 6 dead birds were found and 2 bags of trash were collected.No sea stars were observed in the tidepools. View full report 8
7 DewPoint Dave 09/10/2014 A beautiful sunny morning was enjoyed by those who ventured out on mile 7 at 7:00 am at low tide (-0.1 FT). Most notable observation was the condition of two sea stars found on a rock (see photo) about 300 feet south of the northern end of mile 7. The sea stars appeared bloated, discolored, weak, and sickly looking. The physical appearance of these sea stars may indicate sea star wasting. Actually, I was told that these are leather stars, subtidal, and are not used to being out of the water and that they are probably just fine - thanks again, Fawn!One gumboot chiton (ID by Fawn Custer - thanks Fawn!) was found near waters edge about 500 feet to the south of the northern end of mile 7. View full report 9
7 DewPoint Dave 05/13/2016

A cool and cloudy morning at low tide along Mile 7 found only 7 people and no dogs. Seasonal beach erosion was noted at the southern end of the mile and very little debris was observed at the driftline.

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7 [email protected] 09/29/2016

A mid-week, end-of-day walk on the beach, nine people using beach, no problems observed.

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7 DewPoint Dave 09/22/2016

Nice morning for a walk on the beach at low tide.
Drift-line had quite a bit of seaweed near the south end of Mile-7. Very little man-made debris was found.

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7 DewPoint Dave 09/22/2016

Nice morning for a walk on the beach at low tide.
Drift-line had quite a bit of seaweed near the south end of Mile-7. Very little man-made debris was found.

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7 DewPoint Dave 01/12/2017

Mile 7 at a King Tide of +8.5 ft on a very sunny morning after several days of rain found very limited activity on the beach at South Harris Beach State Park. The lower part of the South Beach Trail has been partially washed out from the recent storms, but is still accessable.

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7 DewPoint Dave 06/13/2017

Sunny morning at low tide with lots of beach and exposed rocks for the 26 people and 9 dogs to explore and enjoy.

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7 lovlielovie 04/24/2019

Tide .47 feet, foggy and calm breeze. Very quiet walk on the drift line. Lots of dead tiny crustaceans, crushed shell and large and small woody debris. At the end of the mile, noted small slide near a home (photo attached) and considerable woody debris built up at the outflow of Ransom Creek. Also spotted a single sea star, 2 Oyster Catchers, a pair of nesting scrub jays and an osprey. 

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7 lovlielovie 12/05/2019

This was a relatively uneventful beach day on South Harris Beach. I was expecting more drift and erosion issues post-Bomb Cyclone. It was beautiful outside but the air was a little hazy with smoke from controlled burns in the area. Mellow December Thursday for sure. 

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7 SmithB 10/13/2022

New channel developement noted in Natural Changes section.


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8 George 06/21/2011 Harris Beach was a scene of bustling activity, human and natural, on a clear warm day. The beach itself was remarkably free of litter and ocean debris. Sand levels have been restored since the tsunami of 3/11. Heavy fishing activity by pelicans and cormorants in and around kelp beds. First sighting of sun star in a long time. Better-than-average compliance with leash laws. View full report 1
8 George 03/16/2011 At Harris Beach the tsunami of 3/11/11 consisted of ebb and flow from the normal highest tide to much lower than the normal lowest tide on a cycle of 7 - 8 minutes for at least 6 hours. The appearance of smooth red rocks which I have never seen before indicates that at least 3 feet of sand was removed.Large driftwood logs and large strands of kelp were reduced in number with the remainder shoved up at the high tide line. The beach itself was abnormally free of debris except for lots of little pieces of plastic. The rare partially sunny day on 3/16/11 attracted a larger than usual crowd for this time of year. View full report 1
8 George 12/20/2010 A stormy day with just a few storm watchers and relatively little other activity. Lots of driftwood movement in recent storms. Access ramp from parking lot has much improved a hazardous access path, but is somewhat unsightly from the beach (see photo). Lots of bits of plastic in driftline. View full report 2
8 George 09/19/2011 A busy afternoon at Harris Beach despite the fog. Nothing alarming to report. First sighting by this observer of a semipalmated plover at this location. View full report 0
8 [email protected] 07/04/2014 DISPATCH At least two whales spouting and breaching South of Goat Island at a distance of between 1/2 and 1 mile offshore. Assume these are residents who are not migrating North View full report 0
8 DewPoint Dave 05/20/2014 Nineteen people and four dogs (on leashes) were seen enjoying a beautiful day and a very clean beach area at Harris Beach State Park. All 16 cars and 1 RV were located in the parking lot above the picnic area at Harris Beach. The driftline contained very little debris and what was visible were small pieces of kelp and driftwood. One metal buoy (see photo and map) was found on an on-shore rock, which apparently had washed ashore earlier in May and had been placed on the rock by someone. I collected the buoy and have it at my home in case anyone wants it. View full report 8
8 [email protected] 06/05/2015 I covered the miles both North and South of Harris Creek and was pleasantly surprised at the health of the sea star population. View full report 19
8 DewPoint Dave 02/22/2015 Another beautiful February day welcomed a number of beachgoers at Harris Beach State Park. The beach area was vast at low tide and the surface had been swept clean of debris by the recent King Tides. Only a few pieces of wood were found in the driftline. Tidepool observations included Ochre, Blood, and Leather sea stars, beautiful sea anemones, a gumboot chiton and several Black Katy chitons. Photos taken in January during King Tides showed waves licking the bottom part of the stairs/ramp leading from the lower parking lot at Harris Beach State Park to the beach. View full report 11
8 DewPoint Dave 12/30/2014 A cool but beautiful morning at low tide was being enjoyed by 21 people and 5 dogs on Mile 8 at Harris Beach S. P. picnic area, Goat (Bird) Island. Eight cars and one RV were counted in the lower parking area above the beach. The driftline contained very little material, mostly organic, and consisted primarily of seagrass and kelp. The beach area itself was very clean with no man-made litter to collect. View full report 7
8 DewPoint Dave 09/09/2014 Twenty-six people and eleven dogs were seen enjoying the sunny weather along Mile 8 at Harris Beach State Park. Twelve cars and trucks were counted in the parking area above the beach. The natural ponding of Harris Creek made it a little more difficult for people to access the beach from the parking area. The driftline was relatively clean of debris with the exception of the northern end of Mile 8 where seagrass and kelp had accumulated (see photo). View full report 7
8 DewPoint Dave 05/13/2016

240 7th Grade students from Medford greatly increased the head count on Mile 8 on May 13, 2016. The students enjoyed playing beach volleyball, football toss, playing in the surf, and beachcombing. Beach erosion was observed at the north end of Mile 8 and the normal beach sand recovery which usually occurs at this time of year has not taken place yet.

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8 DewPoint Dave 12/14/2016

Mile 8, Harris Beach SP Picnic Area, King Tide (+8.7 ft) at 10:00 am left very little beach area for recreation.

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8 DewPoint Dave 05/14/2017

After several days of rain families and individuals were enjoying a sunny morning at Harris Beach State Park. Five Black Oystercatchers were observed feeding near the shoreline and these were reported to the coordinator of the Black Oystercatcher Abundance Study.

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8 DewPoint Dave 09/23/2017

Mile 8, Harris Beach SP Picnic Area was full of activity this beautiful Saturday morning with plenty of sunshine and fresh air. The amount of beach sand brought in by Mother Nature this summer in this area is more than I have seen in the past 8 years. Most of the on-shore rocks exposed during last winter's storm are now buried.

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8 DewPoint Dave 12/04/2017

King Tide (8.6 ft.) at 11:13 am kept most of the people in their cars at Harris Beach State Park.

Note: Photo has been submitted to the 'King Tide Project."

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8 lovlielovie 04/24/2019

A very calm, foggy negative tide - .3 feet as I was unable to put in the - in the report tide section.  Effectively able to walk the entire mile with only some bouldering and logs across creeks. Saw about 20 people on the southern section of the mile just walking it sitting and enjoying the low tide. 1 small dog on a leash.  Not a lot of gulls or other birds this morning but one cormorant in flight and lots of live rock crabs plus one lonely, alive sea star on the beach. Last week I saw a single otter at the northern tip of mile 8! No sign today. Huge trees and other wood debris along all beaches due to storms several weeks ago. Saw very little micro plastic but did find one large fishing lure. 

Land slide south of the parking area. Tree down with exposed roots. Also plenty of poison oak on the trail behind the big rocks at the south end. 

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8 lovlielovie 08/16/2019 DISPATCH

Found today 10-12’ decomposing body of a sea lion washed up on the rocks at the cove at the most northern point of mile 8 

appears to have been dead for some time and is very fragrant 

Turkey vulture activity has been high here for the last several days and I guess I discovered why!

photos attached 

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8 lovlielovie 12/05/2019

Calm, low tide. Hazy air from local controlled burns. Quiet Thursday for Harris Beach. Really not much to report. Debris was minimal, I expected more since the Bomb Cyclone was just last week. 

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9 DewPoint Dave 03/01/2014 This is the first report (at least for me) for Mile 9 and some of the observations noted were made for baseline information. The tideline contained mostly small pieces of wood and a few small pieces of styrofoam and plastic, less than 2 inches in diameter, and without any markings. Not much man-made litter was found except for a one gallon plastic bottle and several black "flowerpots." One fire pit and one driftwood structure was located just south of Shy Creek. View full report 10
9 HeatherE 12/17/2022

Beach was calm and clean. No major disturbances to report, aside from perhaps the 2 drainage pipes noted.
5 people and 1 dog were present/walking; 1 truck in parking lot; live birds at shoreline; 

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10 [email protected] 09/01/2007 Walk started out foggy with one other couple on beach; fog burned off by time we got back to car and people began arriving along with sun. No significant changes noted, no development to be seen on area east of Highway 101 (US Borax property)On 9/9 walk, dead otter and dead cormorant found on lower beach. View full report 0
10 [email protected] 06/03/2007 More people came to beach as fog burned off. Several small boats off shore. Tide low to turning, so seals were not visible. View full report 0
10 [email protected] 03/09/2007 Great day for a walk. Not many people were out at noon but expect more as day is nice. Surf has been heavy in the past weeks as some large logs have been thrown up on the beaches. Creek running well but crossable. View full report 2
10 Christine 05/24/2008 I'm filling in for this Mile 10 report time until we can find new adopters. I haven't walked this beach for years, but most everything looked pretty normal for this first report. View full report 0
10 [email protected] 04/27/2008 No problems seen. Foggy day so most visitors walked the beach, enjoyed the quiet. View full report 2
10 [email protected] 02/16/2008 Nice day to walk the beach. Rocks exposed due to winter storms. View full report 2
10 [email protected] 11/28/2007 Quiet day, midweek so there were not large numbers of visitors (and dogs). Sunny and clear, with clouds coming in--a storm is expected. No significant findings. View full report 3
10 Christine 09/17/2008 I'm reporting on Mile 10 until an adopter can be found. The road to Lone Ranch Beach was blocked due to construction and I had to access the beach via Cape Ferrello viewpoint trail. I noticed many dead crab shells/legs etc. of approximately the same size (around 3 inches across)on the shoreline. Where did they come from? Lots of mussel shells, dead seaweed, dead birds, animal casings etc. along the tideline. Very trashy, but all natural trash. Seems unusual with no big storms lately. There was a very light colored and weight sand on the gray-sand shore that looked to be made up of very tiny shell particles that may have been washed in from under/around a reef or is it dredged from somewhere else? I saw one seal, Harbor I believe in the water on the far side. The piles of large driftwood on the far side of the beach looked burned as if a beach fire might have gotten out of hand. On the trail back to Cape Ferrello from Lone Ranch Beach were 4 or more pink or purple plastic bags that looked like they may have had doggy poo in them. What was the point of bagging the poo and then leaving them along the trail? View full report 0
10 Christine 06/18/2009 Reporting on Mile 10 until an adopter can be found. Low tide, very windy. A dozen cars with at least twice as many people. Most were hiding from the winds. 2 or 3 people walking dogs. On the south side, several seals resting on the leeward large rocks in the water, none observed in the choppy water. Not a pleasant day at the beach, too windy. View full report 0
10 Christine 03/21/2009

Reporting on Mile 10 until a new adopter can be found. Low tide, low wind, no rain today. Spring break with 2 or 3 families/groups picnicking, maybe 20 people, kids, a dozen or so cars. The usual resident ravens and gulls plus more gulls because of the picnickers, 2 dozen or so. 2 or 3 people walking dogs. Very little seaborne debris deposited onto the sand. Natural rain, wind erosion of the sandy/rocky outcrop access to the south side of the beach. On the south side, several seals resting on large rocks in the water, at least 2 cormorants, 2 gulls, a heron, heard oystercatchers. Gorse is blooming all the way down the rocky bluffs almost to the beach area. Nice day at the beach between storms.

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10 Christine 01/04/2009 I'm reporting on Mile 10 until an adopter can be found. The road to Lone Ranch Beach has been re-constructed and has been open for several weeks. Lots of small to medium sized driftwood and dead seagrasses washed ashore by storms lately. Not so much natural trash as last quarter report perhaps because there have been more storms to sweep it back into the sea. I saw the usual resident ravens and gulls 10-15 or so of each. Two people walking dogs. Natural rain, wind erosion of the sandy/rocky out crop access to the south side of the beach. I saw several seals resting on a large rock. With no binocs, I couldn't count how many, perhaps 10-15. Harbor Seals, I believe. They looked and are colored like piles of large driftwood until I noticed an occasional flipper, tail, head or rolling body and I realized they were on the wrong side of the large rock to be wood pieces. View full report 0
10 Christine 01/07/2010 Reporting on Mile 10 until an adopter can be found. Low tide, calm day so soon after a storm. No cars when I arrived. Two cars with 3 people and 3 dogs when I left. On the south side, fewer seals than last time resting on the leeward side of large rocks, one youngster observed in the low tide water close to shore. A very pleasant though cloudy day between rainstorms. View full report 0
10 Christine 09/16/2009 Reporting on Mile 10 until an adopter can be found. High tide, very calm day. Six cars with at least that many people when I arrived; none when I left. One person walking a dog. On the south side, several seals resting on the leeward large rocks, four youngsters observed in the high tide water close to shore. I like to think the oldsters kicked them into the pools when the tide covered the rocks. A very pleasant though cloudy day with far fewer people than I see on more weather-challenged days. View full report 0
10 janhnlt 05/16/2011 It was a beautiful day on a beautiful beach. The beach is very clean, although there were some plastic bottles, caps, and misc pieces, which I picked up. There were also strips of rubber that come off crab traps or off the boats that fish for crab. But not much of it. View full report 0
10 janhnlt 01/26/2011 Beautiful sunny day at Lone Ranch Beach. The driftline was thin and made up of small stones and algea/kelp. Although the beach was peaceful, the surf was rolling. Huge waves were crashing against the offshore rocks. Magnificent! Last week, two men fishing from rocks at Lone Ranch Beach, were washed into the ocean when a rogue wave took them by surprise. They survived, but one was in serious condition with facial and skull fractures. This is a warning to all who walk and use the beaches, especially in winter. The tide was an outgoing tide when it happened. View full report 2
10 janhnlt 10/18/2010 A beautiful sunny day brought out beach walkers. It was a perfect day for tidepooling. Scuppers, turban shells, pink anemones, and sea snails were easy to spot. The beach seems fairly clean without a lot of human made debris. The driftline was mostly thin and patchy and made of sea grass and small rocks with some mussle shells. The creeks were low and easy to cross. I'm happy to say, there wasn't a whole lot of anything unwanted going on. View full report 3
10 janhnlt 09/20/2010 A warm day saw partly cloudy skies turn into sunny skies. Lots of people were on the beach after the five days of rain here. Sand formations near the water's edge have changed considerably with lots of sand being washed out to sea. Lone Ranch Beach is not one continuous strand. It has separate zones. I walked to the southernmost part where access is blocked by a rocky outcrop preventing viewing of Rainbow Rock. Driftlines change from thin, patchy kelp/seaweed to solid kelp/seaweed the further south one goes. This is true of driftwood lines, too. There are 3 creeks on this beach: Duley to the north, Ram Creek about midway, and another unidentified one south of Ram. There is planned construction across the Highway that will include condos, homes, etc. View full report 2
10 janhnlt 06/28/2012 The sand was smooth and wet and the beach was very clean with little man-made debris, including small pieces of plastic. View full report 0
10 SMathis 08/23/2013 Nice calm, quiet day on the beach. No notable changes. View full report 0
10 SMathis 07/04/2013 Nice quiet day. Not much activity for the 4th of July. Enjoyed several Osprey having success at fishing. View full report 0
10 SMathis 06/12/2013 Beautiful day. Few people on beach despite low tide. View full report 0
10 janhnlt 04/28/2013 Very low tide brought out the people with their children and dogs. The Beach was very clean with very little debris. The wind picked up considerably as we completed our survey. It was a beautiful day at Lone Ranch Beach. View full report 0
10 SMathis 01/06/2013 Beautiful day. Due to the recent storm activity, the beach was scoured clean. The wrack line was thick and very high. Although the survey was done on a Sunday, very few people were on the beach. There were no unusual changes to the shoreline. Unleashed dogs are still a problem. View full report 0
10 SMathis 10/19/2012 Mile 10 was relatively clear of human debris. There were several unleashed dogs some of which were chasing gulls. All in all it was a pleasant day from a weather standpoint, probably the last we'll have for a while. View full report 0
10 SMathis 09/24/2012 Beautiful sunny day. Mile 10 was relatively clear of human debris. Combined this survey with that of COASST. Found a decomposing carcass of a sea lion well below the wrack line (see photo) View full report 1
10 SMathis 07/15/2014

Pleasant but foggy day. Typical human activity for Lone Ranch.

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10 SMathis 05/06/2014 Clear but windy day. Very few people observed. Way too many clumps of dead mussels below the Wrack. No rough tides or surf lately. Cause is unknown. View full report 1
10 SMathis 03/01/2014 Just another wonderful day in Paradise! No man-made or natural modifications to the shoreline. View full report 0
10 SMathis 01/15/2014 Beautiful sunny and warm day. Beach was peaceful. No new modifications or other development. View full report 0
10 artist 11/20/2013 DISPATCH On a planned hike from Rainbow Rock to Lone Ranch, our hiking group found the trail on the bluff totally blocked by gorse. It's a spot just before the trail starts its descent to the south end of Lone Ranch Beach. I did not take a photo, but I did mention it to Park Ranger Angela Stewart when I met her while shopping. View full report 0
10 SMathis 10/06/2013 Beautiful day at Lone Ranch. Very few people particularly on a Sunday morning. No noticeable physical changes. View full report 0
10 SMathis 10/02/2015 Pretty quiet day. No major changes in beach topography. View full report 0
10 SMathis 09/04/2015 Streams have been re-directed through natural modification of beach topography. Beached bird of unknown species observed. 15 people and 5 dogs present on beach. View full report 0
10 SMathis 04/12/2015 Nice day to do a survey. Of note was a marked absence of sea stars. Not normal. View full report 0
10 SMathis 01/28/2015 No apparent modifications or other changes. View full report 0
10 SMathis 10/12/2014 Extreme Surf. Beach scrubbed clean. View full report 0
10 SMathis 09/12/2014 Nice pleasant day. No major changes to landscape. View full report 0
10 Lavenne22 04/14/2021

I walked north from Lone Ranch beach, crossing over, I believe, into mile 11/ Cape Ferrelo. All of the people and dogs I observed were clustered in mile 10. Most were on the beach. Two couples sat on rocks, ocean-gazing. A group of three people with two dogs had the dogs off leash near tidepools. Once the beach gave way to rocks, I saw no more people. There were footprints along the trail above the rocky shore. This area had many, many more turban shells on the beach and in the pools. There were dozens of hermit crabs, some tiny and one as large as a silver dollar. They were very active, zooming around. The tide was dropping (low tide would be in about 3 hours). There was a gentle current flowing through most of the pools. I was surprised not to see any small fish or sea stars. I did not venture far out into the tidepool zone due to safety concerns, but there were enough wet, exposed rocks with crevices and kelp that I would have expected to see at least one. 

I observed a small flock of surfbirds feeding on the kelp-topped tidepool rocks. I had never seen this bird before. They are chunkier than sandpipers and behave like backyard chickens, chasing each other off from feeding spots, vocalizing. They were vigorously mowing through the kelp, plunging their heads into it.

In one of the small rocky coves I saw what looks like a truck axle. It appears to have been there for a long time. 

Litter was not notable. I picked up one (clearly abandoned) plastic turret mold for building sandcastles, and some random bits of plastic cup.

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11 sandy beach 12/06/2008 I observed a decomposing seal on one of the small difficult to access beach areas. My husband and I have seen 3 such bodies from Whaleshead to Lone Ranch recently. Finally, there was a large bundle of what appeared to be shoe sole material (because of the cut out patterns) beached in a driftwood pile. Our exports gone overboard? A beautiful mile, fortunately a state park. View full report 0
11 sandy beach 03/06/2010 Today House Rock Creek forms an ever widening triangle on its way to the sea unlike its thin ribbon of summer. My mission to collect edible seaweeds while reporting on my mile is being thwarted as I realize this .5 tide is not exposing near the seaweeds of a really good negative. I barely cross the creek to continue south before the huge slippery boulders force me to reassess and approach from Cape Ferrelo. One empty car is parked at House Rock and one person at Cape Ferrelo takes in the view. The public rarely upsets mile 11. The only parts that people use much at all are from Lone Ranch Creek and north up the zig-zagging paths to the cape. Very few people walk this section of the Coast Trail or venture down to the beach here. So it goes today. Other than a few gulls and a half dozen seals hauled out on the rock directly north of House Rock I'm alone, not even oystercatchers this calm sunny morning. Only a small patch of sand remains on mile 11's one sandy stretch of beach this time of year. Most of it is rocky shore and somewhat rough going. I traverse what I can, then stop on a hillside amidst baby eyes and miner's lettuce to see what my binoculars reveal: a tranquil day and 3 fishing boats. While it may not make for high adventure, not having dead mammals to report makes me happy, and not having seaweed for dinner will do the same for my family. View full report 0
11 sandy beach 11/14/2009 As the oystercatchers and surfbirds foraged among the recently exposed rocks of the receding tide gulls perched here and there. Since the "view restoration" the regrowth consists of many local natives: salal, grasses, coyote brush, huckleberry, etc. The sitka spruce sprouts I've watched are very dense in spots and some are 3' trees now. There's a very prevalent shrub I want to identify for the record. It's interesting to watch the area's comeback. While it wasn't on my mile I did see a dead octopus washed up on Lone Ranch last week but it was quickly becoming crow calamari by the time I passed it again on my return home. Mile 11 visitors show much respect for the area, perhaps in part because much is not very easy to access. View full report 0
11 sandy beach 12/06/2010 Miles of personality. That's what occurred to me as I puzzled over my recent finds on mile 11. The day was gray but mild with barely a breeze from the south so I expected the balancing act it takes to cross the mostly rocky mini-beaches below the Coast Trail between House Rock and Cape Ferrelo to be slow but pleasant enough going. Accessing the mile from House Rock gave me the chance to watch the whales. They really like that area around the Rock. I'd like to know the attraction. Need to investigate further. My husband and I have been seeing a few most times we pass now since the 1st of November. They hang really close to shore, spouting and romping. No magnificent breaching (too shallow?) but still a great show. I took the 'sand slide' (looks to my untrained eye as if the ground itself slid at some point leaving a wide ribbon of exposed sand with vegetation on either side)down to the shore. This slide is steep, maybe 100' feet downhill and this is the easiest, shortest route to these beaches. This said, imagine my surprise when about a quarter mile on I came to 2 folding chairs propped up against the wall of a short bluff. How? Why? Or best yet, What, Who? They weren't flung randomly like debris rather stacked neatly as if in anticipation of a next act. Continuing on I ventured over and up Cape Ferrelo because I'd seen a cross out there big enough for the trucks on 101 to notice. I made it to the site and yep, someone had hauled cement, a cross, and probably water all the way to the tip. And then someone else had whacked it down; a splintered 4 X 4 with a great view all that remained. Here's where the thought struck - beaches have personalities. Some like Lone Ranch are friendly and social inviting all to join the fun. Others are flashy, some secretive. But mile 11, I think...well, I don't want to say weird, that's SO politically incorrect, and after all I'm here, but go figure. View full report 0
11 sandy beach 03/17/2012 There's an abundance of driftwood on many of our local Brookings area beaches. Having been gone for 2 months I noticed the difference but don't know if it was storm action or something else. A huge Firestone dozer tire 5-6 ft. in diameter now rests on the bit of beach just north of House Rock Creek - technically mile 12 but I had to mention it. Dense Sitka Spruce volunteers, salal, and coyote brush have taken off after the view restoration project at House Rock viewpoint. A few blown down trees litter the Coast Trail. The whales really seem to like House Rock. View full report 1
11 sandy beach 12/29/2012 It was another gorgeous day on mile 11. Sea lions bellowing from their usual spot near House Rock. Walking south on the Coast Trail I passed 6 people. Very high traffic. When I got to the parking lot at Cape Ferrelo - oh my gosh! The place was packed, no empty spaces. Whale watching was definitely being spoken here. Of course the great weather and the holidays contributed to the crowds. A couple dozen folks were milling about, asking questions of the fellow on 'duty',peering out to sea, and just enjoying. I've never seen mile 11 so appreciated. View full report 0
11 sandy beach 03/23/2014 It was a calm, sunny day but my 3 family members and I were the only ones walking the rocky shore line of Mile 11. Once we came to the only stretch of sandy beach, we found a big wad of rope with 2 floats both bearing the numbers 18217 and a plastic tag reading 056 Instigator 96358 2010-11 ODFW. I'm trying to find someone at Fish and Wildlife to talk to about this. By the time we got to the south end of the sandy beach section before approaching the climb up and over Cape Ferrelo we found a dead sea lion. Flies were working clean up but it was fresh enough not to be attracting anyone else. Crows had gathered but they just hovered. I went back 2 days later and by then the smell had alerted plenty of vultures to the feast. View full report 2
11 sandy beach 12/10/2013 Lots of folks visiting House Rock viewpoint recently. Late November to early December the whales were giving spectacular displays, flukes and all. Some people reported hearing their voices from shore but I wasn't so fortunate. One man said he'd been out on a boat near House Rock and counted 12 whales around them. Dec. 10th,the day of my report,sea lions barking. Tide was 1.5 so I found mussels galore, starfish, and one black chiton lounging around. 2 good-sized Sitka Spruce had fallen across the Coast Trail and were quickly cut and pushed to the side. Dec. 3 I took King Tide pictures of mile 11 midpoint facing north and south. Note: It's Dec. 22 now and the majority of whales seem to have passed. View full report 2
11 sandy beach 03/12/2017

Most of mile 11's beach area isn't visited by many people. It's a bit steep so I rarely encounter anyone where sea meets land.Usually folks are walking the Coast Trail. Today was no exception. I forged on down the now very sloshy deer path and was surprised as I approached the bluff before the beach to see what I'd usually call driftwood flung up on top of the12 foot bluff. Meanwhile the bluff itself was quickly (in geologic time) oozing and losing some stature - erosion significant. Much driftwood has been deposited. I paced the grandaddy of logs at 82'. I sighted a few oystercatchers, gulls and crows. A couple of Oregon song sparrows flitted close by acting a little giddy. A chevron of winged ones ducked behind the morning fog before my binoculars could get a bead on them. A rock where I've seen many gulls and cormorants a bit off shore had been rained clean of its white icing of droppings. I found a large pile of thick rope I couldn't free. It had become entangled under a rock. I came back later with knife and pack and hoofed it out. The little sand that usually remains at this time of year was thinner and the rocks were bigger. Awesome powers at work. I tried to attach pictures but too big.

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11 sandy beach 12/30/2017

It delighted me to see others sharing my love of mile 11. The Whale Watching signs brought them in. It's rare to see more than 2 cars at either House Rock or Cape Ferrelo view points. 10 cars and some 14 people parked at Cape Ferrelo December 30, including plates from Washington, Texas, and New York. Elusive though the whales were folks curiously questioned the well informed volunteers. Who, by the way, happened to be a fellow Coast Watching couple. The weather invited a good time and the low tide kicked it up.

I'm getting cut off from accessing a little more of mile 11 due to the ocean throwing more 'path' blocks (boulders, log jams, etc.) in my way but I trudge on.

I miss the seastars but as I mentioned I did see an odd totally black pisaster about 6 inches across. I looked it up and according to someone on the internet starfish color is determined genetically. If true, the black isn't due to it's physical condition or diet. He's just diverse.

News on the vegetative front screams on. Since the 'view restoration' project (aka tree removal) on House Rock viewpoint the Sitka Spruce have rebounded with a vengence. I have 2010 photos of regrowth 3 feet high which now tower 3 - 4 times my height. Also, I'm anxiously watching to see what will become of those plots where they have come back impossibly thick. Those trees' growth is quite different from those on the perimeters. They are maybe only 4 - 5 feet tall and squeezed in 4 per square foot. 

All for now

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11 sandy beach 12/30/2018

A gorgeous morning and a vacation week lured 40 people to the Cape Ferrelo View Point this Sunday to test John, the whale watching volunteer, on his 'whale speak'. By the end of his 2 hour duty 3 whales were added to the count. Eight people hiked a portion of the Coast Trail on mile 11. Two more adventurous ones scurried down a hillside to a secluded little beach, then climbed the rocks for a better view of the surf below. The erosion on the hillside behind this beach makes it look like it's melting into the ocean. There was no visible driftline due to the lack of sand and all the rocks. Also, no birds! I usually see more wildlife than people. Today the opposite. 

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11 sandy beach 01/07/2021

After awe, erosion next catches my eye. The sedimentary hillside is slowly oozing seaward. The stuff is so saturated one can jab a stick in to a depth of a few feet. This time of year there is little to no sand so walking is tough going through rocks, boulders, and driftwood. Fortunately there's no plastic or debris of consequence.

I intentionally went during a relatively low tide. I have photos from years past of purple and orange sea stars in abundance clinging to the base of huge rocks: now not a single sighting there. There are tide pools just a little bit away on mile 12 in which I've observed over the years black and gumboot chitons, various types of starfish, nudibranchs, anomenes, even an octopus. The only of those things I found this day were plentiful anomenes and a single starfish that was an unusually dark purple. Whether it was a trick of the light or not, to me, the anemones appeared less vibrant in color. I read that their color is in part due to natural pigmentation but mainly to their symbiotic relationship with green algae. I don't venture far from shore these days at low tide so there is a lot I'm unable to observe but the things I mentioned used to be where I looked this time.

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11 sandy beach 12/31/2021

Last day of the year, a holiday, and sunny skies got more people than usual out to mile 11. Most at House Rock Viewpoint were taking in the view but 3 folks at Cape Ferrelo got quite a show. 3 spouting whales were very close in around some stacks. They and the people stayed for at least a half hour.  Crab boats took advantage of the good weather, holiday or not, and added to the scenery. 

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12 George 12/10/2008 Please note report was mailed 12/16/2008 to Ed Rossiter, as instructed. Mail was returned because forwarding time has expired.Since this is my first report on Mile 12, and I'm not sure when this mile was last covered, there were two significant events in the last three years or so:1. Major landslide (see photo 1) which cut out a section of the Oregon Coast Trail just south of Whaleshead Beach. Several hundred yards are not safely traversable and the O.C.T. has been rerouted along the bluffs, bypassing almost all of the beach.2. Removal by State Parks Department of several dozen Douglas Firs from around the House Rock viewpoint to o[pen up ocean views. (See photo 2). View full report 2
12 George 06/10/2009

This appears to be healthy mile, lightly used, and with full bloom of coreopsis, wild carrot, wild lily,Oregon grape, etc. Observed more kelp, fewer sea stars than normal. But is that really part of a moose found near Brookings? If anybody has a different explanation of what's in the photo, p[lease let me know.

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12 George 03/10/2009 It's hard to believe that Coastwatchers want miles where something happens; usually, what happens is not good. I am very happy to report that nothing has happened since the last report. There is still little evidence of human usage away from the House Rock viewpoint, and even there the trash level reported last time has lessened. All streams are flowing strong and clear. View full report 0
12 George 03/17/2010 No changes of any import observed since last time.Very strong winds precluded much human activity (it was hard to stand up on the cliff tops) . 10-15 ft. wind-driven waves breaking near shore, much bigger ones breaking way out. Huge amounts of sea foam on shore. No fishing boats today, just a few people hopping out their cars for a snapshot and hopping right back into their cars. One person walking a dog on a leash. View full report 0
12 George 12/24/2009 The difficulty of access and the State Park protection of Mile 12 continue to isolate it from any appreciable signs of human intrusion. Although the area is subject to erosion and landslides during the winter, none was observed this time inspection. First observation by this observer of dolphins off Mile 12. View full report 1
12 George 09/15/2009 Mile 12 looks pretty much the way it always does. With a beautiful day at hand and more people in town than usual there was a bit more activity than usual, but this is still a lightly used area with no apparent threats. There are magnificent tide pools at the foot of House Rock overlook, but I have never seen anyone down there until this visit, when there was a group of four tidepoolers..Sighting of a golden eagle was a first for me. View full report 0
13 francisca 06/05/2007 nothing unusual noted - it was a very low tide and one could walk to the whaleshead rocks which only happens a few times a year. All the murres are gone and have been for 2 years. Rocks used to be filled with nesting murres. View full report 0
14 artist 06/21/2007 This report (6/21/07) was done as part of a hike made with six other people. Many had never been on this trail before and commented on the trail's excellent condition. The trail, even at the Whaleshead parking area, had no trash. As indicated in the detailed part of this report, no dead animals or other problems were observed. View full report 0
14 artist 04/15/2007 The only negative thing that I found on this entire trip from Whaleshead to Indian Sands was a lone soda can, and that was at the trail head (Whaleshead). View full report 0
14 artist 05/24/2008 There was brown-colored water in two coves below the bluffs and slightly more litter along the trail than is usually encountered. I'm guessing that the brown-colored sea water was caused by some type of algae bloom and not run-off, as there has been no rain recently. The area near the brown-colored water is also an area where many shore pines are dead or dying. View full report 0
14 artist 02/10/2008 Nothing out of the ordinary was experienced during this inspection, only heavy wave action and normal seabird activity. The area covered this time was between Indian Sands and Thomas Creek Bridge. View full report 0
14 artist 10/21/2007 Though there were more people than usual on the trail, there is nothing negative to report. As far as I can tell, no one was engaged in illegal or harmful activities. People were just picking berries and watching the big waves pound the rocky cliffs. What little beach there is along this mile is nearly impossible to access. View full report 1
14 artist 11/16/2008 The only negative to report is that three downed trees now block the trail within a half mile of the Whaleshead trailhead. A crew or individual with a chainsaw is needed to clear the trail. View full report 0
14 artist 08/24/2008 Except for the presence of poison oak along some parts of the trail, there is nothing negative to report. I mention the poison oak because I had a serious reaction to a recent exposure while on another section of the Coast Trail. Long pants and long sleeves will be standard attire in future. View full report 0
14 artist 08/27/2009 This is an uneventful report, as not a single vehicle or person was encountered, the trail remains in good condition, and no litter was found. Due to fog, it was not even possible to see the surf. View full report 0
14 artist 05/13/2009 While the use of this area and trail was quite heavy compared to most reports, there are no serious violations or problems. View full report 0
14 artist 01/23/2010 With the exception of one small, fallen tree across the trail a quarter mile south of Indian Sands, conditions of the trail, shoreline and surrounding landscape display no serious problems. View full report 0
14 artist 10/01/2009 As with my summer report, there is nothing negative to report. All appears well. View full report 0