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185 Lfleming 10/14/2007 Beach was very clean. Parking lot was plowed out, making dunes around the edges of the lot that were higher than the cars. Also the entrance was newly paved part way into the beach.Interesting to see racoon tracks along the beach among the rocks.Last Oct. on about the same date, we didn't see any pelicans flying by at all. This time we saw 65. View full report 0
14 artist 10/21/2007 Though there were more people than usual on the trail, there is nothing negative to report. As far as I can tell, no one was engaged in illegal or harmful activities. People were just picking berries and watching the big waves pound the rocky cliffs. What little beach there is along this mile is nearly impossible to access. View full report 1
245 lvoelker 10/21/2007 Dozens of uprooted sea palm and bull kelp -- LARGE specimens of sea palms, 16-20" tall. The sand movement is very early this year -- lots of exposed rock. View full report 0
187 turnstone 10/21/2007 There were still a few clumps of dead mussels, many mussel and barnacle shells on the beach, and many places where the mussels and barnacles are gone.Some sloughing of midden from the bank south of the parking area and possible digging in one spot View full report 4
211 Gibsjerry 10/22/2007 Flat sandy beach. No exposed cobble. Beach was very clean. View full report 1
104 beachnut 10/23/2007 A perfect day, a perfect beach. Sanderlings in surfline. Gulls on beach. Moderate human impact (9)- 6 walking and 3 sitting. Two dogs. View full report 0
213 vickiosis 10/25/2007 Nothing unusual to report. Bull Whip kelp is finishing its annual growth cycle and is tearing loose and washing in on the beach. A few flocks of shore birds chasing the waves. very peaceful and nice. View full report 0
97 D Bilderback 10/25/2007 Very light driftline with a few rocks and crab carapaces, eelgrass, and the algae: Nereocystis, Hymenena, Cryptopleura, Mazzaella, and Odonthalia. Beach slope of 6 degrees. 1 dead Northern Fulmar and 1 dead Brandt's Cormorant. Low human impact (0). View full report 1
96 D Bilderback 10/25/2007 Very light driftline with a small number of the algae, Hymenena, Callophyllis, Macrocystis and Postelsia and a few stones. Beach with 5-8 degree slopes. Two large logs on low beach. Embayment has shifted northward. High tide flowed over ridge into runnel. Hight tide sweeping over entire beach just north of New River outlet. Live birds included 2 Snowy Plover, 1 Great Blue Heron, large flocks of Brown Pelicans feeding off-shore and large flocks of Western Sand pipers on the dry sand. Dead birds included 1 immature Western Gull, 2 Northern Fulmar, a Robin freshly killed by a raptor and a Brandt's Cormorant. One dead Harbor Seal on beach. Low human impact (0). View full report 10
162 papa troll 10/27/2007 Just a great day at the beach. Off highway vehicle riders were not offensive. The beach was clean. One dead 20" bottom fish on the sand. View full report 0
152 MooreC 10/27/2007 It was a beautiful day on Mile 152 and we were the only people (and dog) on the beach. There were no ATVs or vehicles. The beach was very clean, a nice surprise after our August walk. In fact, it was so clean, there were no shells, casings, driftwood, or anything on the beach. Threemile Creek runs into the beach on the southern edge of Mile 152, and it was also clean. View full report 2
16 Christine 10/27/2007 This is the section of Mile 16 I call Thunder Rock Cove Viewpoint North. I viewed six Harbor Seals sunning themselves on the rocks near the cove area. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary was observed. View full report 0
295 martyandchuck 10/27/2007 Overall the beach looks much more like it did 4 years ago when we first began walking along it. The sand is more level and less debris on the shore with no sightings of any dead animals, the weather was too good to be true.. global warming??? View full report 0
221 coastwalker221 10/27/2007 Saw ten people & one dog off-leash enjoying themselves. Very nice mile of beach, nearly empty of human litter. New evidence of continual beach bluff erosion on Mile 221 on the Moolack Slide portion: a moderate-sized land slip off of a sandstone/shale bluff approx. 1,200 feet south of Moolack Creek. This event happened within the last 4 months. View full report 2
287 wthwaites 10/28/2007 The wagon did prove handy as we were able to bring back much more trash with it than we could have without it. (See photos.) We [picked up far more trash] than could be carried in one trip without the aid of the wagon. View full report 3
141 KerrieP 10/28/2007 Gorgeous day for a beach walk. Forest Service seems to be staying on top of blocking OHV access to the closed beach. I observed two recent tracks around MP143. The violators accessed from an opening in the foredune and went south about 1/2 mile before turning around. Otherwise things looked good and as always I treasured the remoteness of this mile. Shells, kelp/algae, wood pieces and ocean-based debris in driftline. Two groups of pelicans (33 and 13) flying off-shore. Low human impact (2)-walking. View full report 0
174 Foulkes 10/31/2007 It was a beautiful morning on a relatively clean beach. I was passed three times be a white Forest Service truck that was driving along the beach going north, then south, then north again. The truck did not access the beach at Baker beach nor at any point along mile 174. View full report 0
97 beachnut 10/31/2007 Ocean-borne litter is less abundant than usual, mostly plastic bags of various sizes this time. As usual, there is little sign of heavy human traffic -- perhaps 3 other people today on my stretch, judging by the footprints in the sand. Sanderlings were not obvious on the tide line. Pelicans fishing offshore. Animal casings and small rocks in driftline. Northern Elephant Seal at high-tide line for two days. Low human impact (1)-walking. View full report 2
175 Caples 11/02/2007 Beach slope of 3 degrees Transverse dunes on high beach Very light wrackline with feathers, with small amounts of sea lettuce (Ulva), eel grass (Zostera) and Sea Palm (Postelsia) Shells on the beach (Macoma, large clam, Cockle, oyster, pacific razor clam) Polyorchis Jelly in wrackline View full report 0
95 [email protected] 11/02/2007 I accessed the beach from the north end of Roaring Surf Lane trail. New River was about 8 inches deep, walked south along New River to the end of Bandon State Park and crossed the dunes to the ocean. I then walked north to the New River and Two Mile Creek convergence and exit to the ocean. Kelp/algae, shells, animal casings, small rocks, and ocean-based debris in driftline. Northern Elephant Seal at high tide line on beach. It weighed about 80 lb and showed labored breathing. Low human impact (0). View full report 3
119 dpackard 11/02/2007 Did not see any aquatic creatures -- whales, seals or sea lions, this time around. Healthy seas. It looks like a moderate tide (quarter moon). Only two cars in the vast Shore Acres parking lot. Kelp/algae in driftline. Five sea gulls and one chipmunk. Moderate human impact (9)- 9 walking and 2 sitting. Two dogs. View full report 1
198 bahngarten 11/04/2007 Significant # of resting gulls, brown pelicans at Big creek. Sanderlings feeding along surf line. Eel Grass consistently along hi tide line, mod amount of brown tinged jellies-4"to 10" size. Smoldering beach fire in sand, with volleyball net nearby, much foot traffic here in last 24 hr. Clean beach. View full report 0
197 [email protected] 11/04/2007 A great day to be on the beach. It was surprising there were so few people. Very clean beach. View full report 0
1 floral 11/04/2007 This is not my mile but did want to see how the area is coming with the new construction. Big Hole and lots of work going on....beach was enjoyed by several on this beautiful day. View full report 5
93 H Witschi 11/05/2007 Very clean and untouched beach. Driftline rare and spotty and very thin. Two unidentifiable old bird carcasses. No human impact whatever. View full report 0
173 ZASovers 11/05/2007 The huge flock of brown pelicans was a beautiful sight. They stayed for the following day as well, but were gone by Nov. 7. On the second day they were sitting in rows on both sides of Sutton Creek. Just a few sea gulls were among them. View full report 0
202 dddurrett 11/05/2007 There was the normal amount of logs and tree debris for this time of year. I picked what little litter there was,(hooray-not one plastic water bottle!). After a good two hours on the beach it remained deserted, maybe because of limited access. Overall mile 202 looked very healthy. View full report 0
99 Eric & Sue 11/06/2007 Nice calm day with only three people and a dog on the beach. The tide was very low, and I saw very little garbage on the beach. About a half dozen 2"-5" crabs on a rock near Haystack Rock had been eaten by birds. I did not cover much of the high tide line. There were two gulls on the beach, and one Western Grebe that had recently died by the creek. The low transverse dunes that were seen on my last walk had for the most part been washed away by the last storm. View full report 0
221 lipberm 11/06/2007 All seems to be well on our mile. View full report 1
203 Sandpiper 11/07/2007 A large number of pelicans were flying both north and south and sitting on the water beyond the breakers. Surf scoters were visible close to the shore. Many groups of sandpipers were feeding along the surf line. View full report 0
139 10mile2 11/07/2007 Normal windswept sections of remote beach. Little driftwood and man-caused litter present. Small amount of seaweed clumps present. Numerous broken shells and overturned and picked apart immature crabs along high tide line. Besides a dead seabird, I noted one Western Gull with a broken wing along the waterline- alive, but very weak. Snowy Plover fencing removed from site north of Tenmile Creek. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
234 kfharcourt 11/07/2007 Very pleasant mild day. Some additional bluff erosion since last report. Excavation on beach infront of bluff. Continued slow erosion at Fishing Rock. Some additional erosion in front of Surfrider (m233, just south of m234) since last report. View full report 3
20 D Bilderback 11/08/2007 At North Cove, sand had been removed exposing cobble stones at foot of headland. Invasive Ice Plants were found on the headland of North Cove and on the South Cove near Crook Point. Postelsia and Neurocystis in driftline. Porphyra and Mastocarpus growing on the rocks. Aggregating and Green Anemones on intertidal rocks. Large number of barnacle scars on the rocks indicting a mortality event. Water temperature was 51.9 degrees F., windspeed: 17.5 mph from Southwest. A very heavy driftline on the south beach consisting of a large amount of terrestrial debris (leaves, small woody pieces and Myrtle seeds) and the algae: Lessoniopsis, Postelsia, Egregia, Pterygophora, Nerocystis, Cryptopleura, Callophyllis, Constantinea, Desmarestia, Hymenena, Ahnfeltiopsis, Corallina, Serraticardia, and Arthrocardia. Small amounts of Gumboot Chitons, tunicates and Hydrozoa in driftline. Three Killdeer on beach. Harbor Seals swimming in the bay. Sea Stars (Piaster ochraceus) on rocks. Beach slope of 6 degrees. About 3 feet of sand removed exposing large cobbles at base of headland. Low human impact (0), but tracks of a person with a dog was observed. View full report 10
5 Berner 11/09/2007 see above; stable, no notable changes over the summer View full report 0
274 tomanderica 11/10/2007 The only major change was in the sand. Whereas the sandy area used to be largest at the access to the campground, now there was little sand there, but large sandy areas to the south (day use area)and to the north. The waterfall to the south was full and lovely. View full report 0
18 servant 11/11/2007 send photos, wanted to send alot more, but will only recieve one at a time, many more later View full report 2
338 Randy and Beth 11/11/2007 Piles of ribbon seaweed were being pushed up by the incoming tide. Sandpipers were noticably absent. There was a little plastic debris scattered on our mile. View full report 0
102 D Brittain 11/13/2007 Kelp/algae, shells, animal casings, small rocks and wood pieces in driftline. Low human impact (3)-walking. View full report 0
195 oceanloonie 11/13/2007 A dramatically beautiful day, high tide with big surf after a big storm. Nothing really unusual...! View full report 0
324 NHolmes 11/13/2007 Many people on beach enjoying the warm sunny day in contrast to the cold windy and wet previous day. High tides and winds left 6 dead seabirds (petrels?) at and beyond the high water line. View full report 0
145 [email protected] 11/13/2007 Lots of driftwood washed up on beach. tide had been real high. View full report 0
187 [email protected] 11/13/2007 Heavy surf exposed the cobbles with only patches of sand at the bluffs, also leaving some large driftwood. Twenty-seven mature Sea Lions at Strawberry Hill. View full report 0
244 Millie and Carl 11/14/2007 Although few people were on the beach in threatening weather, it was actually pleasant. Mostly I was counting dead fulmars (20 total), and making my periodic check on the caves perpetually carved at Roads End Wayside. View full report 4
128 SCUUFmile 11/18/2007 Kelp/algae, shells, animal casings, small rocks and wood pieces in the driftline. Recent beach erosion has exposed a wreck (keel and ribs) of an old boat,ninety feet long or more and located about 100 yds. north of "cut" in foredune for an access road, and 100 yds. west of foredune. Also found Sea Sandwort, Honkenya peploides, growing on foredune (most S. population of this plant is by Coast Guard housing in Charleston). Low human impact (0). View full report 0
187 turnstone 11/18/2007 A very rainy day, one of several in a row. All wood on the beach pushed up to top. Very little sand, mostly cobble and solid rock. Ocean very rough, big swells. Bob Creek very swollen. View full report 0
158 VKnox2 11/19/2007 My last Year's end Report (I've moved). The National Guard continues their work on the Snowy Plover enhancement project. A variety of animal tracks peppered the beach, including scavengers looking for crabs and dead birds. As usual, the deposition zones of miles 157 and 158, provided an abundance of food this year. August was especially productive with hundreds of large, dead, female dungeness crabs in the surf. Unusual summer and autumn driftline discoveries included: the head of a porpoise, comb jellies, coho salmon, salmon sharks, and immature pelicans. Human related trash onshore has decreased overall! Signs of oiling, including tarmat, were absent. View full report 0
104 beachnut 11/20/2007 It's beginning to look a lot like winter on the beach now, apart from the usual northerly winds. The high tides are lapping at the dune base in the usual areas and the terrain is leveling out. Four dead immature gulls. Gulls and pelicans flying offshore. Sanderlings foraging in the surf. One vehicle on beach in allowed area. Sea foam thick along most of the mile. Ocean-based debris in driftline. Two bags of plastic trash removed. Low human impact(3)-1 walking,and 2 rockhunting. One dog. View full report 0
173 LCosko 11/20/2007 It was a cool, sunny morning. There was a slight breeze of about 5-6 miles per hour. The tide was high and had washed up quite a bit of kelp and seagrass. A lot of the kelp had been washed up in large tangled clumps. There was also a greater than usual number of razor clam shells. There were relatively few people out on the beach. They were all walking on Heceta Beach. There was no-one on Baker Beach. Sutton Creek was running rapidly. It is cutting steep banks on the north side. It also is a little deeper and narrower than it was this summer. Both beaches had very little trash, at most, a few scattered plastic water bottles. The sand was clean and soft. There were about 3 newly washed up dead birds, the few others that were on the beach had been there for several days. There were three large groups of plovers feeding along the shore. Several seals/sea lions were swimming in the waves. There were relatively few gulls. I only saw one scoter among the waves. View full report 0
158 [email protected] 11/20/2007 Found 10 dead birds, 8 possibly Northern Fulmars. The Army Corps is still preparing the sand for snowy plover. Fishing line entangling kelp shows ODFW Permit # 96011, Tier # 300, Tag # 47, 2006-07 Season. View full report 3
219 L Taylor 11/20/2007 There were NO live birds on the beach. No foraging, not even flying overhead. Very quiet. I did see what I believe to be 1 dead Western Grebe (see photo 1) with 2 zip ties on it's right wing, 1 blue and 1 red. Don't know what this means. I walked south about 1/8 mile from Lucky Gap trail which I don't usually consider a part of my mile, but saw 3 dead Northern Fulmars (dark) and another Western Grebe (?). There was one more bird I could not id because all that was left was the wings. Other than dead birds there appeared to be no change in the beach. Looked good. View full report 3
53 [email protected] 11/21/2007 This a very rough surf area of the coast with a sharp drop off. It appears to have very little use by the public. There are small driftwood pieces, some amazing roots of large trees ( stand 7 or 8 feet high ) and few to no shells. No birds running along this shore ! I suggest checking the tide tables before you walk this area and go only at low tide. From Paradise Point( starting point) to Elk River and back is about 3 hours. View full report 0
97 beachnut 11/21/2007 The body count on this stretch is higher than it has been in awhile (5 sea birds-1 gull, 1 Cormorant, 1 Common Murre and 2 unidentified birds, 1 Harbor Porpoise) during my almost daily walks. Though the wind still is from the north, the beach is beginning to show its winter flatness. The wrackline is quite heavy on the wood and straw content. Large numbers of Sanderlings foraging in the driftline. Low human impact (0). View full report 1
295 martyandchuck 11/21/2007 Beautiful weather. Lots of folks arriving for Thanksgiving weekend. About 1/2 dozen dead birds sighted in the sand. They aren't sea gulls but not sure what species. View full report 0
224 malachite 11/21/2007 Beach is developing "winter" (higher energy) profile--noted the exposure of the ancient tree trunk/roots about 1/2 way through mile. Noted passage of one of "scenic ride" helicopters--this one out of Siletz airport (not quite as noisy as the one out of Newport airport) yet another visual and audio blight on an otherwise beautiful landscape. View full report 0
33 B Edgar 11/21/2007 One dead sea lion, total length 83", it has been dead about a week. Not much litter on the beach after the big storm last week! Lots of driftwood. On Nov. 5 I counted 21 Black Oystercatchers on ONE rock on this mile! View full report 0
300 [email protected] 11/21/2007 What a fabulous crisp, sunny, winter day. View full report 0
173 LCosko 11/22/2007 It was Thanksgiving morning, the sun was out and the skies were clear. Starting out, the temperature was 33 degrees. By the end of the walk, the temperature had risen to 42 degrees. There was little to no wind. The tide was extremely high, as were the waves. The water went all the way up to the dunes. Sutton Creek basin was completely flooded. I was unable to cross over to Baker Beach. There were a lot of people out by Driftwood Shores Resort...mostly families watching the waves and taking pictures. There were many large logs that had been washed up on shore. I also noted quite a few dead birds, but they may have previously been scattered along the shore and just pushed up by the tide and concentrated along the dunes. There were a few birds out, but not as many as I typically see. View full report 0
2 floral 11/22/2007 I love to walk this mile, when the tides let me.beautiful day The Black Turnstones were so pretty in flight and was glad to see them again. View full report 2
123 JoAnne 11/22/2007 Kelp/algae, shells, animal casings, wood pieces and small amounts of sea grass in driftline. Shore birds moving in response to humans/dogs. Gulls and crows in and around shoreline. High tides reaching the foredune. Vehicles still accessing restricted beach from parking areas and near jetty. Very little litter. Heavy human impact (36)-22 walking, 10 playing in surf, 2 surfing and 2 flying kites. 14 dogs. View full report 0
109 Foggy 11/22/2007 Extreme highs (10+) and lows this week had scoured the beach of most debris. High tide line was right up next to the gorse (photo 4). Erosion of vegetated foredune. Very light human use(5)-3 walking and 2 using a metal detector. Wood pieces in driftline. Three allowed vehicles on beach but one motorcycle and one ATV illegally on beach. View full report 5
206 [email protected] 11/22/2007 Sand very high suffocating seaweeds and invertebrates in tidepools, 2 dead (pelagic?) cormorants and 1 dead seal View full report 0
240 seacrater 11/23/2007 Enjoyed a beautiful day at the beach View full report 0
300 JCampf 11/23/2007 Thanksgiving weekend -- unusual # (82) of people on beach. Sunny & bright. View full report 0
254 SueGabriel 11/23/2007 Beautiful day with more than the usual number of people enjoying the beach. No unusual problems were seen other than a moderately large number of dead Northern Fulmars (13). View full report 0
3 floral 11/24/2007 Was not able, due to tides, to walk the whole mile but took pictures of the 3/4 miles I walked. The coast guard was towing in a boat, and I noticed a concrete square I had not seen before that fell or was dumped. beautiful day to walk and was delighted to see no litter on the beach. View full report 5
52 [email protected] 11/24/2007 Lots of beach driftwood and rocks from high tide and rough surf. Not much trash around. The people I encountered on an ATV, not a street legal one, claimed to have handicapped permits. There are still ATV's that ride on top of the dunes. It is hardly ever possible to really see if they have a license plate or a handicapped permit unless I am down on the beach at the exact time. Most often, multiple people are riding. I think illegal ATV activity is the most common concern I have. View full report 0
219 cindyashy 11/24/2007 This was an afternoon minus tide on a holiday weekend so the tidepool critters took center stage at Yaquina Head. The tidepools off Cobble Beach were crawling with visitors - an average of around 65 people at any one time during the ~2 hour span I was there. From the tidepool deck, I observed the whole gamut of human responsibility - from adults who were carefully teaching kids respect and awe for nature to some very serious violations. Some of the violations included walking right past the "please do not step on the mussel bed" signs and the "don't go any further" signs to one father/son team (?) ripping animals off the rocks (and pocketing some) as well as intentionally throwing large cobbles at the exposed tidepool fauna. I talked with management about this and we are talking about various ways to improve signage as well as developing a volunteer program to help patrol and interpret the tidepools - which I may bring up at the Rocky Shores Conference if I attend this weekend. If you think you might be interested in this type of program, please contact me. View full report 0
222 CoastalKaren 11/24/2007 Nothing exciting to report, it was a great afternoon for a stroll on my mile. The erosion continues around the construction by Beverly Beach. View full report 0
293 ducks73 11/25/2007 It was a BEAUTIFUL day to be on the beach. The ocean was white and foamy and the sky was clear and blue. Unfortunately, the tide was very high (9.4 at 12:01 pm) and the riprap along most of my mile made it difficult to easily walk the mile. View full report 0
52 Laurie Prouty 11/25/2007 Just wanted to let everyone know that Tseriadun State Park (Agate Beach) in Port Orford has re-opened after being closed almost 11 months. The Park reopened on Tuesday, November 20, 2007. It is wonderful to have access to the beach again and the public has definitely been coming out to check out all the work that has been completed. These past rains put the culvert to the test and it seems that the water is flowing through the culvert when the lake reaches 14.5 ft. As always, it will be exciting to see what happens with the first really big storm and high tide. View full report 0
233 [email protected] 11/25/2007 photos of highest tide of the year at Fishing Rock Headland looking south View full report 1
308 John Markham 11/25/2007 Quiet pleasant day. View full report 0
128 rubygoes 11/26/2007 I am a new member of CoastWatch, and look forwardto improving my reporting skills as my coast-eyesbecome better educated. Exceptionally low tides in November saw lots ofequestrians riding from the North Jetty to Horsfall, an area posted as "No Vehicles" due tothe Snowy Plover nesting reserve. A cleansing high tide was in evidence: the beach was sweptvery clean of debris, except for the largest logs and timbers. Vehicle activity in the area wasunusually high. ATV, dune buggy, sand bike ridersare also attracted to low tides. It is not unusual to see half a dozen vehicles on any givenday, but most are aware that they may frightenthe horses and slow down when they approach fromfront or rear. Surprisingly, these operators were extremely reckless around the horses, as if their high numbers negated the rules of common courtesy. I later asked a camp host about theunusual number of vehicles in the restricted area.He said that after Labor Day local riders "take back their beach" and let their enthusiasm spoil their good judgement. He added that the response time of enforcement officers from BLM, State Parksor the Sheriff's office is too slow, and thepriority is too low. We hope this "invasion" is a brief one. I pulled approximately 30 lbs. of nylon netting that was hung up on a log over the dune and well up the sand road thanks to my horse, Ruby, who is learning that she has an important job as a seahorse with CoastWatch. Fifty pelicans in three flocks. Heavy human impact (30) horseback riding and riding in beach vehicles. View full report 0
97 D Bilderback 11/26/2007 Very light driftline of rocks, wood, beachgrass and straw with a few sand crab and crab carapaces. Small amount of kelp (Fucus, Odonthalia and Hymenena). Wind was 2.7 mph from SW. The air and ocean temperatures were 52.9F and 50.3 F, respectively. Evidence of sand removal, leaving a 2 foot high sand cliff. Beach has a 6 degree slope. Eight Snowy Plovers and large flocks of Western Sandpipers on high beach; flocks of Brown Pelicans flying offshore. Western Gulls, Sanderlings and Dunlins on the wet sand. Raven flying down beach. Dead Harbor Porpoise calf that was reported by Barbara Harrison was measured and photographed for Marine Mammal Stranding Report. Low human impact (0). View full report 5
96 D Bilderback 11/26/2007 Driftline consisted of small wood pieces, surfgrass, straw with some small rocks a few crab and sand crab carapaces and a small amount of kelp (Hymenena, Postelsia, Cryptopleura, Callophyllis, Rhodymenia and Constantinea) and some Bryozoa and a Tunicate (Distaplia). Wind speed 3.0 mph from the SW, air temperature was 53 F and ocean temperature was 49.8 F. Beach slope of 6 to 9 degrees. High tides flowing over sand plain into Two-mile Creek. Raccoon tracks and foraging digs along the high beach. Live birds include foraging seven Snowy Plovers, Western Gulls, Bald Eagle and Brown Pelican. Harbor Seal swimming offshore. Two dead Pacific Loons. View full report 0
239 salspit 11/26/2007 Other than tire tracks in the sand, things appeared pretty normal. one large bag of litter picked up. View full report 0
172 Oyster 11/26/2007 Clean beach, sand seem to be accumulating slowly as usual outcrops seem to be buried more. Many 3-4" crabs casing. Many small clumps of kelp laced with feathers. Large kelp plants ashore. All seem to be result of recent storm and wave surges onto beach. View full report 0
10 [email protected] 11/28/2007 Quiet day, midweek so there were not large numbers of visitors (and dogs). Sunny and clear, with clouds coming in--a storm is expected. No significant findings. View full report 3
186 Joy186 11/28/2007 Driftline contained much plastic debris. Many scoters covered large area of ocean. One dead seagull and one cormorant which appeared sick.Some bluff sluffing observed. Ten Mile Creek has straigthened its path to the ocean. View full report 0
334 Simonetal 11/29/2007 Cold day on beach with no people and only sanderings present. Bald eagle on post in parking lot. View full report 0
333 Simonetal 11/29/2007 No one on this very clean beach today. View full report 0
3 floral 11/30/2007 found a dead Sea Gull at the boat landing on 11/27/07 The blue paint and red (not blood) confused me as to what kind of bird it was..took pictues View full report 2
16 Christine 12/01/2007 This is the section of mile 16 I call Thunder Rock Cove Viewpoint South. I caught site of what I believe is a splinter group of feral goats with two billies and two nannies. Other than that nothing unusual for the winter time was seen. View full report 0
256 [email protected] 12/04/2007 No harbor seals observed on Straub Spit. Considerable sand has been eroded by recent storms. View full report 0
171 oldMGguy 12/05/2007 Major new collection of woody and vegetation debris, logs, and stumps north of Siuslaw North Jetty at high tide mark. Some styrofoam and 4 old tires mixed in. Majority of debris next to jetty. Notable absence of usual pod of harbor seals north of jetty rocks. Injured/sick western grebe sitting in high tide debris line. No visible injury or line entanglement. Surf Scoters and 30-50 Sanderling working surf line. View full report 0
219 cindyashy 12/05/2007 2 days after a major coastal storm, I expected to see many dead birds but did not - found one injured American Wigeon. The storm did significant damage to the trees near Quarry Cove and I found boulders strewn about in a pattern that made you fully appreciate the immense power of the storm surge. In fact, I was a bit wary to be standing there in the middle of it. Definite erosion to the already crumbling cliffsides. I need to pay more attention to the erosion problems.I think the wildlife was shaken by the storm. The gulls hardly made a sound. The oystercatchers chattered more than normal. The pair that flew in near Lions Head continued to chatter the entire time I was there. The only other time I've heard them continually vocalize for that long was just after sunset during mating season. The harbor seals hauled out at Quarry Cove were more vigilent than normal.Only covered the south side of Yaquina Head, not the north end of Agate Beach. View full report 0
97 beachnut 12/05/2007 This is a radically changed beach since the two-day windstorm/high-tide period. Tons of wood, lots of trash from the sea, and 4 injured birds, possibly Western Grebes. Tides have gone well into the dunes so walking can be dangerous. Shells, animal casings, kelp/algae, wood pieces, plastic pellets, ocean-based debris and Styrofoam in driftline. Erosion of vegetated foredune and evidence of wave-overtopping. High tides washed over Snowy Plover Habitat Restoration area. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
188 claretucker 12/06/2007 South beach seemed to be untouched by recent big storm. Most of sand is still there. View full report 0
104 beachnut 12/07/2007 The pitch of the beach (about 20 degrees) and the heighth of the tides are moving the accumulated logs from the dune base. Some are tossed inland; others out to sea or wherever. There will be at least two nonexistent beach areas at stormy high tides; at the southern end and perhaps a quarter mile past the horse trail sign northward. There was minimal animal activity and nonexistent human activity, probably because of the high wind and still-stormy tides. One Solv bag of litter removed. Shells, kelp/algae, wood pieces, ocean-based debris, Styrofoam, plastic bottles and plastic fragments. Some Sanderlings foraging in the surfline. A few gulls flying offshore. View full report 0
127 tsunchoi 12/08/2007 Little driftline with some bleach jugs, a foam buoy and wooden pallet. Erosion of vegetated foredune as newly exposed ends of logs were jutting out of the sand bluff. Two unidentified dead birds. Snowy Plover protective enclosure removed. Shorebirds moving in response to humans. Low human impact (4)-2 walking and 2 riding on horses. View full report 0
198 bahngarten 12/09/2007 In addition to the above comments,we observed copious amounts of bottle caps among our litter.(plastic)Fishing line was present in small amounts for this time of year. We packed out about 15 pounds of trash--primarily plastics and styrofoam. View full report 0
118 D Bone 12/09/2007 About a week before this observation, there had been sizeable storms in the area. This was evidenced by downed branches and trees as well as slides along the bluff(none were too serious). There was considerable trash in the driftline as well along the trail. Some of the trash indicated inappropriate use of the area(sex and alcohol). Vandalism of the telescopes at the Simpson Reef overlook was disappointing to see. As usual,the wildlife on Simpson Reef was active although in smaller numbers (several hundred California Sea Lions and Steller Sea Lions) as expected for the time of year. There was 1 dead California Sea Lion on the beach. Bald Eagle flew over and deer tracks were seen on trail. Ground squirrel mounds along trail. Low human impact (3)-watching pinnipeds. View full report 0
213 [email protected] 12/09/2007 It was surprising that there were no indications of the recent heavy storm. Did find a heavy plastic 5 gal. (?) container with a name and phone #. Phoned the owner to tell them where it had washed up.Sidenote: While walking at Lost Creek, I believe it was Dec. 3, there was a large, injured and dying squid on the beach just north of the creek. View full report 0
117 Pat&RobertaSmit 12/09/2007 During this quarter, there are usually 1 or 2 people on the North Cover beach and the most we saw was 18. Usually driftline is deep (up to 2 foot in places) and runs along most of the North Cove beach but in December the driftline was much reduced and restricted to the center of the cove. Shells, kelp, animal casings, small rocks, wood pieces, ocean-based debris and styrofoam in drifline. One auto tire and muffler on beach as well as 700 golf balls (estimated by volume). These were removed as they may be a danger to wildlife. Didn't see any whales off Cape Arago this quarter (although saw several further north towards Shore Acres). Birds commonly in cove were Western Gulls, Black Oystercatchers, Phalaropes, Cormorants, and Turkey Vultures. Did see many crows, but not any lately. Also saw a Great Blue Heron several times and, occasionally a Belted Kingfisher, Harlequin Ducks, Canada Geese, and many Brown Pelicans in October. Sea Stars, shrimp, chitons and anemones in tidepools and on rocks. In October, there were 3 dead sea lions (in one case just a bit of the torso) and 2 dead Harbor Seals. Saw no dead birds this quarter. View full report 6
157 bzenderson 12/10/2007 Surprisingly little debris on the beach, despite big storms a few days prior. Lots of beach grass in the driftline, but mostly at north end; seems to be more from the earth moving on Mile 158 than from storm erosion. It was my birthday, and a beautiful day: mild, sunny. Walked to the creek mouth (on Mile 156) hoping to see salmon at high tide but didn't. View full report 0
176 Zurflueh 12/10/2007 There was lots of Kelp and large logs as a result of recent storms. View full report 0
259 powston1 12/10/2007 We found the beach to look very normal for this time of year despite the strong storm that occurred a week earlier. There is nothing unusual to report. View full report 1
187 turnstone 12/10/2007 Beach completely cobble and bare rock, no sand at all.A lot of wood washed up. Many crabbing vessels offshore. View full report 3
119 dpackard 12/10/2007 Did not see any whales, sea lions or seals. Saw the usual amount of Seagulls and a few other unidentified birds. Some evidence of high stream flow in one cove (see picture) and many downed branches on the trail from big storm that blew thru seven days prior. Moderate human impact (18)-11 walking, 4 sitting, 2 taking photographs and 1 picking mushrooms. View full report 3