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299 hallee 02/06/2008 This was a calm morning after another storm, lots of fresh driftwood on beach. A big black Plastic float, usual water bottles, pieces of rope and plastic (but not too much). Only people were a retired couple from Vancouver, Canada who are camped in the State Park. They are heading to Mexico. The sand dunes were wind sculpted hard and easy to walk on. Beach grass planted last summer seemed to all be there, even if moved around and buried a bit. Not much bird activity. View full report 4
3 floral 02/06/2008 Sporthaven Beach is one of the only easy public acsess areas for 8 miles and was pleased to see people enjoying the cool walk and ocean viewing area. Found more sand to be closer to the mouth of the Chetco River and groins of gravel south of the mile as well as the large logs. clean of garbage and trash and picked-up only a few water bottles. nice walk View full report 0
97 beachnut 02/08/2008 It was a pleasant walk from China Creek to Two-Mile/New River, but amazing in that the ocean has eaten into the dunes to the extent it has. The large sign signaling the end of vehicle access was about 6 feet tall this summer and now is at least twice that, so the beach is eroding significantly as well. Huge logs continue to accumulate in what was the foredune, and storm tides are about 20 feet into the plover restoration area. Kelp, small rocks, wood pieces, ocean-based debris and Styrofoam in driftline. One dead Western Grebe. Many Western Sandpipers foraging in the storm line and wet sand. Sanderlings and a few Snowy Plovers on wet sand. Gulls resting on beach. Crows flying by. Low human impact (1)-riding on government ATV. View full report 0
239 Shafer 02/09/2008 Began our walk as usual at the end of the Salishan Nature Trail. Picked up a couple of bags of trash. Noted a fish skeleton (species unknown), two dead Western grebes; and, behold, a dead Holstein cow in the surf line! Reported the dead cow to the Oregon State Police. We got trapped against a sand bank by sneaker wave and got drenched, so we ended our walk early. On the way back to Salishan parking lot, we saw a pair of Bald eagles hunting over Siletz Bay not too far from the south end of the lagoon. View full report 3
133 JBWEGNER 02/09/2008 Erosion has increased this past couple of months exposing more drift wood. The unfortunate finding was a dead Harbor Seal with the hind flippers tied. Photograph shows the flippers tied with rope. Shells, wood pieces and land-based debris in the driftline. Three OHV in allowed area. Low human impact (3) in OHV's. View full report 1
190 Ranger 02/09/2008 The effects of recent heavy surf were evident. A lot more flotsam in the redistributed drift wood and much less sand on the pocket beaches. View full report 0
2 [email protected] 02/09/2008 Beautiful, warm sunny day. Many people on top of bluff in day use area, but only one, with a dog,on the bit of beach that wasn't covered by the high and winter tide. What I could see looked normal -- as ever. View full report 2
201 VKnox2 02/09/2008 Large driftwood flows interspersed with human trash covered most of the beach. Additional plastic and styrofoam were visible bobbing in the waves during my survey. A nearly windless, balmy, early spring day, punctuated with sunbreaks and the skitterings of Sanderlings. View full report 0
200 bluemoonjoanie 02/09/2008 The tide was higher than we have ever seen it. There was no beach to walk on, because of the extreme high tide. We were only able to complete a short walk on Mile 200 for safety reasons. The ocean waves were moving the logs around like match sticks. View full report 3
198 bahngarten 02/10/2008 A 1.3 tide allowed us to see stumpage of old trees, perhaps tsunami victims. The berms of clay and sandstone showed like little cabins in the woods. We only observed one species of bird--Western Gull. Betty and I packed out about 25 lbs of litter--primarily ocean based debris. We did observe one dead Western Grebe. View full report 0
122 Magicalsnakeman 02/10/2008 Ctenophores, kelp, shells, plastic pellets and ocean-based debris in driftline. Many anemones on tidal outcropping. Two dead Western Grebes. Erosion of the vegetated foredune. Vehicle tracks in sand going toward RV park from creek. Low human impact (4)- 3 walking, 1 playing in surf. 3 dogs. View full report 2
14 artist 02/10/2008 Nothing out of the ordinary was experienced during this inspection, only heavy wave action and normal seabird activity. The area covered this time was between Indian Sands and Thomas Creek Bridge. View full report 0
164 gaylemont 02/11/2008 The most striking thing to me was the absolute absence of birds or mammals. Once the OHV trash collectors left, there was no sound except the ocean, and I felt totally alone. Not a bad feeling, at all, but unusual. View full report 3
171 oldMGguy 02/11/2008 Trash and litter day on the beach today. Observed the most human-sourced flotsom in the high tide line since I started walking this mile last summer. Pop cans, plastic water bottles, chip packages, bits and pieces of plastic, styrofoam, pieces of fish netting and boat lines, spread evenly along this mile. One elderly couples' small dog was repeatedly chasing a flock of sanderling, and not responsive to their earnest voice calls. I politely asked them to leash their dog if it couldn't be controlled, which they eventually did. View full report 0
48 cprince 02/11/2008 the most notable difference from the last time i visited, about a month ago, was that there were large piles of rocks 1/2 way down the mile. it was difficult walking over them, and they lay from the cliff base all the way into the waterline. usually there is a good sandy strip at all but very high tide.there were a few dead birds, not unusual lately, but it seems like there are more than there used to be a few years back. these were like a mud hen, with black head, back and wings, white underbelly, black webbed feet. about the size of a small duck. maybe a western grebe? the fisherman i spoke with said the sandcrabs are back, including the large females, tho there are no eggs on them at this time of the year. View full report 0
214 rensmere 02/11/2008 The beach was mostly clear of debris and looked very "clean". It was a nice sunny day so there were more people than there have been. The only posible concern was the woman feeding the seagulls. View full report 2
217 rensmere 02/11/2008 There were a lot of people walking on the beach because it was a nice evening and a lot of dogs. The beach seemed relatively free of debris but had a few large logs, scattered small wood, shells, and kelp. View full report 0
170 Florence Elk 02/11/2008 Watching new rip-rap project, wild life seems to be recovering ok. I saw a doe and fawn, a bald eagle and 1 adult otter and 2 new pups just south of the coast guard station. View full report 4
2 floral 02/13/2008 Walked the whole mile in two days and found the tides and rain has caused erosion to the bluffs near the McVey Park. found one dead Grebe again(9 total this year) the mile was very clean of trash and had lots of new driftwood and kelp washed ashore during the storms. sand shifting and rocks showing I've not seen before. beautiful days to walk the 11, and 13th of February. View full report 5
188 claretucker 02/13/2008 The rocks are back. Very few birds about. Lots of sand disappeared since January. Surf line is littered with bits of plastic. No new landslides. Spring beach cleanup will be busy. View full report 0
171 Florence Elk 02/14/2008 Talked to the engineer of the rip-rap project.The aim is to restore pitock clam habitat.The sand has been swept away to expose 55,000 year old tree trunks and the underlying packed mud. In North Jetty state park someone dumped a load of garbageover the bank of the road down into the park, (microwave and assorted garbage) not accessible unless there is traffic control on the road. Also down behind the coast guard tower, a chest freezer has washed up and it's too big for me to carry or drag out. I'ld roll it but the compressor is still in it and and might leak oil and freon. View full report 6
100 JohnnyCN 02/14/2008 Overall, this was a very uneventful day. The beach had been swept by winds and tides which left only small stones and sticks in the driftline. I did find three dead Western Grebes. Few live birds present, only a handful of gulls flew over. Moderate human impact (12)- walking. Two dogs. View full report 0
239 Shafer 02/14/2008 Beautiful sunny day! Not too many folks on beach. A couple of folks had their two Golden retrievers off-leash near the north end of spit...hopefully they avoided the haul-out area of the Harbor seals. The dead Holstein cow has been put to looks like the state came out today and buried her. Other than the usual trash collection, rather uneventful today. View full report 0
217 firstrobin 02/15/2008 There were very few rocks in the wrack line. I saw mostly organic material including seaweed, shell fragments, individual feathers, and bits of wood. A surprisingly large percentage, however, was small bits of plastic and styrofoam. The wind was calm, and there were a lot of people on the beach, especially near the access points on each end. I counted cars and people at both waysides and along the beach between. There was a crane working close to the bluff. I visited the site after walking the beach to determine what the equipment was being used for, and they said they were putting down supports for a house. Note: This report covers a little more than the assigned mile. It runs from Agate Beach Wayside to Nye Beach Turnaround. View full report 0
176 oldMGguy 02/15/2008 First visit to this mile. Very limited human use due to a long slog thru soft sand from the Baker Beach parking lot or down from Hwy 101 via a steep trail at the Southview neighborhood entrance. This section of the beach is a popular horse riding area, but none observed today. It looks like the foredunes just north of Berry Creek have been bulldozed flat for Snowy Plover habitat. No signage observed. Further north, the beachgrass-caused foredunes are very tall and steep. The north end of Mile 176 is at the rocks at the base of the bluff. View full report 5
239 Shafer 02/15/2008 Beautiful day! Not too many people, and no dogs...which is a surprise. Picked up a huge piece of styrofoam and several small boulder-sized pieces. Also, picked up over 30 plastic bottles. No wildlife sighted...except for the ubiquitous gulls. View full report 0
325 BeachCats 02/16/2008 Overall we saw very few birds this time, but we usually see a lot of birds. There was a lot of erosion all along the beach. View full report 2
10 [email protected] 02/16/2008 Nice day to walk the beach. Rocks exposed due to winter storms. View full report 2
48 cprince 02/16/2008 another beautiful day, more than average human/dog/vehicle traffic on the beach. the small black and white birds i saw last week were gone, found a few dead seagulls and one black and white gull, smaller than a seagull. also i took pix of the rock piles that formed up. there is a lot of sand gone.i hadn't gotten quite down to hubbard creek last walk, so this time i did, and noticed how much erosion and wood removal occurred from the recent winter storms. not much flotsam/jetsam. View full report 3
239 Shafer 02/16/2008 Another beautiful day! Saw a dead Harbor seal pup and reported to pinniped line; approximately 20 Harbor seals on leeward side of spit; saw feeding behavior (aggression) with gulls and determined that they were fighting over an egg ball (fish species unknown); a pair of Bald eagles were hunting over the mouth of the Siletz River. View full report 6
187 turnstone 02/17/2008 A beautiful sunny day, a -.2 tide and people were out enjoying it, especially the rock hunters. Someone has been digging in the shell midden again. View full report 2
170 Florence Elk 02/19/2008 A mill pond boat and large concrete block washed up on the suislaw river bank, 1 mile up from ocean near the seal beach. The boat is stable but the concrete is in different spot every morning. Twice as many seals as usual sunning on the bank. View full report 5
186 Joy186 02/20/2008 The sand was so low that rocks that are not visible in the summer were not only visible but many feet tall. South of Ten Mile Creek the loss of sand exposed cobbles.Dead sea lion was reported to the State Park representative.Large pieces of styrofoam had been tossed against the bluffs by the waves. We collected bags of the pieces and much was left. A local property owner told us that when it first started showing up some pieces were as large as refrigerators. View full report 0
162 papa troll 02/20/2008 A nice beach for a long walk. A great surf to watch and no human activity. View full report 0
171 oldMGguy 02/20/2008 Just a few gulls observed today, no other bird species around. Nothing unusual on the beach today. With a minus tide, the remains of the bow of a wooden ship are exposed next to the Siuslaw River North Jetty, 50 yards east of the Coast Guard observation tower. I suspect it's the remains of the Wilhelmina, a small coastal steam freighter beached in 1911. Old photos show it on it's side in the surf next to the North Jetty. View full report 2
267 [email protected] 02/21/2008 Underlying bed of parking lot eroding into lake. Unfortunate -- it is the only rode I know of on beach in Sand Lake. Wish they would have offered to remove it! View full report 0
52 [email protected] 02/23/2008 A very quiet morning on the beach. My dog and I were the only ones there. Everything was very clean. There was quite a bit of sand build up on the foredune. There was evidence of ATV activity but no vehicle actually observed. View full report 0
239 Shafer 02/23/2008 Beautiful, sunny day! Not very many folks out on the spit today. As our walk was during high tide, we cut it short when we reached a stretch of beach with little or no dry sand (lesson learned from the drenching we got on the 9th). Saw a young Harbor seal in the surf; Northern Pintail ducks in the bay; and a Bald eagle flying over bay with prey in its talons! View full report 2
244 Jwilson 02/24/2008

Griffiti sprayed on "Warning" Sign posted on bluff.Many charred logs.Logs driven onto embankments result of strong winter storms.Several forts and other structures erected. Some rather creative; e.g. a makeshift ship with 3 masts.Several sandcastles built.Large logs which has been buried by sand are now re-appearing. Dogs of all sizes represented from Teacup Poodle to Great Dane.

View full report
263 connierbruce 02/25/2008 Other than the storm related sand removal uncovering many rocks as it does every winter, nothing unusual noted View full report 0
245 knickerson 02/25/2008 It was a beautiful day at the beach! There seemed to be an unusually large amount of small plastic pieces in the wrack line - especially at the south end of mile 245. The speaker system on the house near the north end of Roads End was very annoying and I'm assuming set up to keep gulls away from the home. View full report 0
253 JSteiner 02/25/2008 Major erosion of beach, which is so narrow as to be unwalkable in one area. Rocks exposed. Considerable driftwood. An entangled bird with apparent signs of oiling observed. View full report 0
181 McKimens 02/25/2008 The most deserted we have seen it...some parts of ancient stumps still visible above sand... View full report 0
170 Florence Elk 02/25/2008 It was another beautiful sunset on the north jetty. Chicken point was full of cars watching the sunset, 1 couple walking their dog. I'm posting several photos of the north jetty state park area. If anyone would like more info feel free to email me. View full report 7
173 LCosko 02/26/2008 It was a perfect, sunny morning. The tide was low providing a wide beach. The waves were quiet and low. There was a slight breeze of approximately 1-2 miles per hour coming from the east. The beaches were clean. Some areas had quite a bit of scattered shell pieces. The mouth of Sutton Creek had shifted approximately 900 feet to the south since my last report, 3 months ago. I sighted my first whale spouting off of Baker Beach for this new year. Any driftwood was up near the dunes. The beach slope to the sea was virtually was pretty flat. View full report 0
97 D Bilderback 02/26/2008 A few Nereosystis (Bull Kelp), small rocks, wood and European Beachgrass stems in the driftline. One dead Common Murre and one dead Harbor Seal (previously reported to the Stranding Network). Beach flat with a 6 degree slope. Riptide embayment eroding the foredune. Wind speed of 3.3 mph and air temperature of 48 degrees F. Low human impact (1)-walking with 2 dogs on leash. View full report 4
96 D Bilderback 02/26/2008 A few Nerocystis (Bull Kelp), small numbers of shells and crab carapaces, small rocks and wood pieces in driftline. One dead Western Grebe and one dead Pacific Loon. One Snowy Plover in Habitat Restoration Area. Sanderlings and Western Gulls on beach. Logs plowed out from Habitat Restoration Site pushed up against the foredune. The large sand dunes at the west end of the plowed area were gone--the ocean had flattened the area. Beach flat with a 6 degree slope. Low human impact (3) 1 walking and 2 Oregon Parks and Recreation personel riding in an ATV. View full report 9
307 elsecobb 02/26/2008 Continued serious erosion of hill side in several places and considerable sand loss. Clean beach. View full report 0
245 TerryH 02/26/2008 Oceanfront home had a speaker aimed at the beach and was broadcasting the loud screeches and chatter of birds. It was not only annoying for those walking the beach but it was driving the wild birds nuts. If it's an attempt to keep birds away from their house, it's not working. Seagulls, pigeons, crows, etc. were all flying up to the speaker. Reported problem to the sheriff who said there's not much he could do about it, if it's during the daytime. Am I correct in thinking that a problem such as this could be termed "wildlife harrassment"? View full report 0
31 Joseph 02/26/2008 Beach appears to have weathered the major winter storms quite well. View full report 0
239 Shafer 02/26/2008 Another beautiful day! Very few visitors, but saw a resident of Salishan with her little dog. Noted a gull (Western?) with a broken wing and a Sanderling with an injured, possibly broken, leg. On the bay side, saw a gull eating a young Starry flounder! And a fairly sizeable flock of Northern pintail ducks are in Siletz Bay...approximately 50 in number. (Picked up three small bags of trash and several larges pieces of rope.) View full report 4
187 [email protected] 02/27/2008 Strawberry Hill, 4 sea lions feeding on rocks, 2 large light gray pups on rocks, also several piles of large and small driftwood at cliff base and a few gulls on rocks.Bob Creek, many gulls on rocks and several crows on logs near shore. Two out-flow pipes eroding cliffs.Bray’s Point, no cars or people. View full report 0
33 B Edgar 02/27/2008 3 adult Black Oystercatcherslots of small bits of plastic on beach View full report 0
61 cwatch61 02/28/2008 Mile 61 was relatively free of natural and man made debris, dead wildlife and human incursion with the exception of 4 sets of old ATV tracks. View full report 1
213 vickiosis 02/29/2008 Nothing unusual to report. Very windy day, beaches pretty well swept clean by the last high tide. only a few kelp piles littered the beach. Usual gravel beds exposed by winters big waves. View full report 0
238 Gertie C 02/29/2008 Not much to report this time -- State Parks & Rec buried a dead cow a few days ago. View full report 0
200 Aiassa 03/01/2008 A very unevenful report. Beautiful weather today and people enjoy the beach on the 200 mile of the wild Oregon coast! View full report 2
102 D Brittain 03/01/2008 Shells and small rocks in the driftline. Vehicle sign rotated to face the beach and not the parking lot. Moderate human impact (10)-1 rockhunting and 9 walking. View full report 0
16 Christine 03/01/2008 This is the section of Mile 16 I call the Miner Creek access. The steep trail follows a steep and rocky creek to the small beach below. Other than the usual minor erosion problems and tree downings along the creek and trail and the very small very clean beach caused by the winter storms, there's not much to report. Nature can recover from small problems very effectively. View full report 0
263 olsonko 03/01/2008 Yearling harbor seal stranded in land cave 1/2 way down mile as tide receding. Called Jim Rice at Hatfield Marine Sci Ctr at office (541-867-0100) Then on Marine Mammal Hotline (541-270-6830). He advised to protect seal from dogs and truckers. He will post signs if needed, but doesn't want to attract gawkers. He will do autopsy if animal dies. View full report 0
295 martyandchuck 03/01/2008 After rainy morning (with hail), afternoon was mostly sunny and warm. View full report 0
256 Lady S 03/02/2008 Sand washed out to sea. Lots of wood drift inshore. View full report 0
205 [email protected] 03/02/2008 Beautiful morning on Mile 205. Blue sky and minimal wind. There have always been several oyster catchers on the rocks at the northern end of our mile and they were squawking busily today. There have been some gold seekers panning in Collins Creek as of late. It was in the late 1800's that gold was first observed there. Have questioned current gold seekers and they report that minor specks have been found, nothing of any value. The same creek attracts agate hunters year round.We've lived on a 30 foot bluff above our mile for ten years. For all the heavy storms and interesting finds on other beaches, we find there is minimal erosion on ours this year. And few if any injured/dead wildlife this winter. View full report 8
240 seacrater 03/02/2008 The walking area at Siletz Bay from the picnic area to sand dunes where rock had been added is now covered with logs and sand. Some erosion to the rock area because of lower level of sand. View full report 0
283 Bluebrau 03/02/2008 It was a gorgeous day at the coast and there were several people out enjoying the atmosphere. The main issue that we noted at Cape Meares is the lack of trash cans--there was quite a bit of litter, but nowhere for people to throw things away--even at the picnic site. View full report 0
211 Gibsjerry 03/02/2008 Most people and cars at/on my mile seen in 14 years! All were "rock hunting". Much sand lost this winter(est. 2-5 ft.) Many Cypress tree roots exposed, as well as sections of wave-cut basalt & cobble. Beach was very clean. I picked up 1 half full "SOLV" bag left by someone else. Some new bluff erosion noted.Fantastic day to walk on beach! Sunny, with very slight NW cool breeze. View full report 6
192 mcrobbins 03/02/2008 We observed no significant erosion or changes due to winter weather or human activity, hardly surprising considering the rocky nature of the shoreline on this mile. As happened last year there was some minor slumping of bluff edges at the south end of the mile and at the mouth of Gender Creek, but really not much erosion. There were new accumulations of driftwood at all inlets, and some marine debris and garbage, but less than we have seen previously. Most sandy deposits on the rocky shelves adjacent to the water are gone, but most of these same rocky areas within 100 feet or so of the water are thickly carpeted with barnacles. Mussel colonies are abundant and there are many of the dark colored ochre seastars. Deposits of mussel shells, particularly at the inlet at the south end of Yachats, are evidence of many birds feeding. There was much bird activity, noteably several flocks of, we think, black turnstones feeding among the rocks and bathing in the numerous pools of water. There were also several oystercatchers, some rock sandpipers,surf scoters and a grebe or two in the water. In the rocks south of Yachats Ocean Road access we found numerous "beach balls", those spherical conglomerations of sticks, seaweed and other debris that are formed by wave action and average in size 4-6 inches in diameter. Interestingly, the majority of these started forming around bits of rope, netting, or other debris of human origin. This is the first time we've seen these here, and we found them only in this one area the mile. View full report 0
172 RPurscelley 03/02/2008 Realize we need to take clean-up action more often. A bit suprised with the amount of garbage. View full report 0
257 [email protected] 03/02/2008 No significant problems observed. Two vehicles in legal area. Small concentrations of gulls and seals at Nestucca Bay entrance. View full report 0
17 Hooskanaden 03/02/2008 The major item of interest along this mile is the land movement due to the slide at Hooskanaden. This year and last there has been minimal indication of movement. View full report 0
218 Liz O. 03/02/2008 North end of Agate Beach at least 3 new homes being built. Appears that more and more lights showing up oon the bluffs at the beginning of the headland.The Visitor Center lights on the headland are very visible at night. Detracts from the beauty of the night sky. View full report 0
33 [email protected] 03/02/2008 Plesant warm day on the beach, some areas of beach were rocky but in general large amounts of sand remain despite the winter storms. Signs of minor slumping of the bottom 20 feet of the bluff. Not a lot of wild life in evidence, tidepools largely barren except for a few hermit crabs, saw a few gulls but did see a river otter leaving the surf to explore the driftwood line. Not a lot of debris in evidence but found a partially full, sealed 55 gallon plastic drum; notifying National Response Center of location View full report 0
239 Shafer 03/02/2008 Rather cloudy today, which could explain why we saw so few folks. On the seaward side of the spit, the only wildlife observed were a couple of Western gulls following us as we collected trash. On the bayside, however, we saw Common merganser, Bufflehead, Northern Pintails, Mallards, White-winged Scoters, Surf Scoters, Western gulls, crows, and Great Blue Heron. We actually observed a crow with a fish in its bill being chased by a wonders if the fish first belonged to the gull? Found a dead Fork-tailed Storm-petrel and a dead newborn Harbor seal (photos). Also, the temporary signs warning folks to stay away from the seals are in bad shape and need to be replaced. At the extreme north end of the spit, observed over 100 Harbor seals hauled out on the distress or agitation, quite calm in fact. View full report 5
140 10mile2 03/02/2008 Clean, windswept beach. Remote location with little human visitation. Very little wildlife present. Found few "whole" sand dollars. No shipwrecks. Shells in driftline. Low human impact (2)-beach combing in dry sand. View full report 0
139 10mile2 03/02/2008 Clean, windswept beach. Very little human visitation to this remote site. Found an unusual number of 'unbroken' sand dollars. Very little wildlife present; a few shorebirds on the sand. Shells in the driftline. Low human impact (0). No shipwrecks to report. View full report 0
219 L Taylor 03/04/2008 Beach appeared very clean- not even much driftwood. The Common Murres are back at Yaquina Head. The Hatfield Marine Science researchers were at Yaquina Head counting returning gray whales and recording their distance from shore in a preliminary study to determine where the whales travel. This data will help determine what impact wave energy stations might have on the whales. Good news- they saw 7 before noon, so they're back! View full report 0
5 Berner 03/04/2008 Considering the winter storms we have experienced, there has been relatively little visible impact on the shore. The sand that recedes during the winter seems to be shifting back in; no apparent new vegetation at the high water line. View full report 0
300 [email protected] 03/04/2008 Very little human activity on this day. Huge amounts of driftwood. Creek runoff moved by storms.A very quiet day. It felt like nobody else was here. Eventually I saw in the distance what appeared to be a parent and a child. A very peaceful mood. At the end of the walk I came upon 2 golfers hitting balls on the beach -- a rude reminder that not everyone thinks the beach is a place of beauty and solitude. View full report 0
224 malachite 03/04/2008 Beautiful sunny day. Because my walk started at 4:25pm, very near low tide (0.1), I was able to see rock outcrops exposed on the beach that are often submerged. Some ongoing gradual erosion, bluffs towards the south end of my mile may be exhibiting a somewhat accelerated rate of erosion--bluffs just north & south of southern mile boundary deeply incised by rains & runoff (if latter present). View full report 0
202 dddurrett 03/05/2008 A perfect day at the beach, blue sky and a cool breeze.I picked up very little litter. Sparce drift line with no garbage. I was approached by a couple from California and they couldn't believe how clean and beautiful the beach was. I explained a little about Coast Watch and the pride that goes into our beaches. View full report 0
197 [email protected] 03/05/2008 Very interesting walk today. Just south of public beach entry area people were collecting agates as if they were picking strawberries. I had never before seen rock beds exposed here. Near south end of the mile were large areas of exposed low, sculptured rocks giving the impression of an unearthed ancient village from an archeological dig. Bluff erosion is a major concern on this mile but I haven't seen major areas of obviously new erosion. View full report 0
294 Nedonnaman 03/05/2008 Aside from rip rap installation, beach seems in good shape View full report 0
225 acwasner 03/05/2008 Beautiful calm, sunny weather. Usual wildlife with no dead or injured animals, birds. Hanging tree is still in place held by only minimal roots. No new erosion visible. Very clean sand. People not disturbing seals or birds. View full report 0
224 malachite 03/05/2008 Main reason to file this report is to document my sight of a bald eagle. It's not the first time I've seen one on this mile, I believe I saw one at least once before during January/February (forgot to document at the time). I believe I also observed an osprey one day during the winter too. View full report 0
170 Florence Elk 03/06/2008 Due to the low tide found a ship, cart rails, cart wheels and axles from old wharf rail system. The pioneer museum doesn't have a record of the ship but it's there. Told kids not to harass the seals,watched an eagle hunt the river. View full report 4
171 kathrynl 03/06/2008 The Driftwood Shores "creek" has moved further south and has cut a two-foot deep channel into the sand. Water and sand show signs of sewage, oily and orange stain. One water bottle near Driftwood Shores. Very clean beach and more driftwood up to North Jetty than I have seen in seven years. Only Gulls at the tide line, very little evidence of other birds. Plus 7 1/2' tide left shells far up on the beach. View full report 0
209 bloeffel 03/07/2008 By the first of the year much of the sand accumulated over the summer had left the beach and shortly thereafter rock started moving in, a lot of it relatively small. The sand eventually was removed down to the underlaying mudstone some of which froze in January, then separated into inch or so thick sheets on thawing. For a while now the large amount of rock that came to the beach has moved towards the bluff and in some places is piled 5 feet high against the wall. This rock won't leave the beach until we have a heavy surf capable of moving it. Beach gradients: North end 10 feet in 40 yards due to the large amount of rock piled against the bluff. South end 6 feet in 40 yards. There were 2 places of significant bluff erosion near the middle of the mile. One was due to water coming down a creek bed washing out underneath the sandstone leading to its collapse. The other was failure to properly handle surface water runoff resulting in the bluff under the back yard of a house enlarging the cave in the sandstone under the back yard. This has been some time in forming. The owner doesn't live there and may not know what is happening. I told the builder about it but no change has occurred. View full report 0
219 cindyashy 03/08/2008 Unusual sighting of a Brown Pelican in March. See Wildlife list for more. I'm going to talk with BLM staff to see about get some permanent signage in the tidepool area to prevent people from getting into sensitive nesting bird areas and dangerous surge areas.....when the tidepool area can't be staffed and the orange cones don't get put out, people move into these areas at low tide. I believe permanent signs would help a lot. View full report 0
157 bzenderson 03/08/2008 Absolutely beautiful day, shared with my friend and CoastWatch partner Jack Long; wind picked up in early afternoon and got quite chilly, but sunny and lovely and, as usual, not another soul. We went all the way to the mouth of Tahkenitch Creek and found a protected spot along the creek, behind a big driftwood stump, to eat lunch. View full report 1
156 JELong 03/08/2008 I hiked with my friend Bonnie on her mile, 157, then we headed south down my mile, 156. We both noted the almost total absence of foredune erosion or sand scouring on the upper beach. Although the sandy beach was about 1/3 to 1/2 narrower then in mid-summer, the sand on the remaining beach was as deep as I remember seeing it during the winter. There was an almost complete lack of debris except for a few plastic bottles, one tire and one styrofoam float. In light of the old shipwrecks and cannons that had been uncovered at other sections of the Oregon coast this winter, we were quite surprised (and highly disappointed) that we had no new buried treasures to discover on our miles. But we found a really great lunch spot out of the wind and the turkey sandwiches were quite good, so we got over it. View full report 0
160 dragonfly 03/08/2008 On a visit in early January, we discovered that the fore dune to the south of Siltcoos estuary had been full-dozed, so there is an extensive area of flat dry sand that wasn't there before.This visit was unusual because of the relative absence of wildlife. We always see harbor seals swimming or hauled out; today there were none. There are always a lot of birds; today we saw three gulls, one turkey vulture, one bald eagle a second in the stream. View full report 0
171 oldMGguy 03/08/2008 I wish to extend a "Thank You!" to Phillip Johnson, CoastWatch Program Director, and his staff, for all the seminars recently set up for CoastWatch members' on-going education on ocean beach issues. I really encourage all CoastWatch members to attend any of these events if at all possible. The recent March 5, 2008 Coastal Dunes Workshop was focused on the impact of introduced non-native beach grass on native species. View full report 4
183 RMSherriffs 03/09/2008 Beach clean, five plastic bottles and one auto tire on south section. Truck tire on North section. View full report 0
217 [email protected] 03/09/2008 Good day for a walk on the beach. A few shorebird flocks foraging along the water's edge. Bluff erosion near Jump-off-Joe continues this year, but not as dramatic as last year. View full report 0
147 Lyndell 03/09/2008 The waves were up to far on the beach for comfort given the amount of large pieces of Driftwood and the steep embankment. So, I was unable to reach mile 147. I was able to get to 150 and 149 and this is what the report reflects.I did not see anything out of the ordinary as a first time visitor. There was an abundance of trash especially plastics, we picked up as much garbage as possible. I have some pictures but need to figure out how to get them into this report. View full report 0
29 JimandJoan 03/09/2008 Mile 29 looked very good, clean and no debris other than one piece of old rope and a couple of mismatched sandals! We saw no birds other than on the offshore rocky islets.It's obvious the dunes are receding indicated by old pipe fencing now almost completely gone. The newer fence (surrounding the sewer treatment ponds) is now on the edge of the dune. Some driftwood has broken parts of the "new fence." View full report 0
261 Rouses 03/09/2008 1 dead sea lion. Beach is really clean for after winter storms. Riprap showing at each end of Cottages at the Cape. View full report 0
199 speelyei 03/10/2008 Quiet, uneventful morning on this windswept stretch of beach. View full report 4
203 Sandpiper 03/10/2008 Walking this mile everyday, I notice that the sand is constantly shifting. By March the sand has nearly covered the driftwood, which includes large tree trunks that were exposed and visible all along the fore dune in January. On most days we see seals swimming in a southerly direction, sticking their heads out of the surf as if to say Hi. View full report 0
173 ZASovers 03/10/2008 A cloudy morning with wind from Southwest. Many logs all along the shoreline, some long and straight,like telephone poles. The sand is still out, the roots of one stump visible. Sutton Creek has curved up to Klahanee rip rap and has two separate mouths as it enters the ocean. A flock of sea gulls are sitting at the mouth of the creek facing into the wind. View full report 0