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241 Kittywake 02/19/2007 In one week period saw all of the dead beached birds listed. Plus, all in one area, 5 species. Plus the 4 gulls, 2 dead, 2 broken-winged, within 20 feet of each other. Neighbors wondered if people were causing this, with the gulls. I also volunteer with the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Astoria, so the Kittywake is recovering and will be released soon. The Western gull was put down.Really angry about the foam. Kids using pellet paint on beach access wall. Left mess. View full report 0
161 bwholler 02/20/2007 Cindy Burns, (wildlife biologist and snowy plover protector), told me that the bulldozing of sand and beach grass on both the north and south sides of Siltcoos River is maintenance of snowy plover habitat, attempting to increase and improve the area available to them for nesting. This is a fairly low-cost method of habitat improvement for the birds. The plovers will be establishing nests next month, and the area will be cordoned off as it is each year during nesting season from 3/15 to 9/15. View full report 0
162 bwholler 02/20/2007 The weather was a mixture of sun, clouds and rain with moderate wind. There was only one motorbike at the beach access and one person on the beach. The beach area clean, sand removed by wave action creating vertical sand cliffs at the high tide line. Ocean heavy with foam blowing onto beach and up the foredune. Lot of Sanderlings foraging at shore line.. View full report 0
130 sandyrandy94 02/21/2007 Since this mile is close to Horsfall parking, there is a lot of fishing and related activity. On better days there are more vehicles on the beach. Most of the litter seems to be from the ocean side and from ships at sea. Debris is mostly ropes and blocks of foam. Kelp/algae, shells, animal casings, wood pieces, ocean-base debris, plastic pellets and styrofoam in driftline. Significant beach weathering and sand removal with erosion of vegetated foredune. Old ship wreck exposed on mile 129. Edge of foredune steep. Low human impact (3)-fishing one dog. View full report 0
97 GermanShep 02/22/2007 Generally a quiet area, people often take dogs down to the beach with occasional conflicts between dogs. Small amount of kelp/alage, animal casings, small rocks, wood, styrofoam, broken glass and plastic water bottles in driftline. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
299 hallee 02/24/2007 We've had 5 beached sea lions on Manzanita Beach since Oct. Those are all we happen to know about. People who came upon the beached sea lion over the days it was there read the signs and treated it with respect - they were curious. And glad to know it was monitored.Dunes on half of mile were "stabilized" 10 - 15 years ago. Seems to be holding.Sand dune area seems to have survived winter storms ok. View full report 0
307 elsecobb 02/24/2007 Erosion of the bluff seems main concern. Clearcutting of large tracts of land almost directly in back ( to the East) of these slides may or may not have contributed to this. The bluffs are unstable in their layers of clay and sand when winters are wet. View full report 0
98 shepherd 02/24/2007 Shells, animal casings, ekop, wood pieces, land- and ocean-based debris and styrofoam in the driftline. Shorebirds moving in response to humans. Jellies on the beach. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
245 Hailey 02/25/2007 Not a whole lot going on.The rain tends to keep a lot of people off of the beach at this time of the year.3 stranded/dead animals found and a call was made to authority each time.I notice a lot of erosion at the cliff side of the Roads End State Park.Concern about the people who have dug holes into the side of the cliffs. I feel that it is very unstable and could come down and hurt children if they should start digging/playing in that area. View full report 0
5 Berner 02/25/2007 no significant changes from the Nov. 2006, trip. Winter storms have done nothing unusual this year on this stretch in so far as I can tell View full report 0
20 D Bilderback 02/25/2007 The red algae, Phorphyra and Bangia growing on the rocks. Kelp (Callophyllis, Rhodymenia, Lessoniopsis, Pterygohora, Hedophyllum, Cryptopleura, Ahnfeltia, Ahnfeltiopsis, Callophylis, Constantinea, Mazzaella, Cyptosiphonia, Hedophyllum, Opuntiella, Pyllospadix (surfgrass), one dead Cryptochiton, Bryozoa, Hydrozoa and the Tunicates: Aplidium, Styela and Ritterella; sponges, Feather-duster tube worms, Kelp Crab carapace and ocean-based debris in the driftline south of Crook Point. Two Raja rhina (Longnose Skate) eggcases found in drift. No drift on rest of the beach. A large fish storage container remains on the beach. Two Black Oystercatchers on off-shore rocks north of Crook Point. 25 Western Gulls and one Glaucous-winged Gull on beach. One Surf Scoter in surf. 34 Harbor Seals on rocks. Raccoon foot prints on the beach near the south end of the mile. Sanicula, Armeria, Ranunculus and Lasthenia blooming on Crook Point headland. A gunny sack of plastic bottles and other debris removed from beach. Black sands on flat beach with a slope of 2 degrees. No wind. Air temperature of 63 degrees F and ocean temperature of 51.1 degrees F. View full report 16
6 Berner 02/27/2007 a bit more bluff erosion, especially below drainpipes draped partway down the bluff. a couple of large boulders dislodged just north of the Macklyn cove condominium complex. Beach further than 1/4 mile north of Zwagg Island not accessible from Macklyn Cove Access point. View full report 0
255 seadavu 02/28/2007 Okay I have a question, the tide line is covered with a slick dark "stuff", first thought of oil, but wonder if its an organism that has broken down, didn't seem to be bothering the gulls at all. Can someone give me info on this???Also there are a lot less fiberglass floats out there now, their on my front porch, ha..and one less very small Japanese glass float...hooray for a fun productive beach walk!!! View full report 0
255 seadavu 03/01/2007 3 beached birds: 2 grebes and 1 was definitely a tufted puffin, winter plummage of course. I called Connie Owston as she has this area of the beach for dead birds. View full report 0
257 [email protected] 03/01/2007 A considerable amount of sand has been eroded from the southern portion of the mile. If the NW winds prevail this summer, sand should be replaced. 50 - 60 gulls observed on the southern portion of the mile. 30 - 35 harbor seals hauled out on Straub Spit. 2 bald eagles in flight over the Nestucca Bay entrance. View full report 0
110 TRBishop 03/03/2007 Shells, animal casings and styrofoam in driftline. Erosion of vegetated foredune. Paved path and picnic fire ring removed and reseeded and new stairs constructed to creek and beach at Seven Devil's Wayside. A visitor removed a bag of plastic containers from the beach. New house built at 110.2 Ship wreck had washed on shore just south of 110.0. Bow only, about 15' in length, royal blue color, made of fiberglass. Moderate human activity (12)walking/running, 4 playing in surf, 4 sitting and 2 rockhunting, 4 dogs. Concerned about beach litter. View full report 0
333 Simonetal 03/03/2007 Camp Rilea Military had beach access closed due to firing range activities. Has been closed all day, with closure scheduled to end at dusk. This closure is a common occurrence at this beach, although I have not had this experience recently during any of my visits. I was only able to walk the very northly tenth of my mile due to this closure. View full report 0
334 Simonetal 03/03/2007 Normal day at beach. Found 1 dead rhino auklet and 1 dead gull. View full report 0
169 bwholler 03/03/2007 Sand sloping to foredune, no steep vertical walls of sand, driftline primarily small wood fragments, small plant type beach grass fragments. Loose goups of sanderlings at the water's edge, more spread out than closely clumped. Two Surf Scoters in the water. View full report 0
16 Christine 03/03/2007 I didn't see any problems on this section of my mile I identify as Spruce Island viewpoint north to the northern border of the Sam Boardman State Park. View full report 0
244 Jwilson 03/03/2007 Large clusters of kelp, plus many empty water bottles, several broken wooden pallets, considerable amount of charred driftwood. Erosion: Considerable human destruction of bluffs, evidenced by carving into bluffs, and initials etched into them. View full report 0
107 sunsmith 03/03/2007 Another interesting day on the beach! Shells, animal casings, kelp, small rocks, wood, plastic, styrofoam, wood pallet and land- and ocean-based debris in driftline. Foraging shorebirds moving in response to humans. Dead birds: 2 Rhinoceros Auklets, 1 Black-legged Kittiwake and 1 Cassin's Auklet. Land slumps on the headland. Erosion and wave overtopping of vegetated foredune. Moderate human impact (13)-1 playing in sand, 4 wind-surfing, 1 cutting drift wood, 7 driving in vehicles in allowed area. Again, the firewood cutting was obvious and documented with photos. New observations: a frame of an old vehicle in the middle of the Cut Creek drainage and the old timbers of a beached or wrecked vessel embedded in the foredune on the north side of Cut Creek. I also observed a different type of wind surfing that was new to me!While I was attempting to photograph the car frame in Cut Creek, a sneaker wave came up on me. What a surprise as I was looking through the viewfinder and then all of a sudden there was lots of water! Usually I am quite careful in these situations, but this one really caught me off guard. The reason I mention this is because the fella that was "cutting firewood" had a very young child with him, maybe four years old. Well, he was busy doing his thing and she was playing in the sand and running around. But her running around included running down to the water and wet sand area. What if another sneaker wave came in and swallowed her up. Her dad had no idea she was down there or where she was at all. This was scary and that doesn't even include the guy who was driving down along the waterline between 40-50 MPH!Please see attached photos for other info. View full report 19
213 skimmer 03/03/2007 Only summary submitted: Dead birds included three sea birds, one small shore bird. View full report 0
181 [email protected] 03/04/2007 People and dogs enjoying the area. Some litter, Shorebirds foraging in the surf. View full report 0
16 Christine 03/04/2007 I saw no problems on this section of my mile I identify as Spruce Island viewpoint south to Miner Creek including Deer Point. View full report 0
275 allison 03/04/2007 In general the dune is being undermined. A tree and shrubs have fallen on to the beach. There was a dead deer on the beach also. -- I think it fell off the bluff. The sand on the beach is washed away making for a _very_ steep rocky beach. View full report 0
95 [email protected] 03/04/2007 I attempted access from the Lower Four Mile access Saturday 3/3/07. One-third of the trail to New River was under flowing water from runoff. The depth was as deep as 18" in a couple places. The water in New River was high and running very clouded by sandy silt. The depth of the river was in excess of 30". I wasn't able to complete the crossing safely. The dunes to the ocean were fairly flat, as usual and showed no signs of needed action. Sunday, 3/4/07 I attempted access to mile 95 from the north, China Creek parking area. It was a great day for a walk. I enjoyed miles 97 and 96 a lot. I ended up having to view mile 95 from the top of the dune on mile 96 with binoculars. New River was not able to be safely crossed from that direction either, the same reasons as the day before. Everything did look good from my vantage point. At least four harbor seals were in New River fishing and watching me. View full report 1
245 knickerson 03/04/2007 Lots of activity due to mild, sunny afternoon weather. Several carcasses were drawing a lot of interest from beachgoers. Called OSP to report. Noticed an unusual amount of small-size debris (mostly plastic) over entire beach area. Small driftwood fire was left burning. View full report 2
244 Millie and Carl 03/05/2007 One 30-40' tree trunk and enough scragelly branches to look like the skeleton of a fair-sized shipwreck. Much less sand, many more cobbles exposed.There has been some apparent effort to collapse the caves previously reported at the bluff base under the Roads End parking area, but one deep one is still there. A sign has been posted warning of the danger posed by these caves, but it is small, inconspicuous and knocked over. View full report 2
172 Oyster 03/05/2007 large drift trees are gone, many small rocks, shells, pieces of wood. Sutton Creek meandered back south and removing sand piled on during storm. See photos. View full report 3
157 VKnox2 03/06/2007 I saw many post-hibernation fecal plugs from bears inland. Fresh bear tracks were in the sand and driftline. With only two bird carcasses on this mile, and no fish or crabs, I can't imagine that the surf and turf dinner was much of a repast. View full report 2
158 VKnox2 03/06/2007 The National Guard is nearing completion of the Snowy Plover nesting area enhancement project. The grade is nearly perfect at 4% slope. Great job! Happy Crew! View full report 1
187 [email protected] 03/06/2007 Very narrow sand strip still exposed, cobbles at surf line, upper cobbles and large driftwood piled high and exposed, heavy vegetation (native) still holding well on rocky bluffs. View full report 0
52 [email protected] 03/07/2007 This is my first report on this area, but I have been walking this area for three years. Things look pretty usual for this time of year.There were bull whip kelp knots, much driftwood, some very big trees from the winter storms and some dead birds.It was a beautiful afternoon's walk. View full report 3
311 TomandGretel 03/08/2007 Will need to take a photo of a riprap structure gone bad. Ocean washed out sand placed between riprap, and some kind of netting to hold plants.Very ugly to look at. Will get address and photos. View full report 0
198 bahngarten 03/08/2007 Again this month, one set of tire tracks, coming and going on this mile. View full report 0
240 seacrater 03/08/2007 Noticed initials carved on hillside, potential cause of erosion. Saw small shelters built in driftwood, not permanent structures as in the past. There were approximately ten small seals in shallow water at shoreline in the Yaquina Bay area, probably feeding. View full report 0
124 B Gray 03/09/2007 Shells, small rocks, wood pieces and land-based debris in driftline. Three gulls and numerous foraging sanderlings. Erosion of vegetated foredune by Coos Bay North Jetty. Low Human impact (0). 2 Street vehicles in allowed area. View full report 0
208 kittyhorse 03/09/2007 The sand is all off the major portion of this beach mile. Many people collecting agates at Seal Rock wayside. Ancient tree stumps 5 inches above sand surface at Seal Rock wayside. View full report 0
10 [email protected] 03/09/2007 Great day for a walk. Not many people were out at noon but expect more as day is nice. Surf has been heavy in the past weeks as some large logs have been thrown up on the beaches. Creek running well but crossable. View full report 2
209 bloeffel 03/10/2007 The beach gradient was steep even though underlay was showing some in the higher beach. Rock that came onto much of the beach in February has been worked to the high area adjacent to the bluff, producing gradients of one foot drop for 15 feet of run near the north end and near Wandemere. Only heavy, big seas will move that load seaward and there have been none of such this year. View full report 0
16 Christine 03/11/2007 Other than siting the dozen or so sunning Harbor Seals, and a cormorant-type of bird I couldn't identify, the same pleasantly nothing unnatural was happening in this section of my mile 16 from Thunder Rock Cove viewpoint north to Miner Creek. View full report 0
216 Ranger Bug 03/11/2007 Stranded California sea lion (Zalophus californianus). It appears that someone has tried (but failed) to hack or saw off the head. View full report 0
183 RMSherriffs 03/11/2007 Brisk weather on the beach, six people walking with three dogs, two on their leash. Some debris, plastic bottles, net float and two parts of other nets. Only a few Gulls seen. View full report 0
116 alaingamerica 03/11/2007 Was the first warm, sunnyish weekend day. Lots of people in love with the tidepools. Kelp/algae and land-based debris in driftline. Sunstars, urchins, chitons, pink anemone and seaweeds in South Cove tidepools. Heavy human impact (25)-20 exploring the tidepools, others sitting or playing in sand,4 dogs. View full report 1
192 mcrobbins 03/11/2007 We noticed remarkably little evidence of damage or erosion from winter storms. There was minor slumping of some bluff edges at the south end of mile 192, but nothing major or significant. There was a lot of driftwood newly deposited at 2 inlets, but much less marine debris than last year at this time. We saw gulls, surf scoters, oystercatchers, and a kildeer, but not otherwise a lot of marine bird activity. There were about 2 dozen sealions basking on the rocky island at the south end of mile 192. Mussel beds at waterline appear healthy and densely populated, and seem to be a popular feeding area for gulls. We saw a number of seastars, although no great concentrations. Along the entire mile rocks well in from the low water line are carpeted with barnacles, much more thickly than we remember previously. As usual in this rugged area there is little evidence of human activity in the intertidal zone. We are hoping to be able to share some pictures by the time of our next report... View full report 0
171 kathrynl 03/11/2007 It was cloudy with strong winds on the beach, many people enjoying the beauty. Huge logs on the Jetty brought in by winter storms, the tide was out and the beach was very clean. View full report 0
140 10mile2 03/11/2007 Beach very clean of trash, driftwood, and other debris. View full report 0
139 10mile2 03/11/2007 Small amounts of kelp/algae, shells and animal casings in the driftline. Floats, large plastic buckets and barrels on the beach. Erosion of 100-200 yards of vegetated foredune every 1/2 to 1 mile. Foraging shorebirds moving in response to humans. ATV and motorcycle tracks within restricted area. Beach grass removed by heavy equipment for Snowy Plover Habitat restoration near Ten Mile Creek. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
129 [email protected] 03/11/2007 Shells, animal casings, single and knotted bull kelp, small rocks, wood pieces and plastic bottles in driftline. Erosion of vegetated foredune. Western Gulls and Sanderlings on beach. 1 sand crab. Two dead American Coot. Heavy human impact(31)-17 walking/running, 2 sandboarding, 10 riding in vehicles in allowed area. 4 dogs. 5 OHV-1 Dunebuggy, 2 quad and 2 dirt bikes on beach where only street legal vehicles are allowed. Some black oily-appearing deposits on sand, just before the upsweep of the foredune. Some in strips 4' wide, and longer than 30'. Deposition is shallow ( View full report 0
94 [email protected] 03/11/2007 As long as I was in the area, I walked Mile 94. Shells, animal casings, small rocks, wood pieces, ocean-based debris in driftline. shore birds foraging in surfline. I took a picture of some tracks under a log near the middle of Mile 94 and sent it to Dave and Diane Bilderback who identifed them as Red Fox. The wave action had washed away the tracks to and from the log, so I couldn't identify the direction it came from or went to. Don from Mile 90 says a trapper has been hired to eliminate the problem and for me to watch out for traps in the area. Low human impact (0). Concerned about litter. View full report 0
95 [email protected] 03/11/2007 I accessed mile 95 from the Lower Four Mile trail Sunday 3/11/07. One-third of the trail to New River was under water from runoff. The depth was as deep as 18" in a couple places. The water level in New River had dropped a foot in eight days and had cleared up to a little cloudy. The depth of the river at my crossing point was about of 20" on the west side of the river. The dunes are about 300 feet wide and fairly flat from the north, building up and narrower where the European Beach Grass still thrives. There were 6 each 10 to 12 inch diameter two lug plastic floats high on the dunes, one red, one white and the rest were black. Low on the beach I found a plastic 5 gallon red jerry can with Oriental writting embossed in the surface. Near the can was a float with a 2006-2007 Oregon Fish and Game Crab Permit . I cut off the tag and mailed it to the Charleston office when I got home. Four pieces of raw lumber were found, photographed, reported to Phillip Johnson and the Bilderbacks. Many personal water bottles were observed high on the dunes. Kelp/algae, shells, animal casing, wood pieces and ocean-based debris in driftline. Low human impact (0). View full report 3
212 philandjan 03/12/2007 The beach sand has been scoured away by winter storms, exposing cobbles and flat mudstone reef structure, with fossils and agates. Small sand and rock slides, lots of water coming from drainage pipes. Gulls, a vulture and an eagle flew over, shorebirds skimmed the surf edge. One freshly dead rhinoceros auklet, and one very decomposed sea lion were on the beach. The chunk of cliff that separated in January 2006 is slowly eroding away. An old log projecting from between layers of the cliff face is probably 1600 years old. More plastic trash than usual has washed up in the drift line. View full report 0
100 JohnnyCN 03/12/2007 Graffitti (Tagging?) inside the tunnel through huge monolith below Face Rock parking lot, otherwise area was remarkably clean of natural debris or human detritus, even in the wrackline. There were, however, four dead birds--1 dead immature gull, 1 rhinoceros auklet, 1 Tufted Puffin, and 1 Horned Puffin. Two live birds--Black Oystercatchers--on near off-shore rock. The same rock a pair of Oystercatchers nested on last year, I think. Human use was light, 4 people who were sauntering along with 2 dogs. The beach was strewn with small rocks near the waterline. Several good-sized clumps of kelp near Johnson Creek. View full report 0
221 B Berge 03/13/2007 Not much in the way human-derived debris - the beach was really quite clean. In general there were a lot more beach rocks are exposed then when I was there last. That's it. It should be noted that there is also a dead puffin north of Jump Off Joes at Nye Beach and another one on South beach. It would be interesting to see how many dead puffins have been reported. Apart from the one dead puffin, there wasn't anything of consequence at Moolack Beach. View full report 0
127 tsunchoi 03/13/2007 Kelp/algae, shells, small rocks, wood pieces, land- and ocean-based debris, stryofoam, an orange metal buoy and fishing cord in driftline. Foraging shorebirds in surfline. Erosion of vegetated foredune exposing ends of logs in dune. Section of dune grass removed and sand leveled near Mile 126. Tire tracks of OHV outside allowed area. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
176 Zurflueh 03/13/2007 North of Lily lake outlet saw bulldozer working, operator said he works for the Feds, something to do with bird habitat. View full report 0
174 Foulkes 03/13/2007 The usual sanderlings, seagulls, and blackbirds were not present. Some large pieces of driftwood have washed up to the edges of the dunes. The caterpillar that is clearing areas both south and north of mile 174 has improved access from Baker Beach parking lot and continues to clear nesting areas for the snowy plover. View full report 0
163 mjohnson 03/13/2007 Only two ATVs observed. Beach is much cleaner than usual; very little trash. Most stretches of beach have been smoothed to a very gentle slop due to tidal action and lack of wind. Creek toward south end of mile still flowing, but shallower and more braided since last visit. View full report 0
219 L Taylor 03/13/2007 Lots of wildlife action from the Bald Eagle, Common Murres, and Double Crested Cormorant to the resting harbor seals. Quite a good day. I was a little surprised to see so many dead birds and each of them a different species. Is it possible they have been eating some of the brightly colored bits of plastic? I have no idea how to get rid of this short of shoveling the entire beach. View full report 2
2 Harbor Jo 03/13/2007 Heavy rains over the last two months have caused additional gradual cliff erosion. In Low tides there are generally more rocks exposed in the surfline. Large timbers are scattered on the beach. View full report 0
274 tomanderica 03/14/2007 Erosion at Cape Lookout continues. Another chunk of the trail between the day use and group camp areas is gone. Beach was very clean - not much in the drift line - pieces of sand dollar, some crab remnants, pulverized shells. Lots of agates and other rocks. Many fallen trees in picnic/bike camp area. View full report 0
313 tolovana 1 03/14/2007 City-permitted driftwood collection. Sea lettuce blooming at Haystack rock. Beached birds: 6 common murres, 1 tufted puffin, 1 pelagic cormorant; Roy Lowe contacted. Stranded seal on Mile 314 3/12 -- area was signed and watched. Very small Velella velella in surf line and intertidal. View full report 0
185 Lfleming 03/14/2007 Winter beach with lots of cobbles and rocks. Low tide level so 63 Harbor Seals were out on the rocks enjoying the sun, looking very fat and happy. One limpet on the rocks above the tide pools. View full report 0
54 mvolson 03/14/2007 This was my first look as a Coast Watcher at mile 54, so I am still trying to establish a baseline. View full report 0
49 Tichenor 03/15/2007 A beautiful day: people, dogs and one horse enjoying the beach. I found a large number of dead birds, 12 which seemed to be of the same type (auklets). View full report 0
186 Joy186 03/15/2007 Access blocked to beach south of Ten Mile Creek. Many construction vehicles and workers on the bridge. North of the creek so much sand is gone that huge rocks were exposed that we have never observed before.The lot next to the RV park is occupied by a very large 3 vehicle(RV)garage and there was equipment working which indicates a house is going to be built closer to the small bluff. View full report 0
259 powston1 03/15/2007 In a brief, second-visit to our mile this quarter, we saw that the steep drop-off from the foredune to the wet sand beach in late January is still present. The Bob Straub SP restroom that had heavy graffiti on it in late January now has a fresh coat of paint. View full report 0
335 mnfwhite 03/15/2007 Beautiful March day at the beach. Nothing unusual except the 74 people, but that was because it was a minus tide and there were a lot of clammers. View full report 0
206 [email protected] 03/15/2007 No unusual findings. Normal flora and fauna for late winter -- including normal sand buildup View full report 0
109 [email protected] 03/16/2007 Beach clean of all but very small detritus in driftline. One 18 foot fiber glass boat piece (broken up)at north end of Mile 109. Small rocks, wood pieces, plastic pellets and sytrofoam in driftline. Newly improved drainage pipes from golf course. Erosion of vegetated foredune and new slumped trees. Tidepools at Five Mile Point interesting. Sand built up around rocks of Five Mile Point, making easy access around point. Moderate Human impact (23)-12 walking, 8 at tidepools, 3 riding ATV's and 4-6 driving cars/trucks on beach, 2 by camp fire near bluff thickly covered with gorse. View full report 0
160 zbstotz 03/16/2007 The weather was nice, there was nothing unusual to note. Due to the winter storms the foredune has eroded almost perpendicular for about a forth mile. View full report 0
214 rasmussenschramm 03/16/2007 On a beautiful sunny and calm morning on March 16, 2007 at 10 a.m. we walked our mile from the State Park to the South Jetty. The tide was coming in. At the State Park we counted 7 cars, and along the beach we met 21 people and 9 dogs, plus 2 people were watching from the new platform above the dunes. 4 people were surfing. The beach was very clean, there were a few old heaps of kelp left and broken shells were scattered about. Halfway between the State Park and the Jetty we saw tire marks and when we came to the jetty there we saw that the vehicle had entered from the jetty and had left irregular tracks from the jetty to the beach but the lower tracks had been washed out by the incoming tide except those we had seen earlier. Overall it seemed that there was not much change from three month ago, however, sand had piled up on the top of the jetty. On the jetty were 11 cars, 5 people were fishing, and on the road to the jetty 8 cars were parked. A man with a dog walked along the road. View full report 0
176 CMHarvey 03/16/2007 The degradation of the slopes at the north end of this mile could be catastrophic to the daily use of highway 101. Some attention should be paid to mitigation of the growing problems with the degradation of this area. View full report 0
215 NewportNancy 03/16/2007 This was our very first observation of Mile 215. It was a gorgeous day all day, clear, warm, and still, but by the time we got down to the beach the coastal fog had rolled in and the temperature had dropped. It was an extremely quiet day in terms of human (or animal!) activity - only a few people walking dogs on the beach, although there was a beautiful sand castle on the beach so someone had been digging in the sand earlier. There were more cars in the parking lot than people on the beach, so probably many of them were visiting the lighthouse. As mentioned in the report, we saw a raft of grebes in the Bay, and one dead one on the beach, but not much other animal activity except for a squirrel running around the dunes. We did see one empty egg case. One homeless camp was observed at the base of the cliff within State Park limits.The inland edge of much of this mile is vegetated cliff with no indication of erosion, but within the Park boundary there is a spot at the northern end of the road within the park where erosion is occurring. We forgot to bring the camera, so no images this time around. We will also learn a bit more about what to look for as we do this more and more! View full report 0
233 [email protected] 03/16/2007 Boiler Bay was very quiet. When we arrived there were no cars in the small parking lot at the trailhead that leads down into Boiler Bay. About half an hour after descending down onto the Bay's rocky shoreline, we saw one other person climbing down the trail. This person turned out to be a high school teacher from Salem. He was collecting seaweed samples to take back to his students for their study and identification. The school cannot afford to pay for the students to come to Boiler Bay so he has to collect seaweed and take it back to the students. About an hour later, three other adults climbed down the trail and began to look at/in tidepools. The southern end of Forgarty Creek State Park (part of my mile) was also very quiet, only 4 cars and 9 people (7 adults and 2 children). As in the northern part of Boiler Bay, there was a sand buildup on the beach at Forgarty Beach. This was the first time I have walked my mile and not found at least one dead bird. View full report 0
193 [email protected] 03/16/2007 Everything is in a similar condition as my last report. I did have a very unpleasant encounter with beach walker and his agressive dog that should have been on a leash. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 03/16/2007 Overall, beach appeared very clean. A couple of debris-filled SOLV bags not yet picked up indicates there may have been a clean-up in the recent past. I will contact SOLV to see if they know there are some bags remaining to be picked up. Conditions were very foggy and there was no animal/bird life at the beach. The light debris included 15-20 plastic bottles, a couple of plastic trays, small amounts of styrofoam, some rope, and one fairly large liquid container.On the Tillamook Bay side, it was not only clearer, but there was much more bird life. Many greater scaup, many bufflehead, several pairs of common merganser and common goldeneye, more than 30 western grebes, a dozen or so surf scoters, wrentits (heard), a whole treetop full of singing red-winged blackbirds, and the usual assortment of gbherons, western gulls, and crows. The beach seemed eerie with all the fog and visibility so limited. Should note that I spoke with one of the three other people on the beach. She and her husband (last name Hallee) are coast-watchers for mile 299. We had a nice chat as I talked to her about mile 288, which I gather she was visiting for the first time. Nice to share the coast with other coast-watchers. View full report 0
16 Christine 03/17/2007 I saw no problems on this section of my "mile" I identify as Thunder Rock Cove viewpoint south to Horse Prairie Creek. View full report 0
110 BH 03/17/2007 A great way to spend Saturday afternoon on the southern Oregon Coast walking your Coastwatch mile. The beach was at almost low-tide and was uncommonly clean of debris and litter. Only observed very small amount of plastic litter but did find portion of damaged rowboat washed in from ocean --possibly from a accident at sea or a lost boat from a dock? Noted no dead marine mammals or sea birds. Shells, animal casings, small rocks, wood pieces, ocean-based debris (some plastic bottles) in driftline. Sand removed exposing many rock beds. Many people (15) using the beach by walking, walking their dogs, rock-hunting, or just sitting enjoying the day. View full report 0
235 Ronreit 03/17/2007 Campfire areas included chairs and fire pits, and some trash. Otherwise beach was fairly clean, due to recent high tides reaching the foredune and riprap (8.8 foot tide this AM). Previously reported decks from a circular home stopping just above riprap appears completed. New driftwood steps laid from beach up the solid bluff -- previously-laid steps may have washed away. As to shoreline Mods: New home on Lincoln Ave (as reported previously) is still being worked on, and beach foredune restoration is still to be cmpleted. Tony Stein said, after my previous contact, that he "would follow up when the job is completed to make sure everything is taken care of". I will continue to monitor. Just north of Devisiou ST, small landslide piled up from solid bluff erosion. Mile 234 also shows erosion, including several places where steps to beach have eroded underneath cement, and in one place wood steps were majorly damaged. View full report 0
149 flotsam 03/17/2007 Generally, more activity than usual, mostly in the access road area. Our miles were typically vacant, except for the occasional vehicle traversing the spit. We did see one seemingly abandoned vehicle, which seemed to have dug it's wheels into the sand. Have not seen this before, though we almost met the same fate 2 years ago, when we drove the beach to our miles. There is good reason for the shovel requirement for the OHV permit!The beach was scoured clean by winter storms, though we noted a certain amount of "cliffing" of the sand at the high tide line. Attached picture will illustrate.There seemed to be less debris, both natural and man-originated, on the spit this season, though the driftwood was most abundant. View full report 1
307 Bald Eagle 03/18/2007 Nothing unusual. Some sand coming back in. One bald eagle flying north to Arch Cape. View full report 0
157 bzenderson 03/18/2007 After several sunny days (in valley), a stormy evening prior to our walk, and beach had LOTS of stuff. Many bottles of Japanese origin. Oyster pipes. Two skate egg cases. The many dead birds I reported above. Awesome agates. One "beach ball" (of beachgrass roots, etc.). A couple of huge wads of kelp. Stumps and trees with lots of barnacles. One VERY old shoe that had been at sea a long time; label was gone, but it was stamped "Street Cars" (a brand or model name). Walked toward mouth of Tahkenitch Creek and saw a pair of snowy plovers on Mile 156 (the next mile south!) on the beach outside the roped "plover refuge." View full report 0
242 oceanwalker842 03/18/2007 Various activities included 6 people assembling a tent type structure for picnic, 12 huddled around campfire , 7 feeding gulls, 4 climbing bluffs just north of Canyon Drive. General info: No visible additional erosion on banks however, much more rock exposed at reefs at 15th Street and Canyon Drive. Shape of beach changed from last walk ... less sand, more rock. A few clumps of mussels broken from their normal resting place. Scattered broken shells (mainly mussels with some crab parts). Some driftwood left from winter storms. Not as many birds (too many people). Storm litter still on beach. View full report 0
241 oceanwalker842 03/18/2007 More dislodged clumps of mussel. More exposed rock perhaps from winter storms. No additional erosion visible for most of the mile except as noted last time. Still beach storm litter. Beach patrol vehicle and Coast Guard helicopter looking for airplane debris. View full report 0
238 Gertie C 03/20/2007 Some sand seems to be coming back. However, all along the mile there is eveidence of beach erosion. Where I had a gradual slope to the beach, I now have about a 15' drop. View full report 0
93 H Witschi 03/21/2007 Road from parking lot to access point still flooded in places (see mile 94/95 from 3/17).New River can be forded with "ease", but water reaches at deepest point up to three to four feet. Driftline high up and spotty, consisting of shells, animal casing, small rocks, wood pieces and styrofoam. Two dead birds: Rhinoceros Auklet and Western Grebe. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
243 rick and janet 03/21/2007 Tide was out, and beach was relatively clean. A new home is being built on 26th St. bluff. View full report 0
90 [email protected] 03/21/2007 Kayaked into S. side of lagoon created by previous mechanical breaching of New River at S end of Snowy Plover Habitat Restoration Area and walked south to 2005 mechanical breach which reopened naturally in Fall of 2006. New River breaching waist deep or greater 1 mile S of New Lake. Four Harbor Seals in river near mouth.Pollen colored foam at driftline. Hardly any seaweed or debris of any kind. Mostly natural woody debris. Gulls moving N along beach. Groups of 20 - 30 Sanderlings on beach feeding. Human impact (0). View full report 5
245 TerryH 03/21/2007 Fairly clean beach. I saw no dead birds or mammals. Biggest concern is the continued digging of caves in bluff at Roads End Wayside. Very curious about a small section of beach that was void of all sand from about January into February. Seemed to be due to waves coming in at an angle. Sand is back now. Section of beach was between 68th and 70th streets. View full report 0
289 ollikainen 03/21/2007 Few changes to mile 289. During the winter, another boating tragedy at the mouth of Tillamook Bay shows that the jetties need to be repaired. View full report 0
189 naturegates 03/21/2007 Neptune has very little impact from humans or dogs other than dune climbing on South Neptune. Very nice beach to visit. View full report 0
101 D Bilderback 03/21/2007 Common Murre on the rocks. A couple of Oystercatchers observed. Many purple and orange sea stars and anemones on rocks. A large amount of drift logs washed up during winter storms. One dead bird. Several driftwood forts built by beach visitors. Moderate human impact (15)-10 walking, 1 fishing, 3 rock-hunting and 1 taking photographs. Beach very clean-one large iron cage next to the beach acess stairs. View full report 3
97 D Bilderback 03/22/2007 Foraging Sanderlings and Dunlins in surfline. Nereocystis luetkeana, Cystoseira geminata, Cladophora columbiana, Postelsia palmaeformis, Porphyra sp., Halosaccion glandiforme, Macrocystis integrifola, Hymenena multiloba, Opuntiella californica, Callophyllis crenulata, Microcaldia borealis and Mazzaella rosea in driftline with rocks, Hydrozoa, Bryozoa, one dead shrimp, shells, crab molts and stems of dead European Beach Grass. One dead Rhinoceros Auklet and 1 dead Western Grebe. 10 live Snowy Plovers-in one group of three, one bird was chasing another bird. Snowy Plover nesting area roped off and posted. One Harbor Seal swimming in surf. Beach flat at 4 degrees. Ridge and runnel forming in sand. Low human impact (1)-1 walking dogs on leash. View full report 0
188 claretucker 03/22/2007 No changes from last visit. View full report 0
113 gary j 03/22/2007 A thin sparse wrack of shells, wood pieces, styrofoam. Ocean-based debris included foam floats, eight square feet of heavy netting, an assortment of plastic jugs and a broken large plastic container. Minor bluff erosion with one tree fallen. Low human impact (3)-2 walking and 1 cycling, 1 dog. View full report 0
96 D Bilderback 03/22/2007 Foraging Sanderlings and Dunlins in the surfline. Nereocystis leutkeana and Porphyra sp., shells, rocks, crab molts and Hydrozoa in driftline. One dead Spotted Ratfish in shallow surf. Drift logs on the high beach. Four dead Rhinoceros Auklets and one dead Western Gull. Sever erosion of the vegetated foredune in one portion. 4 degree beach slope. Mouth of New River moved northward. Snowy Plover nesting area roped off and signed. Human impact low (0). Removed 2 large bags of beach plastic, mainly from the mouth of New River area. View full report 7
112 rheadohner 03/22/2007 Shells, wood pieces, plastic pellets, styrofoam and land-and ocean-based debris in driftline. Landslides and major boulder falls. Large amount of sand remove, up to 6 feet in places. Many rocks exposed for first time in years. Tidepools reforming, but few sea stars and anemones. Mussel beds with varying ages and sizes have disappeared. Low human impact(4)-4 walking, 1 dog. View full report 0
121 LouiseW 03/22/2007

Kelp/algae, shells, animal casings, wood pieces, plastic pieces, bottles, and styrofoam in driftline. Foraging shorebirds in driftline. One dead Rhinoceros Auklet. Three new drainage pipes. Sand moved on shore except around engineered and approved construction site. Sand bags on bluff to retard erosion. Some sand bags washed out and found on surfline. Major bluff erosion and uprooted trees. Removed large bag of beach plastic. Low human impact (5)-3 tidepooling, 1 surfing, 1 collecting small amounts of sea urchins for Oregon Institute of Marine Biology.

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