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138 comubp 03/24/2007 Summary: Light wrack. Some wood at high tide lines. Erosion of vegetated foredune uprooting European beachgrass. Snowy Plover nesting habitat prepared, roped off and signed. Dead birds: 2 Horned Puffins and 4 Rhinoceros Auklets. Sanderlings foraging in wet sand. Gulls and one eagle observed. Canadian Geese and Buffleheads on 10-Mile Creek Lagoon. Low human impact(2)- Snowy Plover Biologists. Glass float found. View full report 0
168 DLouis 03/24/2007 Being Oregon Beach Clean up Day there were many people with SOLV bags picking up trash. Also a group of Boy Scouts from Eugene were doing the same. View full report 0
183 mkeliik 03/24/2007 We had a group of 10 REI Staff walking and cleaning up the mile. The Northernmost part was micro sized debris with the occasional fishing or boat related garbage. The Southern most part was loaded with macro to large sized debris. Only two dead birds were found. Neither was banded and both appear to have been eaten by other wildlife. It was a beautiful day considering the gray skies and people were out in force walking the beach. View full report 0
217 youthvols 03/24/2007 Part of the beach had a ton of wood, and elsewhere there was more debris. View full report 0
220 lmabeggs 03/25/2007 A beautiful day. We saw more people today than we've ever seen before at one time on this beach. We went one day after the beach cleanup project, so it was very clean. View full report 0
237 arthur 03/25/2007 ?? new or newly exposed riprap near south end of mile. View full report 0
151 longjim7 03/26/2007 Only 2 sanderlings, a few gulls View full report 0
150 longjim7 03/26/2007 A cluster of a dozen live immature sand crabs. Lots of driftwood scattered uniformly. Foredunes in some stretches growing toward the ocean. View full report 0
173 ZASovers 03/27/2007 There is a continual erosion of the sandy bluffs at Sutton Creek with trees falling down at the point where the rip-rap ends. This day there was only one dead puffin on the beach. View full report 0
261 J.M. Trunkey 03/27/2007 Beach was clean; motel/condos proceeding at projected pace to be completed 7/07. This development borders Cape Kiwanda State Park. Visual impact is overpowering. The Tillamook county parking lot was extremely busy. The retaining wall is less than glamorous. The children of Neskowin private school are preparing murals for this wall. View full report 0
180 krystrom 03/27/2007 Spring break: more people, cars, sand, erosion than ever. View full report 4
118 D Bone 03/29/2007 There were more land slides and larger ones than the last several years. Wildlife was as expected for this time of year. 7 Elephant Seals, many pregnant harbor seals, less than 1000 California Sea Lions, Black Oyster Catchers, 3 great Blue Herons and gulls. Kelp/algae, wood pieces, styrofoam and ocean-based debris (plastic bottles and a lighted Christmas decoration) in the driftline. Sections of bog lily restoration areas have been burned. Sand returning to the beach. Stainless steel cable stolen from the Simpson Reef Overlook. Moderate human impact (23)-17 people were watching wildlife and 6 walking, 1 dog. View full report 0
57 [email protected] 03/29/2007 Most people seen at our site. Fishermen, driftwood collectors were at Hughes House picnic site access -- 1/2 mi. from beach on the Sixes River. 2 families seen on the beach accessed from Cape Blanco Lighthouse. Cliff at north (meadow) end of mile eroded over 10 ft. at one point. Large debris left included crab traps, tire, float. Removed 1 medium-sized bag of small trash, plus large fuel container. View full report 0
326 Liza Gadsby 03/30/2007 dead adult horned puffin found at high tide line. Not possible to estimate condition due to deterioration View full report 0
34 edbear 03/31/2007 See Comments. However, mostly normal.Very few people seen from Jan-Mar. View full report 0
190 svenbrean 04/01/2007 Generally quiet day, nothing much out of the ordinary, other than one sea lion carcass found a couple hundred yards north of Cook's Chasm View full report 0
195 svenbrean 04/01/2007 Nothing unusual on this mile. View full report 0
153 bebdhm 04/01/2007 Beautiful day for walk. Evidence of storms washing away front of dunes as usual in the winter. First time we've seen the starfish and Caspian Terns in that number. View full report 0
198 Slockyar 04/01/2007 The campground was pretty full of spring vacationers. There was typical charred wood on the beach from campfire circles. We removed about ten pounds of debris from the beach. Amount was small, possibly because of recent SOLV Beach Cleanup. View full report 0
229 spleague 04/05/2007 Very little debris on the beach in the cove. View full report 0
213 [email protected] 04/05/2007 Clean beach, quiet activity. A nice walk on a calm day. The waterfall was full and beautiful. Rather a bland report, but I did enjoy the walk. View full report 0
313 MBYSEA 04/06/2007 Great day to be alive and to walk the beautiful beaches in Cannon Beach. Wish my children and grandchildren were here!! View full report 0
175 Caples 04/06/2007 Observation was from 8:30 - 11:30 am, Dead Bird count for COASST at the same time. View full report 0
100 JohnnyCN 04/07/2007 On a cold day before Easter, there were not as many people as I had expected at Face Rock. There was an unusually large amount of plastic detritus on the beach, especially bottles and bottle caps. Three dead birds--a Horned Puffin, a Rhinoceros Auklet and two black wings with a bit of bone. Shorebirds moving in response to humans. Single strands of bull kelp with seaweed, small rocks, wood pieces and styrofoam in driftline. Moderate human impact (14)-11 walking and 3 playing in sand. Two "scooters" running up and down beach on closed beach. View full report 0
216 Ranger Bug 04/09/2007 Mass stranding of ladybugs. View full report 1
213 PhilBSB 04/09/2007 Cold day, lots of wind. Not many people out or changes. View full report 0
123 JoAnne 04/10/2007 Kelp/algae and small rocks in driftline. Shorebirds moving in response to people and dogs. Badly decomposed Rhinoceros Auklet,Sea Gull and Sea Lion on beach. There was an obvious decrease in tire tracks which was a plus. I didn't notice anything out of place. No fires. Not much litter. Six wooden pallets stacked on dunes. I wish people would not use wooden pallets, but don't know what to do about it. Moderate human impact (18)-12 walking, 1 playing in surf, 2 playing in sand, 2 sitting and 1 surfing. 5 dogs. View full report 0
27 [email protected] 04/15/2007 Problems with ATV's on the beach. Read comments fordetails View full report 0
14 artist 04/15/2007 The only negative thing that I found on this entire trip from Whaleshead to Indian Sands was a lone soda can, and that was at the trail head (Whaleshead). View full report 0
216 Ranger Bug 04/15/2007 Mass stranding of by-the-wind sailors (Velella velella). View full report 0
246 [email protected] 04/18/2007 General: I finally got a look around the point, and it was clear. The low tide at -1.3' was doable but not very safe to climb rocks to get there. in a few weeks I will be checking if I can find a spot to look down on Miles 246 and 247. View full report 0
123 JoAnne 04/18/2007 Little in the driftline. Two decomposed pinnipeds were washed ashore during the storm. One carcass was larger, and I at first thought it was a sea lion, but it would have had to been a young one. Large areas of exposed large rocks. Erosion of foredunes. I hadn't observed what a high tide and rough seas can do to the dunes and roads before. I need to start going to Mile 123 after a storm more often.Moderate human impact (17)-12 walking, 3 sitting and 2 flying kites. View full report 0
109 Foggy 04/19/2007 Very moderate human use (14) considering the super-low tide. Four collecting mussels, a couple others clamming, five tidepooling and two walking. Four dogs. Typical Spring drifts of very small Velella. Seven Harbor seals on offshore rocks. Two vehicles on allowed beach. View full report 11
244 Millie and Carl 04/20/2007 Beautiful day, very low tide, people enjoying being on the quiet beach, friendly dogs happily running off steam. Ultra-low tide exposing sea stars, anemones, mussels, and barnacles on the normally submerged rocks. Good sand build up -- only one (quarter to half an acre) area, vicinity of NW 55th St, with appreciable exposed cobbles. View full report 2
305 skyhar8000 04/20/2007 Beyond the turnaround, a trail leads south past the Oswald West State Park boundary line which is indicated by two signs, one fastened to a tree, the other on a metal ground stake. A short distance beyond the signs, one has the choice of continuing south or turning west. The former choice leads to an old eroded trail that can be negotiated to the beach only by using some old ropes and stakes left by other hikers. The latter choice leads to a cliff trail that features ropes but which is less hazardous than the eroded trail, and here I descend.[...See Comments section for 3 pages of fascinating details...]I call Cove 5 Seal Harbor. Last year, I found several pups in it, with the adults out in the surf, waiting for the pups to rest. Today I have found several DOZEN seals in it of all sizes, and I took as many pictures as possible, while they slid slowly across the rocks and into the ocean. I think the seals use this cove because the rocks on the beach are smooth and round. There are dozens of "seal trails" where it is evident they have maneuvered up to the cliff base itself. This cove is not very large. View full report 0
213 vickiosis 04/20/2007 The length of Mile 213 is 70% high sand stone cliffs the bases of which have been scoured clean by big waves. 30% of the mile is vegetated cliffs with narrow low plateaus of flat areas that rise just above the beach. During these past two years there has been a return of piles of drift wood to the northern 40% of the beach and drift wood thrown onto the low plateaus by powerful storms. The return of the drift wood is a new phonemena as the beach has been clear of wood for quite a long time. View full report 0
52 [email protected] 04/20/2007 This is not a full report, as I was just walking a part of the mile with my visiting sister. I am sending a report because of finding the dead sea lion. I contacted Dave Bilderback of the Marine Mammal stranding network about the animal. I also found one dead Rhinoceros auklet and an amazing cabezon fish, quite large, about two and one-half feet. I had never seen one of these fish before but am quite sure of the identification which I did on returning home. I have GOT to get accustomed to taking my camera along on ALL walks! View full report 0
130 sandyrandy94 04/21/2007 Kelp/algae, shells, animal casings, wood pices, log debris and styrofoam in driftline. Beach fillin in with sand. Ship wreck mostly covered with sand. Low human impact (5)-riding ATV's in allowed area. View full report 0
324 [email protected] 04/22/2007 First report of this mile and very pleasant day at the beach no adverse problems View full report 0
187 [email protected] 04/22/2007 Beach sand smooth and clean of debris, large pile of driftwood high on cobbles. View full report 0
337 harris 04/22/2007 Nothing unusual. View full report 0
224 malachite 04/23/2007 From southernmost end of my mile I could see all the equipment's that been brought in to redo the bridge at Beverly Beach state park. Not a great time to be staying at that campground. Beach was pretty clean. All dogs under control off lead or leashed. Old/Ancient tree roots near Alpine Chalet access still exposed. Some "garnet" sands still present. No sign (yet) of the campfire (stones grouped in circle for campfire) and attendant trash, half burned cans, broken bottles and other signs of trash head beach partying this spring (there was last spring) not far from the access steps at north end of mile. View full report 0
2 Harbor Jo 04/23/2007 Noticed more people than usual. Fisherman had caught some fish. Generally there is some regrowth of vegetation on previously eroded slopes. View full report 0
172 Oyster 04/23/2007 Clean Beach, calm day. No dead fowl or mammals. Many shells, small rocks and wood pieces. Nothing unusual or problematic. View full report 0
274 tomanderica 04/23/2007 The only thing that struck us was the salal seemed to be in trouble - leaves brown and dying all thru the area. View full report 0
293 ducks73 04/27/2007 Rockaway Beach Resort work stopped, permit application posted. Riprap between NW 6th & 7th - 2 lots and one house with significant erosion (they were between two riprapped areas and obtained an emergency permit.)Many logs on the beach, but beach was clean! Five condos at NW 5th nearing completion as well as a condo developmenty at NW 2nd/3rd.Riprap now extends from NW 9th - NW 3rd.Smaller rocks from riprap on beach and into wet sand area around NW 4th/5th.Roped-off area near S. 4th in front of St.Mary's by the Sea - pipe and "hot-spot" erosion area located there. View full report 0
300 [email protected] 04/27/2007 A great deal of wood on beach at the wrack -- must have been a big storm at high tide sometime earlier.Walking to Jetty miles 298-297 saw about 1000 migrating shorebirds (heading north in groups of 50 - 150) including dunlins, p.b. plover but mostly sandpipers (least, western) View full report 0
299 JCampf 04/27/2007 Light human use: 9 adults, 3 children. 11 walking, 1 kite flying. View full report 0
264 rbourke 04/28/2007 very little to note. Beach was very clean. Thank you SOLV! View full report 0
216 Ranger Bug 04/28/2007 Mass stranding of by-the-wind sailors (Velella velella). View full report 0
28 themermaidscholar 05/01/2007 Storm approaching. Cold wind blowing hard. Seals playing in the surf. View full report 0
326 seasurf 05/03/2007 Quiet day on the beach. No sign of birds or wildlife. Seems foredune has increased in height over the winter, most of the beach grass is currently buried under the sand for about 50 feet inland of the crest. No visible erosion this year, which is a bit unusual. View full report 1
216 Ranger Bug 05/04/2007 Mass stranding of by-the-wind sailors (Velella velella) View full report 2
334 Simonetal 05/05/2007 Unable to access beach, except by 4wd. DeLaura Beach Lane and attempt from Coffinbury Lake at Fort Stevens State Park were unsuccessful due to extreme water across roads and trails. View full report 0
198 bahngarten 05/05/2007 My first try at this report, it was not difficult.Very actively feeding shorebirds as noted. Beachside state park/campground,(point of entry) mostly full. View full report 0
221 lipberm 05/05/2007 One peeled log observed (and photographed), probably from the dumped load. Full set of photos taken at the standard 29 points along the mile. View full report 0
200 bluemoonjoanie 05/06/2007 Mile 200 looked good today. We did see two of the questionable logs but no photos were taken. It was a wonderful spring day at our beautiful Oregon coast. View full report 0
128 SCUUFmile 05/06/2007 Upper beach re-building after major winter erosion. Small Vellela vellela stranded in the millions. Shells, animal casing and wood pieces in driftline. Moderate human impact (8)-3 walking, 2 on horseback, 2 cutting firewood and one in RV. View full report 0
216 Ranger Bug 05/06/2007 Mass stranding of by-the-wind sailors (Velella velella). This event may be continuous with the 5/4/2007 stranding. The corpses appear fresh and recently stranded. They aren't just the remains of earlier wash-ups. View full report 2
261 J.M. Trunkey 05/07/2007 It was a foggy Monday. There were 5 surfers - approx. 30 gulls - 6 cars + 1 truck - 2 dogs - 1 kite flying View full report 0
264 connierbruce 05/07/2007 Did not notice anything unusual this visit. Tide as far out as we have ever seen it, lots of rocks exposed, shorebird flocks in migration, no dead birds or marine mamals. View full report 0
172 Oyster 05/07/2007 All is clean and windy. Very flat beach sand.Enclosed are 2 photos from 4/26. 1) Driftline of beautiful, purple-colored, tiny jelly fish. Size 1/16 x 3/16" and firm to the touch. Too small for me to see clearly. Water drainage of bright red algae, or some slimey substance. No evidence of either on 5/7/07. View full report 2
140 10mile2 05/10/2007 Few shells, driftwood and some rope and floats in driftline. More litter than in March on Mile 140. Foraging shorebirds in surf. Wind swept beach. Fences around Snow Plover nesting area. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
276 ChadAl 05/10/2007 Light human use: 2 walking, 2 rockhunting. 4 dead gulls. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 05/12/2007 The beach appeared very clean, as if the work of winter winds and water had done a thorough cleansing. There was almost no debris - I saw no styrofoam, no plastic bottles or buckets and the like. Bird life was abundant both on the beach and along the bayfront, as noted earlier in the report, and otherwise the beach was very quiet and tranquil.As usual, there were no signs of adverse human action. There were three small groups (three or fewer) of people camping along the beach well above the drift line. Things were generally very quiet and looked unchanged. View full report 0
308 John Markham 05/13/2007 People enjoying beach, driftline evident. View full report 0
104 beachnut 05/13/2007 Plastic litter from the sea, mostly, was obvious. Northerly winds are blowing sand that is starting to cover the winter accumulation of logs and debris, but these are still visible at this point. Baby crab carcasses in the driftline. Sanderlings and crows feeding at surfline and moving in response to humans and dogs. Gulls and about 24 Pelicans fishing offshore. Moderate human impact (14)-10 walking and 4 fishing, 4 dogs. View full report 0
149 flotsam 05/13/2007 Our plan to walk to and thru mile 149 was altered by the knowledge that the lovely wind at our backs would be a challenge returning. Thus we turned around at the juncture of 149 and 150, to face a chilly 2+ mile walk back to the car. There was not a cloud to be seen, but the stiff breeze and 50 something temperature made for a chilling experience. The beach was remarkably clean and flat, with much of the sand replaced to eradicate the "cliffing" observed in our last report. This was Mother's Day, possibly accounting for the generally light activity in the area. View full report 0
145 [email protected] 05/13/2007 New containment areas for ATV's and constant patrols have lessened the damage and constant beach infringement. View full report 0
233 [email protected] 05/14/2007 Bluff face at N. end of Fogarty Creek State Park Beach (mile 234) continues to erode and another house will be moved back.No state park campground will go in here.Black oyster catcher survey work on-going.Fee program no longer in place here View full report 1
244 Jwilson 05/14/2007 The continual erosion of bluff at Roads End State Park is of concern, as people are continuing to carve into the bluff, thereby creating premature erosion. View full report 0
197 [email protected] 05/15/2007 Some new housing and steps construction on this mile. View full report 0
174 Foulkes 05/15/2007 Long, telephone-like poles washed up to high levels on the beach. Many small crab carcasses at the shoreline and high-tide mark. Snowy plover roped protection for the mile, with the exception of a gap for the Sutton Creek campground cross-over. View full report 0
240 seacrater 05/17/2007 Noticed several log shelters, one near Siletz Bay that looked lived in. Easier beach access, as here are fewer logs. View full report 0
213 [email protected] 05/17/2007 Beautiful morning for walking, with the air so calm. View full report 0
102 wild1234 05/17/2007 Visited the south half of the mile at South Jetty Beach. There were 36 people walking on the beach in about an hour's time. The beach sloped at about 10 percent. Wind was blowing probably 25 mph out of the northwest. Very little trash and some kelp in the driftline. Saw what appeared to be a dead or sickly harbor seal pup. View full report 0
102 D Brittain 05/18/2007 Shells and small rocks in driftline. Several large pieces of Styrofoam/concrete near sand bluff. No shorebirds. Moderate human use (15)-10 walking, 4 playing in surf, 4 playing in sand, 7 rock hunting, 2 fishing and 2 flying kites. View full report 0
196 bertjohnst 05/19/2007 A mild, sunny morning over a beach swept clean of debris. A remarkable number of people present (24) mostly taking walks; exceptionally few birds: no gulls, one charadrius vociferus, and a few beach crows busily digging up sand-crabs. The low tide left uncovered the usually hidden ancient forest floor off Arizona Street. Most of the damage to steps and buffers from winter storms had been repaired, but bluff carvers were doing the work the waves had failed to accomplish. View full report 0
305 skyhar8000 05/19/2007 On the above date, I drove past the end of Elk Flat Road and parked beyond the wooden swinging gate, at the turnaround circle at the very end of the vehicle-accessible roadway. The weather was dry, but overcast and threatening, with no wind, perhaps 50 degrees F.I descended the west cliff route using the synthetic ropes already in place, and also my own climbing rope, reaching the boulder field about 8:15 AM: good visibililty, low surf. ...Coves 7 and 8: Small, smooth floors, clean. I found a medium passage I could negotiate and made it into Cove 9 (first time!). Astounding rock formations, including a chimney, a unique cavern, and other features. I rounded the corner into Cove 10 (fairly small) and looked around. Bad idea! Returning to 9, an optical illlusion prevented me from finding the passageway. I decided (wrong!) the tide had turned prematurely, and I decided (also wrong!) I had to swim for my life. I waded and swam past the rock outcropping north of my position. Then I spread my coat with each incoming wave and let the sea push me in. It was the riskiest thing I have ever done. My camera is toast, but I saved my wet notes. If you value your life, then you need to read, understand and heed the following sentence: NEVER (EVER) ACCESS THIS AREA! IT IS DANGEROUS! YOU COULD DIE!!! View full report 0
95 [email protected] 05/19/2007 The trail to New River was dry. The New River water level was lower than I have seen it in 5 years, my socks didn't even get wet on the crossing. Last weeks winds had pushed waves topping the dune on the north half of mile 95 leaving the beach looking pretty good. The New River outlet has turned to the south for about 200 feet after it meets Two Mile Creek and then turns west and into the ocean. That's normal for this area, just a little earlier than usual. Animal casings and small rocks in driftline. 1 dead seagull. Low human impact(4)- 2 working on fencing for Snowy Plover nesting sites, 2 on permitted ATV studying Snowy Plovers. View full report 2
222 CoastalKaren 05/19/2007 It was a beautiful day to walk my mile. Slightly overcast, but still, very nice. Am slightly concerned with the erosion along Highway 101. Since the construction started, near Beverly Beach, it seems more erosion is taking place. No photos taken, maybe next time I'll remember my camera. View full report 0
96 D Bilderback 05/21/2007 Rocks, tube worms, crab molt and ctenophores in very light driftline. Six living Snowy Plovers on the dry sand. One Glaucous-winged gull. Barn Swallows and Canadian Geese flying overhead. Embayment eroding beach and foredune. Beach with a gentle slope of 5 degrees. Ridge and runnel development at south end of mile. Transverse dunes forming. Low human impact (0). View full report 5
94 [email protected] 05/21/2007 I waded the New River mud at the BLM Trail north of Lower Four Mile Road. Shells, animal casings and small rocks in driftline. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
31 Joseph 05/22/2007 Similar to last report, this beach is relatively unused for its proximity to Gold Beach and shoreside homes. At times, there will be some ATV use. View full report 0
104 beachnut 05/23/2007 It was a glorious morning to walk the beach, but apart from me there were only four others out enjoying it -- and three of them didn't walk that far. There appears to be less litter coming in from the sea, perhaps because there have been no storms lately to blow it in. Beach begining to build up. Animal casings and small rocks in driftline. Flocks of Sanderlings and 8 sandpiper-sized shorebirds at surfline. Gulls and fishing pelicans out at sea. Low human impact (4)- 3 walking and 1 driving jeep and fishing, 2 dogs. View full report 0
119 dpackard 05/23/2007 Tranquil day with greater turnout of people than three months previously. Moderate human impact (12)-8 walking and 4 playing in sand. Six harbor seals sunning on the rocks. Blue fish net on rocks. View full report 2
271 yakinsea 05/24/2007 The area looks good. I think I spotted a falcon. I noted a couple minor slides/rock collapses. View full report 0
99 Eric & Sue 05/25/2007 Crab and Mole crab casings in driftline. Large chunk of styrofoam in surf line and a large fish net next to creek. Watched an Oystercatcher nest on the rock south of Haystack Rock. Large water heater on high beach. Five pigeons and a lot of swallows collecting mud. About 5 dead gulls on beach. Low human impact (5)-3 walking, 2 collecting data on Black Oystercatchers. View full report 0
102 wild1234 05/25/2007 Visited north half above mile above Bandon north jetty. Calm day with scattered clouds. Beach at slightly more than a 5 percent slope. Kelp/algae in driftline. Few birds, but 8 juvenile gulls, 1 turkey vulture, 1 cormorant (pelagic?). Half the people on the beach had dogs on leashes. Very little garbage. Moderate human impact (14)-walking/running. View full report 0
16 Christine 05/26/2007 In the section of Mile 16 I call Spruce Island Viewpoint going north, tire tracks of motorized vehicles were seen (again)in two small muddied un-barriered areas between Hwy 101 and the bluffs. Also evidence of grass herbicide perhaps used by ODOT for Hwy 101 was observed too far down the parallel Coastal trail than necessary. View full report 0
248 Dr Kayak 05/26/2007 Typical late spring day along this beautiful stretch, which I access by sea kayak when sea conditions permit. Six California sea lions and four harbor seals. A gray whale surfaced near my kayak north of mile 248. View full report 0
156 JELong 05/26/2007 I saw more people on my mile this time than ever. I believe this was because it was Memorial Day weekend, and a group of about 8 people had hiked in and camped on one of the oxbows of Tahkenitch creek, less than a 1/2 mile walk out to the beach. Also, the creek was low enough to wade across very easily, so some folks may have accessed my mile from the south from Tahkentich Lake campground trailhead. Otherwise there was nothing of any significance except for the unusual dead fish skeletons. View full report 0
176 JKGarvey 05/26/2007 First report, no significant human damage to area, other then the horse trail over the dunes and on the land side paralleling the dunes. The amount of drifting sand appeared unusual to me, but my experience with this beach it very limited. It appears that the loose sand along the horse trail and over the dunes, and the distance to the beach from the access point discourages most visitors. View full report 0
157 bzenderson 05/26/2007 In the wrack line, many examples of a fish (decomposed) that we couldn't identify; long, slender, no discernable head, strange. I will try to post a photo. Note the backbone, not symmetrical; on one side, little knobs; on the other, very fine bones about 1/4 to 3/8 inches long. Probably average of 1 to 3 of them per meter. Also lots of dead crabs as well as crab molt, and many, many dead mole crabs. View full report 1
1 mmcdowell 05/27/2007 Access to the beach south of Winchuck R. is strewn with homeless type trash. There is a semi-abandoned looking RV parked along the access trail, brought in from the south end roads. Might not be abandoned? The beach was clean; neither natural nor trash debris to speak of. I only walked south of the Winchuck R. View full report 0
16 Christine 05/27/2007 This section of Mile 16 Spruce Island Viewpoint going South, nothing unusual observed. View full report 0
208 kittyhorse 05/27/2007 This was the morning the gray whale washed ashore. State Parks vehicle down on beach early. Been observing & recording steller sea lions on 2 offshore islands since April 3. On May 16 reported 14 dove when boat approached. Pretty certain I saw 1-5 marbled murrelets in ocean past month.(Later on June 5 a steller sea lion also washed up, ust about on top of the first burial site of the whale. I measured it (12 feet) and emailed Jim Rice. He was here within the hour and removed it. I believe it was a male, not dead long. And yes, I have photos of the whale and the sea lion.) View full report 0
181 [email protected] 05/27/2007 Beautiful day, lots of people and dogs enjoying the coast. Low tide and ocean was calm. Lots of little crab molts and stones on beach. Picked up garbage bag full of litter from people and fishing activities. View full report 0
253 JSteiner 05/27/2007 Memorial Day - Many many people and dogs!! 1 section of this mile is impassable, even at low tide, as the ocean now hits the rip rap wall almost all of the time. Some sections near this are impassable at high tide - one cannot even get on to the beach. View full report 0
200 bluemoonjoanie 05/28/2007 The weather was perfect all Memorial week-end. Very few people in the Waldport area. As a side note, I heard we have nutria in the inlets, and I have not seen any signs of this invasive species. We will be down there all July 4th week and will keep our eyes out. I was surprised by the dead seal, you rarely see them. I did see quite a bit of the yellow flagged iris up by the river north where the dead whale was located. View full report 0