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169 [email protected] 05/29/2007 Evidence of annual Northerly winds of summer now depositing and shaping sand and foredune. Some accumulation of white shells at waterline, also typical of a summer pattern. Otherwise this mile 169 was quite pristine and serine. View full report 0
2 [email protected] 06/01/2007 Beach is getting steeper due to wave action, but in general things seem fine. Winter storm action is evident everywhere. Giant redwood stump moved inland 15 feet--impressive! View full report 3
151 longjim7 06/02/2007 Folks enjoying parking, camping, walking View full report 0
150 longjim7 06/02/2007 Changes since last monitoring seem normal. View full report 0
185 Lfleming 06/02/2007 Beach very rocky, going right to the tide pools. Pigeon Guillemots all paired off but not showing signs of nesting yet. Other years they have been nesting in mid May. The 80 Surf Scoters we saw was twice the max we have seen since 2003 when we started doing this. The starfish were all farther out in the rocks than usual. Could only see them with binoculars. View full report 0
325 BeachCats 06/02/2007 We saw very little driftwood, but many old campfires in the sand. At the South end of our mile we saw a large fort that someone made that had a mattress inside of it that is very dangerous. Only wildlife we saw was crows, seagulls and lots of sand bugs. Picked up one sack of garbage as we walked. View full report 5
10 [email protected] 06/03/2007 More people came to beach as fog burned off. Several small boats off shore. Tide low to turning, so seals were not visible. View full report 0
305 skyhar8000 06/03/2007 This sheet supplements my report about my visits to Mile 305 on June 1, 2, and 3, 2007. On those dates, I arrived topside about 7:00 AM each morning, descended by my usual route near the boulder garden and hiked as far south as Cove 8 each time. It's really just impossible, or at least very inadvisable, to go past the south wall of Cove 8 (covered in a mass of anemones) unless the tide is ultra-low.On each visit I encountered a dozen seals on the beaches of Coves 6 to 8 and took several pictures. I observed some pups apparently nursing while resting next to their mothers. I took extreme care to stay as far from them as possible, but on June 3, I almost tripped over a seal pup concealed behind a rock!Of the two routes I have used in the past, the trail running across the cliff face to within 50 feet of sea level is too dangerous to use until someone with proper gear and know-how replaces its ropes and anchors. The makeshift zigzag trail marked by some else's old ropes is not much better, but I am able to use my own ropes in that area and can negotiate it fairly easily. (A hardhat, tough gloves, and familiarity with rope and knots is a must.) View full report 0
198 bahngarten 06/03/2007 Razor clamming activity. Most are not getting limit (15), most clams are small 3-4+". Sparse digging efforts in hardpacked sand areas, none in surf. Moderate numbers of dead mole crabs; and dungeness crab pieces and backs 3-5" size. Few Olive snails in sand laying eggs. View full report 0
257 [email protected] 06/03/2007 One vehicle on Straub Spit. 12 harbor seals hauled out at the entrance to Nestucca Bay. 1 Boat angler on Nestucca Bay. 8 gulls and one bald eagle. View full report 0
105 capecove 06/03/2007 This was my wife's and my first CoastWatch visit to our adopted mile. We had an excellent walk, enjoyed the opportunity and plan on doing it more often than the minimum requirement. The beach was very quiet with only three fishermen right at the beginning of our mile (south boundary). They remarked they had caught "a few perch". Other than that, there were no other people. Excellent walk! Kelp/algae, animal casings, small rocks, wood pieces, land-based debris and styrofoam in driftline. Red Knot running back and forth on beach. Western Sandpipers in small numbers. One dead Common Murre. Dying fish in surf. A few dead "clear" jellyfish. Low human impact(3). View full report 0
161 bwholler 06/04/2007 Beach sand and foredune returning to a more gentle summer pattern. Update on nesting snowy plovers from plover volunteer present in parking lot: There are 5 nests enclosed in predator-proof cages on mile 161. The biggest threat are ravens and crows, which have destroyed 2 nests before they could be enclosed. There were coyote tracks seen today wandering in and out of the roped-off area, and the volunteer confirmed that coyotes are present. View full report 0
113 rheadohner 06/05/2007 Kelp/algae, animal casing, wood pieces, styrofoam and plastic bottles in driftline. Stern portion and piece of hull on high beach. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
13 francisca 06/05/2007 nothing unusual noted - it was a very low tide and one could walk to the whaleshead rocks which only happens a few times a year. All the murres are gone and have been for 2 years. Rocks used to be filled with nesting murres. View full report 0
228 TMarie 06/05/2007 Lots of gulls on the rocks. since this is a basalt rock cliff, there is no opportunity to see tide pools or beach where seaweed and invertebrates are visible. No problems so there is no action. View full report 0
104 beachnut 06/06/2007 Kelp/algae, small rocks and styrofoam in the driftline. Few shorebirds, crows and gull on dry sand. 1 dead Common Murre and 1 dead gull. There was not much activity -- human or otherwise -- on this intermittently rainy morning. Low human impact (2)-1 walking and 1 rockhunting. 1 dog. The only notable development was scattered pockets of gravel and rockbeds being uncovered basically from the southern mile boundary to about a half mile. View full report 0
186 Joy186 06/06/2007 Some bluff erosion next to Ten Mile Creek. RV Park on bluff is completely torn up and new cement pads and underground pipes are being installed. Construction hampered our ability to access north end of beach. Very little activity,few birds,clean beach. View full report 0
172 Oyster 06/07/2007 1500 hrs 6/7/07. Imminent showers.4 of 6 telephone poles still remain. Fresh octopus located at high tide line. 100s of crab casings and dismembered legs. Large sand flea casings. See photos.Storm/tide?? also brought memorial ocean-wreaths (6). View full report 5
300 [email protected] 06/07/2007 Several eagle sightings. Few dead birds. Large driftwood & plywood structure nailed together on beach for more than a month. No action yet taken by Nehalem State Park regarding dangerous structure on beach. View full report 0
298 nkn pete 06/07/2007 It was the first time we did not see any dead birds in years!!There were about 30 - 40 Dungeness crab cases along beach. They may have been molts.Beach was clean - 2 SOLV-size bags of trash collected mostly plastic. 1 3ft by 2' styrofoam float with rope tied around it. Fresh from the ocean - large gooseneck and acorn barnacles on it. View full report 0
307 Bald Eagle 06/07/2007 The sand level is a little lower than last year at this time and the rocks in the rock berm continue to be moved around by the ocean. One bald eagle landed in a spruce tree high on the hillside. View full report 0
328 Jann Luesse 06/08/2007 Usual quiet weekday, with three people walking the beach. View full report 0
52 [email protected] 06/08/2007 Beautiful day. High tide was at 5:22 am so tide was "in-between" somewhat when I walked at 8:15 am. Beach really clean. I was able to picked up all the debris I found except for some broken wood pallet pieces. Normal amount of driftwood of random sizes. Cormorants had yellow-orange throats so I am assuming they were double-crested cormorants.Many kelp air-bladders on the beach. Beach morning glories and other beach wild flowers were abundant.Lots of pelicans and some barking CA sea lions in the water. View full report 0
124 B Gray 06/08/2007 Kelp/algae, shells, small rocks, wood pieces and ocean-based debris in driftline. Foraging shore in surf. One foraging crow and one sea gull with a crab. Low human impact (1)- driving a street vehicle within an allowed area. View full report 0
163 mjohnson 06/08/2007 Only a few scattered small groups of shore birds noted. Strong winds in the past one/two weeks have smoothed over the sand surface of tire tracks. The beach is showing a moderate up sloping toward the fore dunes. View full report 0
101 [email protected] 06/08/2007 Kelp/algae, shells, animal casings, small rocks, wood pieces and one large piece of Styrofoam in driftline. Shorebirds foraging in surf and moving in response to humans. Gulls, crows and blackbirds seen and one entangled dead bird. Beach very clean. Moderate human impact (18)- 12 walking, 4 tidepooling and 2 riding horses. View full report 0
37 iggydog 06/08/2007 The beach was very quiet today - the sand clearer of debris than in any recent month.Large dead seal above the mid-tide line View full report 0
107 sunsmith 06/08/2007 Shells, animal casings, kelp/algae, small rocks, wood pieces, plastic pellets, land-based debris, ocean-based debris, styrofoam and a large number of sand dollars in the driftline. Gulls on the beach. One Turkey Buzzard flying overhead. Cut Creek's new path to the ocean was most surprising. It has taken a course much further south than previously. Today the old car frame was totally visable along with other rusted out pieces of the vehicle. The timbers of the wrecked vessel at Cut Creek were more obvious than ever. The entire mile seemed like an area I had never been to before. I was amazed with the changes. No longer an immense stretch of fairly flat beach, but rather a rambling of hills and valleys with sandbars and mini rivers everywhere. The two small drainages that I usually cross along the way were backed up with washed up sand forming small ponds. Debris was everywhere, more than I had ever seen at this location. Other than a sea gull munching on a sea star, it was pretty quiet out there today. Low human impact (2)-2 driving in allowed area. Wood removal is a matter of concern. View full report 0
57 [email protected] 06/08/2007 Beautiful day -- all the more appreciated considering projected development of access area. Photo shows 15'- 20' erosion over past year (when bank & rock met). View full report 1
219 L Taylor 06/08/2007 Lots of wildlife at the lighthouse. Seal pups, common murres, cormorants, black oystercatchers. Only 2 dead birds so decayed couldn't tell what they had been. Pretty normal for such a fine day. View full report 0
52 Laurie Prouty 06/10/2007 Lovely day. We picked up about 3/4 of a big trash bag of trash; 75% plastic bottles. Hopefully with the new water bottle bill that will make them worth a few cents, there won't be as many of them thrown away. There looked like some kind of algae bloom that was streaking the ocean. Beautiful day for a stroll and kayaking! View full report 0
209 bloeffel 06/10/2007 there was little human derived drift line debris. A few pieces of dried bull kelp were high on the beach and 30 or more small clumps of sea palm at the wrack line. Wood pieces: 126 of size 20 to 30 lbs to tree trunks, Rope: 3 small pieces. Plastic/other: 8 pieces. Glass/plastic bottles and cans: 6. Styrofoam: 4 pieces. Litter: 2 pieces plus 13 wreaths from the laying of the wreaths on the sea at Depoe Bay on Memorial Day. The higher beach summer flattening was evident over most of the area though was less pronounced at the north end where the one gradient estimate was made with a reading of 1 foot drop for 33 feet near the north end. There was one Douglas fir pole of the type that came on the beach in quanty a couple of months ago. The gray whale that came on the beach in late May is now buried at the dune grass line at the south end of the mile. I think that it is well buried and the area looks little disturbed and will repair to natural character shortly. View full report 0
307 elsecobb 06/10/2007 Beach looks clean, brownish surf due to algae in June.Eagle flies by frequently. Some pelicans.Very low tides and low sand level in May exposed reef-like structures with tide pools filled with sea anemones, some starfish, little shrimp and other water critters. View full report 0
242 oceanwalker842 06/11/2007 For being after a busy weekend, the beach was relatively clear of trash -- just a little more appeared to have been blown in around Kyllo’s/D River (north side of river). "Dirty" foam -- I’m by no way an expert, but it appeared that the dirty part was organic in nature. It didn’t appear to be oily and if you really looked at it, it had a "seaweed color." View full report 0
218 Liz O. 06/11/2007 Agate Beach dunes are in formation phase again. Perhaps a little slower this season than the prior two years. Razor clamming activity quite active the last 60 days in the early morning. Just bordering on Mile 218/217, bluff sloughing. Larger sand boulders evident this year than in the past two but this activity occurred within the past 60 days, not during the winter storms. Invasion of Scotch Broom on the bluffs is a concern. It is rapidly spreading in certain areas. Due to the flat terrain of Agate Beach more kiteboarding, wakeboarding, kitesurfing activity being seen. View full report 0
210 MRedmond 06/11/2007 It was a late afternoon low tide on a sunny day, but few people or animals were on the beach. There was lots of sea foam, but almost no litter, and there were no major environmental issues to address. View full report 0
295 martyandchuck 06/12/2007

Quiet - saw bald eagle and also osprey flying over ocean. Very few seagulls - beach appears to be returning after sand loss this winter.

View full report
195 oceanloonie 06/12/2007 Glorious sunny, calm day; many people out walking 804 Trail. Six dogs, on/off leash, well-attended to. Part of the old forest floor was revealed at low tide - Amazing! Several small-diameter stumps sticking up from what I thought was a rocky bed. View full report 0
173 ZASovers 06/12/2007 Some erosion at the bend of Sutton Creek. Half of a live bush is on top of the bluff and the other half is sliding down same bluff. View full report 0
207 Maxine C 06/12/2007 Sludgy deposit on beach from yesterday's phytoplankton bloom. Sea palms washed up. View full report 2
299 hallee 06/12/2007 Area's population is growing. Lots of "ocean-close" houses are owned by weekenders. Locals are busy with issues such as affordable housing and working and school. Houses are being super-sized and more houses, condos and stores are being built. The beach is used by kite-flyers (fliers), wind-surfers, beach buggy renters, horseback riders, dog-walkers, walkers, runners, sitters, sand-castle builders, bonfire builders, and on and on. It is amazing how much of the time during the year it is so peaceful. View full report 2
313 tolovana 1 06/13/2007 Very quiet for this time of year. We are just past the time when we have seen over 3000 school kids on the beach in the intertidal at Haystack Rock and before the summer rush begins. All will change this coming weekend with the advent of the annual event of Sandcastle and the only time of the year when cars are allowed on the beach here. The beach on this mile is clean, no dead birds and lots of sand has washed in. View full report 0
263 connierbruce 06/13/2007 No noticeable change in slide area. Rocks on beach uncovered at low tide. Large (30?) group of pelicans fishing, even larger group of gulls. No shorebirds. Not much in the way of human made beach debris, a couple of firepits, some wet paper in one of them. View full report 0
216 Ranger Bug 06/13/2007 Numerous sea palms washed up along current tide line, as well as swash line from a previous high tide. At least 5 turkey vultures patrolling/feeding along the mile. Relatively little trash. Dried up sea foam mixed with sand or mud forms strange, reticulate patterns on the beach. View full report 4
261 J.M. Trunkey 06/13/2007 Lot of use of this popular beach. The parking lot at Cape Kiawanda can hold over 100 cars and the access is very easy. As more condos / houses / hotels come on line this beach and headland will receive increased pressure. The town of Pacific City is the fastest growing area in Tillamook County and projections are for continued growth. View full report 1
256 Lady S 06/13/2007 An unusual amount of driftwood, logs and poles of different sizes. The old "dock" is very large (appr) 12X30 ft.and is readily seen when you walk on to the site. Appears to have floated in, not something someone brought there. No plastic, bottles or cans. Walking toward the water, the sand washed out into what appears to be a bank then gradually goes down to water line. View full report 0
43 Dale Lee 06/14/2007 Interesting flatsum for late in the year. Japanese containers present. I also wanted to report a metal 55 gallon barrel that is sealed, and appears to contain some liquid. I realize this could be a small amount of ocean water. No leaks are visable. Barrel is located 100-200 yards north of where the sand portion of beach 43 ends. View full report 0
176 Zurflueh 06/14/2007 Sigh is up advising pet owners to keep animals on 6-inch leash while on this beach. (Plover Protection) Beach was relatively clear of debris. View full report 0
214 rasmussenschramm 06/14/2007 The tide was coming in having been at its lowest at 6:23 a.m., i.e. -2.3 feet. It was a beautiful morning except for a bit of chilly wind from the north. The beach was clean. Beyond the high tide mark were sea rocket plants all along the beach, some dead sea weeds still remained. View full report 0
109 D Bilderback 06/14/2007 We went to Five Mile Point to take pictures of algae and intertidal animals on this wonderful low tide. The main algal biomass covering the rocky intertidal area was Egregia, Alaria, and Laminaria. We found sea cucumbers in a crevice, lined chitons, Katie Chitons, tube worms and nudibranchs. There were lots of green anemones, sea stars and mussels. There was a wide variety of sponges, colonial tunicates and bryozoans. On the sand, we found one ctenophore. There was evidence of people harvesting mussels. While we were there, Black Oystercatchers defended their rock from invading Black Oystercatchers leading us to suspect that there is a nest site near by. On our walk home, we found a Red Rock Crab tumbling in the surf, but it was still alive and so was returned to the surf. Shells, animal casing, kelp/algae and small rocks in driftline. Live Osprey, Blue Heron, Western Gulls and Harbor Seals. Low human impact (6)-6 digging clams. Six street legal vehicles on allowed beach. View full report 8
188 claretucker 06/15/2007 Little more sand in the north. Strange worm like animal with many legs in surf line. Oyster catcher on rock. View full report 0
289 ollikainen 06/15/2007 Mile 289 continues to be stable and human activity is limited. Bayocean Spit is popular with equestrians. The Tillamook Bay jetties are problematic. As the swells rise, there are breaking waves that can endanger boats entering and leaving the bay. View full report 0
245 TerryH 06/15/2007 Beach was quite clean. Only sign of Velella velella (blue jellies) was during 2nd half of May. Very few washed ashore. Bluff digging still going on at Roads End Wayside. Warning sign is gone. View full report 0
49 Tichenor 06/16/2007 Little activity on the dock; the few people on the beach were there because of the low tide, I think, because you can walk around some of the headlands at very low tide. View full report 0
116 alaingamerica 06/16/2007 Many people taking advantage of the very low tide. Oregon State Parks had a ranger guide people through the tidepools. I observed enthusiastic, but respectful exploring. Very light wrackline. Observed Two Gumboot Chitons and many purple olive snails at a very low tide. Three to four dead crabs. Heavy human impact (22)- 19 tidepooling and 3 fishing. View full report 0
171 kathrynl 06/16/2007 Storms have pushed more sand and driftwood towards Jetty creating an additional fore dune. Cars cannot access jetty as the sand has blocked access. View full report 0
206 [email protected] 06/16/2007 Sand level was high for this time of year, possibly due to the recent storms from the south. Sand covered most of the upper tide pools on the public beach to the north -- and, in the south, it made it possible to walk the entire beach in one trip (rather than a northern and a southern walk). The sea palm, Postelsia, was growing nicely on the lower headlands. View full report 0
217 [email protected] 06/16/2007 Beautiful evening, lots of beach-goers taking advantage of the nice weather. Jump-off Joe bluffs seemed to have stabilized after last quarter's major erosion. Unidentified substance in driftline extended over approximately quarter mile View full report 0
308 John Markham 06/17/2007 Fine day on the beach, but an unsually large crowd of people. View full report 0
305 skyhar8000 06/17/2007 On 6-16-07, I descended at the usual access point and proceeded for a half mile south to retrieve 16 bags of trash. While in the area, I saw a man and woman taking photos, and I was met by Vivi Tallman, and two or three of her friends.On 6-17-07, Bill, Jaxon Clanton (15 y/o) and I arrived... I remained below and secured bags to hoisting lines. Jaxon and Bill went on up above, and Jaxon pulled the bags up. Vivi Tallman arrived, accompanied by friend Phil Blanton, and Meghan McGuire arrived, representing the Tillamook Headlight-Herald newspaper. Everybody took turns moving trash to vehicles... We hoisted about three dozen full bags, plus a length of metal cable ..., a 55-gallon hard plastic drum, and the interior of a commercial crab pot. We left the exterior framework of the pot, and also a dented, rusted metal drum with Asian markings on it, as they were too heavy and awkward to deal with safely.All items were taken to Cart 'Em in Manzanita, where 75% - 80% could be directly recycled, and the rest could be disposed of safely. A $25 dumping fee was paid by Vivi.See also, the CoastWatch News article. View full report 1
90 [email protected] 06/17/2007 Kayaked across New River and walked S. 4 miles from North end of New River Habitat Restoration Area (mile 92)to active breach of New River just S. of Coos/Curry Cty line (mile 89?). Wrack was light with mostly sea palm and bull kelp. Drift line was yellow/brown and foamy. Lots of sand hoppers eating algae. Breach was running very fast 2' deep and 30' across at low tide. Wildlife biologist monitoring plover were the only present human activity. Recent camping incident in restored area. There are active broods along this stretch of beach. Recommend avoiding area for next few weeks. If you need to come please stay as close to the ocean as you safely can and don't stay in any one place for long. View full report 5
245 The Druid 06/17/2007 Few birds, a couple crows and seagulls. Large gatherings of people, such as family reunions and a group of young people clustered together. At first I thought it was a religious meet, but recognized a local doctor and saw markings for a wild game of Frisbee or some team sport with a Frisbee. Few dogs, all maintained by owners. There was a small fire at the south end and when I returned I found it was in the remains of what was a huge log shelter from last summer. An "art form" had been created that looked like a beached whale from a distance. I had to inspect to see just what it was. An art by someone. View full report 0
259 powston1 06/17/2007 The survey was done on Fathers Day. So, our mile being at Bob Straub State Park, the number of people was much larger (42) than normal. The beach and foredune were pretty clean and unremarkable. Sand was building up on the beach as it normally does in the summer. View full report 0
213 skimmer 06/17/2007 The beach looked unusually, and beautifully clean. I saw just one of the peeler logs. View full report 0
121 LouiseW 06/18/2007 Kelp, wood pieces, plastic pellets, land-based debris and styrofoam in driftline. Landslides and major boulder falls. Sand moving onshore. Rock only exposed at south end of beach. very steep slope from top of beach to low tide line. One live and one dead Common Murre on beach. One Osprey in nest and 4 flying Osprey seen. Cormorants seen to the west of the Osprey nest. Moderate human impact (7)-walking. 1 dog. View full report 0
127 tsunchoi 06/18/2007 Shells, animal casings, wood pieces, land-based debris, styrofoam, rope and crabpot in driftline. Erosion of the vegetated foredune exposing beachgrass roots and undercutting small trees. Several feet of possible oil residue running along the lenth of the beach at New Carissa wreck. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
52 [email protected] 06/18/2007 I notified Robin Sears of the Parks and Recreation Dept. of the illegal ATV operation. I was unable to verify registration or handicap sticker with certainty. View full report 0
233 [email protected] 06/18/2007 Both Boiler Bay and Fogarty Creek beach were relatively quiet, i.e. few people/dogs etc. No dead wildlife. Calm seas and almost no wind made for a very enjoyable walk. View full report 0
192 mcrobbins 06/18/2007 This mile observation was pretty uneventful and there was little to observe other than normal seasonal changes. We noted no new development along the mile. There was quite a lot of new driftwood at the major inlets, and we saw at least a dozen of the now famous peeler logs. There was virtually no garbage of marine or any other origin at any place on the mile, a pleasant contrast to last year at this time. We saw no dead birds or mammals, also in contrast to last year. Once again there were many mussel shells scattered at different locations on the rocks, indicating that this is a popular feeding site for gulls and other seabirds. There was much bird life: gulls, scoters, cormorants, pelicans, pigeon guillemots, an oystercatcher, and flocks of birds on and above the water that were too far away to easily identify. Our walk coincided with a very low tide and we saw much intertidal zone that we had previously missed. There were multitudes of mussels, a lot of anemones, and many ochre seastars in all areas. This year's crop of sea palms is abundant on the rocks at water's edge. Many of the inlets we explored remain rocky so far, as the summer currents have yet to replenish sand removed in last winter's storms. View full report 0
173 Earl and Donna 06/18/2007 Moderate use of this popular beach near a Lane County park: 11 people and 6 dogs. View full report 0
54 mvolson 06/18/2007 The beach was very clean and empty, except for the few people and one vehicle and a couple of dogs. There were many more tire prints than previously. Usually one would see more birds, at least sea gulls. The tide was quite low. View full report 0
180 krystrom 06/18/2007 Major landslide. Sand covering cobbles at foot of Hobbit Trail. View full report 2
193 [email protected] 06/18/2007 In general everything seems healthy. A little trash at Yachats State Park and down at the tidal area. Observed many footprints on sandy areas not cleansed by tide. This is not unusual for this time of year there are lots of visitors. There are paths from observation platform that encourage tidal area exploration. There was evidence of recent fires on south beach and this is usual as I see these sometimes at night from my house. View full report 0
153 bebdhm 06/19/2007 Nice day for the walk, very little activity of animals or people on our mile. Lots of fishing on mile 152. View full report 0
181 McKimens 06/19/2007 Sand removed by currents. Ancient stumps and roots exposed cobbles in view north. View full report 0
229 SKrein 06/19/2007 A local beach cleanup was held on Sunday, June 17, so there is very little to report in the way of debris in the cove. Most of the logs that had come in over the past quarter were cut and burned, with a few purposely left on the beach, including the douglas fir log that was the topic of some discussion in April. Most logs are burned to keep them from washing up into the creeks that empty into the cove, which would disrupt creek water flows and possibly create flooding. Very few people in this area have wood burning fireplaces; most have gas fireplaces to avoid air pollution. A summary of the contact with the Coast Guard and Custom Agent regarding the douglas fir log in the cove was submitted in April, 2007. The only photo of interest I took was the one taken June 11 of the seafoam along the water line (responding to the sighting by Kitty Brigham). An attempt to upload the photo to the CW web site was not successful (rejected due to size). Also sent a photo of the douglas fir log in April, responding to a request by Curtis Ebbesmeyer.------------ View full report 0
211 Gibsjerry 06/19/2007 Very clean beach. Flat, and sandy with much exposed cobble. Fantastic day. Sunny with slight north wind and white fluffy clouds above. View full report 3
236 Derskin 06/20/2007 Beautiful clean beach and very low tides. View full report 0
5 Berner 06/20/2007 Mile five, which I view/walk 2-3 times/week, remains stable. The erosion/bluff slides that I have noted (and sent pictures) over the past three years have changed very little. The beaches that attract local residents have been blessedly free of campers for the past two years thanks to the efforts of the Brookings PD. Litter levels have also diminished due to encouraging potential overnighters to utilize the State Parks in our vicinity View full report 0
243 [email protected] 06/20/2007 We compared last years photos of the new beach grass clumps that had been planted at the base of the cliff area about half way down our mile. The beach grass is filling in nicely. Major Bluff Erosion: Again, we compared our photos with today's walk and did not see any new erosion along the cliffs/bluffs. The beach itself had a very clean look. A few old logs up high near the bluffs. View full report 0
110 BH 06/20/2007 Kelp/algae, shells, small rocks and wood pieces in driftline. Foraging shorebirds at surfline and moving in response to humans. Erosion of bluff and vegetated foredunes. Beach was at low tide which provided access to wide,flat,sandy beach. Almost no litter was observed. Many tide pools and rocks exposed but not visited by humans. Observed deceased Sea Lion on beach with tags and brand.(Reported to Marine Mammal Stranding Network). Also noted vehicle tracks in prohibited area of beach coming from Whiskey Run access point. Need signs on beach noting no vehicle access allowed! Another beautiful day on Oregon's most beautiful beach! Medium human impact (10)-4 walking, 2 playing in sand and 4 rockhunting. View full report 0
3 floral 06/20/2007 very clean beach walk..did not pick-up any trash till I was at the port. Dirty diaper then in parking lot. other wise even the port was clean.looked like 29 campers and one tent camping .gravel groins building slowly on the shore for summer tides. seems to have sand moving closer to the port and less to the east. will take pictures when my new computer gets set up. View full report 0
235 Ronreit 06/20/2007 New home on Lincoln Ave as reported in past reports is still uncompleted, but now has roof and 2nd story framed in. Bluff bank still needs final restoration. Tony Stein says he is aware of this project and will follow up. View full report 0
299 JCampf 06/20/2007 Gulls (100 in varying groups).Moderate human use: 60 adults, 6 kids. View full report 0
14 artist 06/21/2007 This report (6/21/07) was done as part of a hike made with six other people. Many had never been on this trail before and commented on the trail's excellent condition. The trail, even at the Whaleshead parking area, had no trash. As indicated in the detailed part of this report, no dead animals or other problems were observed. View full report 0
238 Gertie C 06/21/2007 Little of concern. Some sand seems to be coming back. View full report 0
312 [email protected] 06/21/2007 As our walk progressed today, more & more people (100) & dogs (20)arrived. Our mile includes a large beachfront hotel & the Tolovana Wayside State Park. The beach was very clean, except for that extra large tangle of rope/floats - wildlife was not plentiful. View full report 0
162 bwholler 06/22/2007 Sand above high tide line completely disturbed by ATV tracks, including tracks on the fore dune, suggests lots of ATV summer activity.Sand at fore dune in smooth hummocks today, with no sculpting in response to recent winds, either from north or south. Only seen a few Gulls, no Sanderlings or other shore birds. Many patches of smallish pieces of broken shells at water line, jingle shells typical of low tides in the summer. View full report 0
216 Ranger Bug 06/22/2007 Weather was nice, wind was calm, and there were quite a few people walking or playing on the beach. Little marine debris washed up. There were numerous gulls on the beach near the tide line when I first went down. It didn't take long for a couple with a dog off leash to drive many of them down the beach. Saw two turkey vultures patrolling the beach, and at least one osprey fishing offshore. Numerous gulls and a few brown pelicans just offshore may indicate a school of fish. Saw one gray whale feeding just offshore in the 45 minutes I was on the beach. View full report 1
213 vickiosis 06/22/2007 Reports from OSU researchers.. earliest ever start date for upwelling and evidence of great productivity offshore. large schools of bait fish, with large pod of dolphins and killer whales in the area. Also sighting of sea birds from Antarctic which is very rare. Productivity may impact our beaches with sea foam. Sand is returning and starting to cover extensive cobble bed that attracted rock hounds. Wreaths from fleet of flowers has washed in on my mile in great numbers. Disintegration has started and will soon be gone. View full report 0
335 mnfwhite 06/22/2007 Quiet day at beach, with evidence of driving up into dunes in 3 places. View full report 0
191 gjport 06/22/2007 The mile was remarkably clean of litter and ocean debris. Found 2 plastic bottles and a couple of small pieces of styrofoam, all ocean debris. The tidal pools and mussel beds to the north of the Churn appear healthy. One pool has quite an abundance of sea urchins, more than I have ever noticed before.Aside from some gulls, no other birds were observed. The 'resident' oyster catchers,that have been seen and heard during past times, were not present. View full report 0
183 RMSherriffs 06/24/2007 Beach very clean, seen only one piece of rope, one net float, one piece of styrofoam and one beer bottle. View full report 0
338 Randy and Beth 06/24/2007 As usual, a clean, quiet mile. View full report 0
93 H Witschi 06/25/2007 New River at its lowest since winter 2000, can be crossed in several places without getting feet wet (between access point and river mouth to the north).Place looks the same as it did 12 years ago, when first visited (with the exception of 3 new dwellings on east back of New River). A few small kelp heaps, shells, animal casing, small rocks and wood pieces in driftline. Snowy Plovers around protected area. Low human impact (0). Very clean beach. View full report 0
162 papa troll 06/26/2007 ATV activity on the beach, beautiful day and no birds of any kind to be seen. View full report 0
297 JLDaily 06/26/2007 We observed many brown pelicans either flying near the shore or fishing near the north jetty of Nehalem Bay. View full report 0
309 cadonofrio 06/27/2007 Will monitor tree falling. View full report 0
129 [email protected] 06/27/2007 A glorious day at the beach, worthy of an Oregon travelog. There was remarkably little trash on the beach-hooray! I witnessed only appropriate people use, although ATV tracks divulged some recent disallowed use. I saw Western Sandpipers, Snowy Plover, Whimbrels, Long-Billed Curlew, Osprey, Common Crows and Ring-billed Gulls. Doggies were on leashes or under excellent voice control. Two western equestrians galloped in the sandy area. Kelp/algae, shells, animal casing, small rocks and wood pieces in driftline. Shorebirds foraging in surf and moving in reponse to humans. Moderate human impact (13)-4 walking, 5 playing in surf, 2 sitting and 2 horseback riding. View full report 7
120 yogabigail 06/28/2007 Looked good and people were really having a great time playing frisbee, jogging and swiming. Everyone looked respectful of our beautiful shoreline. We all had smiles on our faces, and the 2 dogs we saw were leashed. Heavy human impact (105)- 10 walking/jogging, 40 playing in surf, 45 playing in sand, 25 sitting, 3 kayaking, a bus load of children and adults at the camp building. Kelp/algae, shells, small rocks, wood pieces and some land-based debris in driftline. Beach looked clean. One bunny and Stellar's Jays. View full report 0