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208 kittyhorse 05/07/2008 A toilet hanging over the bluff for a month seems obnoxious (2 houses south of Curtis Street wayside north of Seal Rock) I still find the dumping of trees, branches, garden vegetation, etc.over the bluffs unsightly, misinformed? and, well, seemingly a touch indolent .. Yet on the marine side, a joyous profusion of spring life: 2 Steller sea lions on offshore island, 5 harbor seals lolling in close, Black Brant, Harlequin Duck, Dunlin, Pigeon Guillemot, Killdeer, Black Oystercatcher, Brown Pelican, Red-necked Phalarope, Semipalmated Plover, Black Bellied Plover, Sanderling, Black and Surf Scoter, Surfbird, Terns flying, Black & Ruddy Turnstone, and Whimbrel all in breeding plumage and all apparently numerous, to my experience, met the eye of my binoculars and camera! View full report 1
171 oldMGguy 05/07/2008 Recent northerly winds have begun the formation of the summer sand drift patterns near the North jetty. View full report 0
224 malachite 05/07/2008 Significant exposure of the beach not long after low tide, unusual number of short lengths of lumber (used) in the driftline, some shorebirds seen on the beach--unusual sight on this mile. View full report 1
48 cprince 05/07/2008 eveything was relatively peaceful and clean! this will be my last report for this mile, as i am moving to portland.thanks everyone for caring for our beautiful coastline! View full report 0
145 [email protected] 05/07/2008 beach swept bare small deposits of driftwood View full report 0
197 [email protected] 05/08/2008 Major natural changes on this mile wih more and more flat, carved sandstone exposed and new tidepool areas exposed. Some old tree debris exposed with the sandstone formations near the Tillicum day use access point. This mile is not recognizable as the same smooth, sandy mile of a year or so ago. One could spend a day examining the rock carvings which are part of the generally exposed beach, - not exposed due to the minus tide. View full report 0
206 [email protected] 05/09/2008 Beautiful sunny morning low tide with many people and some classes tidepooling. Sand level remains high compared to other years causing a smothering of many of the higher tidepools. Green algal blooms are late probably due to the cold rainy spring. View full report 0
185 Lfleming 05/09/2008 We found 3 bird species we haven't seen before; Osprey, Red-necked Phalarope, and Cliff Swallow. We have now seen 41 species in the 5 1/2 years we have done our mile. May is the busiest month with 19 species on the 9th. We also saw an anemone eating a dead crab, half still sticking out of it. Two men were filling a pick up truck with rounded beach rocks for landscaping. View full report 0
111 TRBishop 05/09/2008 A beautiful spring day. All is OK. Low human impact (3)-2 rockhunting. One dog. View full report 0
239 Shafer 05/09/2008 Beautiful day! Surprisingly few folks on the beach. The drift line debris was pretty much all natural; picked up two large bags of trash from above the high, high tide line (we thought it would be worse given how long it's been since we were last here). Saw a small flock of Whimbrels in the surf line; the ever present Western gull; and a Yellowlegs (Lesser or Greater) on the estuary-side of the spit. We didn't go to the end of the spit due in part to the bags of trash we needed to off-load, but also to avoid the Harbor seals during birthing season. View full report 1
298 nkn pete 05/10/2008 Beach berm still steep from winter storms, but beginning to flatten out.Observation done with NKN Nat'l Resource Club members. We also cleaned the beach, a total of 1 SOLV bag collected. Most of the litter was plastic. One 3'-long rectangular styrofoam float material collected View full report 0
162 papa troll 05/12/2008 A very nice day on the beach. 1 pickup truck, 1 volkswagon, 4 off road vehicles, two black lab dogs. View full report 0
33 B Edgar 05/13/2008 harbor sea pup may have been killed by the 3 roaming dogs as the dogs were vary aggressive and pup was only dead a few hours. I called the dogs owners & he said he would put a gate on the stairs to the beach to prevent the dogs from going down.dogs also chased one of the BLOY off that was feeding 5 BLOY7 Whimbrel's!Not much debis on beach View full report 0
97 beachnut 05/14/2008 State Parks crews yesterday installed signs and roped off the foredune along my entire stretch, from the Christian Camp access south to the habitat restoration area for the plovers. The tide level is receding and the beach is building up, both normal and seasonal phenomena. Rocks are now scattered along the high-tide line, including agates. Other contents include fragmented sand dollars and angel-wings, various sizes of mussels, a few dined-on dungeness crabs, lots of baby crab molts, a few sea palms. Live critters were not abundant: Sanderlings, swallows, gulls, a couple of Snowy Plovers in the high line. Low human impact (3)-counting dead birds for COASST. View full report 0
97 D Bilderback 05/14/2008 Kelp (Cystoseria, Halosaccion, Macrocarpus, Porphyra, Egregia, Nereocystis and Postelsia), crab molt, shells and one Sea Star, Hydrozoa, Phyllospadix (surf grass), Dodecaceria colony, a worm that forms a hard calcareous shell and small rocks found in the driftline. Two Sanderlings foraging on wet sand, and an Osprey flew up the shoreline. Beach flat with a slope of 4 degrees. Sand accumulating against the eroded foredune. New Snowy Plover nesting habitat rope strung the entire mile. Wind from NE at 7 mph. Air temperature of 63 degree F and ocean temperature of 50.4 degrees. View full report 0
96 D Bilderback 05/14/2008 Kelp (Cystoseira, Egregia, Postelsia, Nereosystis, Porphyra, Fucus, Halosaccion, Macrocystis and Sargassum), small rocks, animal casings and a sea star in the driftline. Mussel clumps on beach in the two southern riptide embayments. One dead immature Western Gull, and one dead unidentified fish (photo). Eleven Whimbrels feeding at surfline and four Snowy Plover up in the dry sand. Six Harbor Seals including two females with their pups swimming in the ocean near New River outlet. Beach slope at 6 degrees at southern end of mile, 8 degrees in the two riptide embayments and 4 degrees elsewhere. Low human impact (1)-walking. View full report 5
208 kittyhorse 05/14/2008 Under cover of a light fog this mature bald eagle feasted on a probable gull; making quick work of it in 15 minutes, while several crows and turkey vultures approached and respectfully watched and waited. View full report 1
2 [email protected] 05/16/2008 Beach looked in good shape from on the bluffs. Due to minor continuing erosion of path, which was bad before, I was unable to get down to beach: cause mainly a creaky, stiff old body. Some folks have started making a new path just north of the ravine; I feel this is not a problem. One man waS picking up trash on the north side, but it looked to be quite minor. Beach does seem to have sand washed away at water's edge, exposing many more areas of low rocks. View full report 2
109 Foggy 05/17/2008 Heavy human use (18) on this day when inland temperatures hit 95 degrees, but no adverse impact noted. Unusual large kelp piles and wood pieces in driftline. One Harbor Seal on offshore rock. One dead gull. Gorse, Beach Pea and Pacific Silverweed in full bloom. Sand beginning its annual summer buildup. Two areas of foredune appear to have been planted with American Beachgrass. View full report 4
1 [email protected] 05/17/2008 This is not my mile, but I am switching to it for ease of access. (See report for Mile 2) It was Saturday and no construction activity was visible. The visitor center building is going up -- see photo.Site is still closed to general public. View full report 1
119 dpackard 05/18/2008 More people than normal who somehow got down below the bluff to explore beachside at northern part of this mile (north of Shore Acres lookout). Moderate human impact (23)-19 walking and 4 tidepooling. Three dogs. View full report 0
283 Bluebrau 05/18/2008 A beautiful sunny and slightly hazy day at the coast... many people were enjoying the weather, taking pictures, etc. Nothing unusual. View full report 0
112 rheadohner 05/18/2008 Kelp/algae, animal casings, small rocks, wood pieces, land-based debris and tree large round pieces of Styrofoam in driftline. Harbor Seal pup dead on beach about 150 yards north of Three Mile Creek. Landslides and boulder falls from the bluff. Stern of boat that came ashore last year has moved atop a large pile of driftwood about 200 yards to the south. Major increase of driftwood south of Three Mile Creek. Sand begining to accumulate, especially around driftwood just north of Three Mile Creek. Low human impact (0). View full report 4
240 seacrater 05/19/2008 Ordinary, quiet day, nothing of significance to report. View full report 0
189 naturegates 05/20/2008 Sand level on Neptune Beach (south and north) is going down. Three bald eagles spotted feeding on bird carcass. View full report 0
20 D Bilderback 05/22/2008 Kelp (Alaria (Ribbon Kelp), Polysyphonia, Desmarestia ligulata (Acid Kelp or Broad Acid Weed), several species of Callophyllis (Beautiful Leaf Seaweed), Hymenena (Black-lined Red Seaweed), Cystoseira (Northern Bladder Chain), Prionitis cartilagieum (Sea Braid), Pleurophycus (Broad-rib Kelp), Fucus (Rockweed),Mastocarpus pappillatus (Turkish Washcloth), Pelvetiopsis limitata (Little Rockweed), Ahnfeltia (Wiry Forked Seaweed), Microcladia (Coarse Sea Lace), Erythrophyllum (Red Sea Leaf) and Ptilota (Sea Fern)), Hydrozoa, Red Rock Crab carapaces, the Spiny Leather Bryozoan, Flustrellidra, and Eelgrass, (Zostera) were found in the driftline. Deer, raccoon, and river otter tracks found on the beach. Harbor Seals with pups in the bay and pulled out on the rocks. A dead Common Loon and Pelagic Cormorant were found near the Crook Point headland. Sea Rocket, Yellow Sand Verbena and Pacific Silverweed were blooming in the sand close to the headland on the north part of the mile. Ocean is brown from bloom of diatoms supported by nutrien upwelling. Beach gently sloping by 4 degrees. Sand accumulating against rocks and logs at base of headland. Rocky patches reduced in size as sand accumulates on beach. Wind 15-18 mph from NW on beach but 43.2 mph across the headlands. Air temperature on beach was 52 degrees F and the ocean temperature was 52.4 degrees F. Low human impact (0). View full report 12
260 J.M. Trunkey 05/23/2008 Heavy human use (65 people, 7 dogs) on Friday before Memorial Day. Hillside below condos continues to erode. View full report 0
122 Magicalsnakeman 05/23/2008 It was a nice cloudy day on the mile. No huge changes accept the snag falls on the southern end of the mile. Of course, the sand has started its migration back onto the beach. Many sea stars, Aggregating and Giant Green Sea Anemone in tidepools. Gulls, Osprey, Turkey Vulture flying over beach. Cormorants nesting on cliffs at southern end of mile. Moderate human impact (7)-walking. Four dogs. View full report 0
14 artist 05/24/2008 There was brown-colored water in two coves below the bluffs and slightly more litter along the trail than is usually encountered. I'm guessing that the brown-colored sea water was caused by some type of algae bloom and not run-off, as there has been no rain recently. The area near the brown-colored water is also an area where many shore pines are dead or dying. View full report 0
16 Christine 05/24/2008 This is the section of Mile 16 I call Spruce Island Viewpoint North. Other than my commentary and questions about trail "maintenance", nothing unusual to report. View full report 0
10 Christine 05/24/2008 I'm filling in for this Mile 10 report time until we can find new adopters. I haven't walked this beach for years, but most everything looked pretty normal for this first report. View full report 0
210 MRedmond 05/24/2008 It was a lovely warm sunny day, with agate beds and some rock ledges exposed. Lots of people were out at the state park enjoying the good weather. View full report 2
171 oldMGguy 05/25/2008 Lots of families out enjoying an early morning stroll along Mile 171 during a low tide. Nothing out of the ordinary other than a bad day for clear jellies.Two osprey (one with breakfast), and the usual gaggle of gulls and crows. One lone Canada goose flying in big circles at the South Jetty parking lot, honking away ... View full report 0
128 wowunupo 05/25/2008 A lot of human activity (14)-2 walking, 2 fishing, 10 other activities, this visit (Memorial Day weekend). Much beach erosion including way off shore. Sand cliff of 1.5 m west of the foredune. Ship wreck well exposed, parallel to beach about 150 meters NW of where the sand road south of the industrial waste pond meets the foredune. Wood ribs with iron framework and drive shafts were visible. Six ATV/OHVs on beach in prohibited area. View full report 0
245 lvoelker 05/25/2008 Continued/ongoing erosion of the bluff near the north end of this mile. I'm keeping a six monh photo journal of this headland. View full report 0
100 JohnnyCN 05/26/2008 Very little was happening on Mile 100. Small rocks and wood pieces in the driftline. There were some walkers (12), one fisherman and one dog--all well behaved. The beach had been swept clean of almost everything. A rather uneventful day. View full report 0
105 Doug C 05/26/2008 Nice cloudy day with calm winds. Shells, animal casings, small rocks and wood pieces in driftline. Wildlife absent. Beaches were relatively clean compared to other trips. Foredune erosion was significant in a few selected areas, but the majority of the mile (>75%) was unaffected. This erosion was greater than Mile 106. A fire near the driftwood line was smoldering from the night before (likely), and litter was present. Ocean-borne and beach litter was greater than Mile 106, mostly plastic bottles. Removed about 9 lbs of plastic bottles, aluminum cans, styrofoam and other plastic from high tide line. Moderate human impact (8)-walking, 2 fishing and 4 on horseback. One dog. Recent vehicle tracks. View full report 3
263 connierbruce 05/26/2008 Relatively light use on a cloudy and cool Memorial Day: 16 people, 6 dogs, 2 jet skis, 14 vehicles on beach View full report 0
106 Doug C 05/26/2008 Cloudy day and calm winds. Beach was relatively clean. A few individual kelp were at the tide line along with the usual shells, crabs bits, small rocks and wood pieces. Wildlife absent except for one Sanderling. Erosion of vegetated foredune. Human activity low (3)-1 walking and 2 in vehicle in allowed area. Evidence of recent vehicle traffic and a fire in a driftwood pile was found and put out. Removed about six pounds of plastic bottles, aluminum cans and other plastic. View full report 2
257 [email protected] 05/30/2008 7 people. Two vehicles on beach, allowed. One bald eagle in flight. About 20 cormorants in flight. One boat in Nestucca with 2 anglers. About 127 harbor seals hauled out on Straub Spit. View full report 0
172 Oyster 05/31/2008 Rip Rap N/W corner of Driftwood Shores.Sand coming back. Clean beach. A grouping of natural, little sand sculptures View full report 4
216 Ranger Bug 05/31/2008 Aside from a 10-day pollution alert in late April following heavy rains, and a longnose lancetfish stranding on 14 May, this has been an uneventful quarter. Most striking has been the absence of mass strandings of jellyfish and by-the-wind sailors (Velella velella) this winter and spring. Additionally, I have only seen one gray whale feeding along the Yaquina Reef so far this year. View full report 2
295 martyandchuck 05/31/2008 Some movement in driftwood. Two large pieces of a dock on shore as 'driftwood' from someplace else. View full report 0
336 Judy Benson 06/01/2008 In this mile the bulk of the action if around the wreck of the Peter Iredale, almost all activity ceases away from that small section of beach. That was where almost all the people, dogs and activity was centered - except for a couple of cars (one was a small RV) that had to drive north beyond the wreck. Beach was clean of both natural and manmade debris. Forgot our camera, no photo this time. View full report 0
94 John Hull 06/02/2008 Looked good to me, clean and unoccupied. Thought it odd that there were no small shore birds. Shells, mole crab casings, 2 black fishing floats, one crab float with line but no seaweed in driftline. Gulls and small pelicans on the beach. Somewhat more course sand deposits than in October 2007. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
326 seasurf 06/02/2008 Quiet day on the beach compared to Memorial Day Monday. The people count for the holiday was perhaps 50-60 people, today (6/2) it was back to normal. Gasoline prices may have something to do with this. The tide was receding, surf was gentle, the breakers hardly noticeable. At low tides there have been quite a few clammers working the sand, but that was not the case at the time of this observation. View full report 0
90 [email protected] 06/02/2008 Kayaked in from New River to S end of New River Plover Habitat Restoration Area (HRA). Nice day, little or no wind. Removed beach campsite kiosk box that had been vandalized during the summer and transported it back to Storm Ranch. It will be repaired and returned in coming weeks. Most significant thing I saw was 2005/2006/2007 breach site now firmly sanded shut. Summer sand build-up cycle occurring. Shells, animal casings, kelp/algae, small rocks, wood pieces, plastic, land- and ocean-based debris and a lot of shrimp 1 to 1.25 inch in wrackline (10-20 per yard). One dead harbor seal pup. Bald Eagle on lagoon. Caspian Terns and Pelicans flying north. Many Snowy Plover exclosures. Low human impact (0). One set of foot prints and dog tracks on beach next to Snowy Plover nesting area.Please welcome Tim Leonard who will be watching over New River and the Western Snowy Plover this summer. View full report 6
171 oldMGguy 06/02/2008 Major increase of sand since last week. The bald eagle seemed quite unconcerned about tourists approaching somewhat for photos. The failing sewer system for the Driftwood Shores hotel complex has generated a noticable aromatic and visual algae bloom in the high beach area next to the buildings. The hotel has applied for annexation into the Florence municipal sewer district, and hopefully will be able to shut down the failed drain field by this fall, according to the local media. View full report 0
263 olsonko 06/04/2008 Driving on beach dangerously fast & using pickup to load driftwood. Six large illegal fires very close to dunegrass & shrubs. More litter than ever; broken glass bottles in cave. Bright orange effluent spewing from pipe, eroding bank. Tourists from Montana were aghast at cars, litter & drainage. Bank erosion continues apace - trees down. View full report 0
187 turnstone 06/05/2008 Very low tide with lots of folks checking it out in spite of the rain and the wind View full report 2
49 Tichenor 06/06/2008 The most unusual factor was the extreme low tide (-2.4). Usually, a lot of people are on the beach at such times, but not today. I did not find one bird carcass in my short "mile" and that seemed unusual, based on past experience. the beach was very clean, with a minimal amount of litter. Perhaps the extreme high tides of last week swept everything away.Most of the fishing boats were on their trailers on the dock; probably due to reduced fishing at this time and the low tide when they could not be launched. View full report 0
32 edbear 06/06/2008 The Most Concerning Observation was the off color of the sea itself. It wa a Rusty brown Color as far out as I could see. It looked the same rusty brown color Northward & Southward of Otter Point also. Sorce undetermined. View full report 0
117 Pat&RobertaSmit 06/07/2008 During pupping season the North Cove is closed. In addition, the Center Cove is not easily accessible, so all observations were from the cliff tops.Seasonal bird changes include the return of Turkey Vultures and Pelicans, and the departure of the Harlequin Ducks. On almost every visit we see a single Great Blue Heron fishing in the north cove pools. Many Violet Green Swallows and Western Gulls. From the cliff tops we saw no Black Oystercatchers although there are usually quite a few in the north cove. Six Harbor Seals with pups on beach. Many sea lions in water and on rocks. One of the sea lions on the rocks at the south end of the north cove had a fishing lure stuck (hooked) in its mouth. (See attached photo)This was reported by Diane and Dave Bilderback to the Marine Mammal Stranding Network. Moderate human impact (10), looking at sea from cliff tops. View full report 1
222 CoastalKaren 06/07/2008 More erosion noted in bluffs. Not much litter on beach, a rather quiet day. View full report 1
113 rheadohner 06/08/2008 Kelp/algae (large knots of bull kelp and multiple sea palms), occasional eelgrass, small rocks, wood pieces, land-and ocean-based debris in driftline. Shorebirds foraging at surfline. About 50 ft of line entangled in bull kelp and about 20 ft of drift net as well as small pieces of plastic, bottles, beer cans and short pieces of rope were removed from the beach. Low human impact (0). View full report 3
110 TRBishop 06/08/2008 I began with the intention to hike the Oregon Coast Trail at the access point on Tokyo Lane that borders on the line between mile 109 and 110. I found the access unaccessible due to a recently installed locked gate with fencing on either side. There was no trace of the trail except for the signpost that I found removed and laying on the ground under the brush. I later discovered the trail had been moved and new access points constructed to the north and south on Tokyo Ln. Please see "General Comments" for a complete report. (Also - this report continues with a follow up report on mile 109 on 06/15/2008.) View full report 5
192 mcrobbins 06/08/2008 The day was sunny, though cool and breezy. We saw 10 people walking on the rocks and sand close to public access points. There are many signs of the recent rainfall. Creeks and runoffs are quite full, and there is much seepage from bluffs, and also a lot of moss and algae on the rocks in damp places. Sand is returning to the inlets and on the rocky ledges. We saw many ochre seastars and an abundance of mussels, including one colony at mid-mile with very large (older?) specimens that we had not previously seen. Barnacles are prevalent, and the rocks close to waterline are covered with tiny snails. Tidepools we observed contained anemones, snails, aquatic insects and some sculpins, and also some coralline algae. There were many tadpoles in fresh water pools near the bluffs. There were many areas covered with dried brown foam, particularly around inlets up to the high water mark. There was not a lot of bird activity, although we saw a pair of oystercatchers, some guillemots, cormorants and gulls on the rocks at the south end of the mile, and a few pelicans. There were a couple of flocks of gulls at some distance out on the water, apparently feeding. There are many wilflowers, including seathrift, irises, Pacific silverweed, seep spring monkey flowers and foxgloves. View full report 0
141 KerrieP 06/08/2008 Pleasant day, notable erosion of foredune - not unexpected after the winter and spring storms this year. Forest Service has placed new "Share the Beach" sign at beach entrance point. Shells, animal casings, kelp/algae,wood pieces and ocean-based debris in driftline. Three dead Common Murre. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
145 [email protected] 06/10/2008 dead sea lion disturbing buzzards and crows for ID View full report 0
221 lipberm 06/11/2008 The unusually low tides had more than the normal beachwalkers out today. The Dogami geologist (Jonathan Allen) told us that about 70% of the sand had already returned to our mile. View full report 0
298 nkn pete 06/11/2008 Heavy (73) human use. First time we didn't see any beached birds. ~20 NKN Middle School students participated in the monitoring/clean up - only 1 SOLV-size bag of debris (mostly plastic bottles) collected, some with oriental writing. Most students participated in the nature hike + estuary science activities following the monitoring. View full report 0
228 TMarie 06/11/2008 The day was overcast a bit a bit chilly; localized rain showers on and off. use of the park was low, probably because the weather was not especially pleasant. View full report 0
100 JohnnyCN 06/12/2008 Mile 100 was quiet. Only 8 people braved the strong northwest wind to walk the beach which was spotted with small rocks and a few broken shells. One pair of Pigeon Guillemots appeared to be nesting on an off-shore rock, and another 3 pair were either nesting or courting. Two or 3 pairs of gulls seemed to be nesting on top of the rocks. Johnson Creek no longer reaches clear to the sea, but stops a hundred feet short of reaching it and just disappears into the sand. View full report 0
202 dddurrett 06/12/2008 Blue sky, sunshine(remember sunshine?)Another perfect day on Mile 202, very peaceful, and again, almost deserted. I posted a new seal pup sign at the entrance at Bashore Beach Club, I had info leaflets about marine wildlife but nobody to give them to. View full report 2
129 [email protected] 06/12/2008 Overall the beach, while well-used on this day, is a quiet beach. The sun was peaking through, and a number of people were out enjoying the warmth. I took the opportunity to run with the dog. All dogs (3) were either on leash, or under excellent voice control.The most noticable change on our beach was the fishy-smelling, green-bloom alga washing in with the waves. Kelp, shells, wood pieces, animal casings, Styrofoam and land- and ocean-based debris in driftline. Osprey, Crows, Western Gulls, terns flying over beach. Shorebirds moving in response to humans. Moderate human impact (14)- 4 walking, 2 playing in surf, 3 riding ATV (in allowed area), 1 flying a kite and 2 picnicing. Driftwood fire still smoldering. View full report 0
186 Joy186 06/12/2008 A very quiet, clear day with very strong winds. The beach was clean, with the exception of many water bottles at the high tide line. The only change was a small amount of bluff sluffing at the northern end of the mile. No live birds were observed but we saw 5 dead gulls and 1 dead crow.The rebuilt RV Park is open for business and a few of the spaces were occupied. View full report 0
245 TerryH 06/12/2008 Windswept beach but enough litter to be an eyesore. Picked up some jagged broken glass. The caves dug into the bluff at the Roads End Wayside have been filled in. "Thanks" to whoever did that! View full report 0
239 Shafer 06/12/2008 Began our walk as usual at the Shops at Salishan. Bright, sunny day with surprisingly few folks on the beach (six). Rescued a stranded Ochre star and noted a few dead Moon jellies. Collected quite a bit of trash for 3/4 of a mile; couldn't finish the last 1/4 as we had no more room in our bags. Unfortunately, we had to walk past numerous plastic bottles! (We'll get them next walk.) After dropping the trash at the Salishan Boat Ramp, we walked north on the estuary side to check on the "Don't Harass" signage. It's still there, but is showing some wear and tear. I'll report this to Jim Rice (I believe he's the contact.) The Harbor seals showed no signs of distress, but did note our presence. We also noticed a Marbled godwit on the estuary side. View full report 2
219 L Taylor 06/13/2008 Bright sunny, windy day. Lots of people at the lighthouse. Lots of common murres, pelicans and some nesting oystercatchers. The beach was surprisingly clear of debris just the usual large logs. View full report 0
270 yakinsea 06/14/2008 All looked well - particularly with seemingly more numerous and healthier looking birds. No erosion noted. Rough conditions and more birds kept our kayaking farther off Cape Lookout. View full report 2
198 bahngarten 06/15/2008 Heavy amounts of mole crab on the beach, Whimbrel dining on molecrab, Caspian Tern flying north. Sited an upside down car chassis with all four wheels and tires still intact and reported it to State Parks. View full report 0
217 firstrobin 06/15/2008 It was a beautiful day, although the wind was brisk and most of the people on the beach were walking rather than sitting as some would if it were more still. There were more people and dogs than there were when I reported last time, a little over a month ago. The dead fish were a surprise; one was maybe four feet long. There were few birds on the beach, and I saw only gulls and crows on my stretch of beach. The drft line was very sparse.Note: This report covers a little more than a mile. It runs from Agate Beach Wayside to Nye Beach Turnaround. View full report 0
168 bwholler 06/15/2008 Nice day, sunny, windy but not bone-chilling. The shipwrecked "Bella" is still visible although sand has partially covered her again. The dry sand at the base of the foredune is being reshaped to reflect summer winds from the north, and beach grass is green with new growth. Very small, newly dead harbor seal pup being actively scavenged by turkey vultures and a bald eagle. View full report 0
41 [email protected] 06/15/2008 Oregon State Parks bought Arizona Beach Campground. It's still officially closed while maintenance is being performed. It might open July 1. Cape Blanco Mgt. Unit, 541-332-6774, is in charge. The RV sites on the beach are in the process of being taken out. A fence is being put up to keep cars from northern section of the area west of Hwy 101. Camping might not be available even next year or beyond. The beach itself was very wide with lots of sand piled up to the south near the Prehistoric Gardens and narrower going north. It was very windy with few birds and BIG waves. Lovely and finally public. View full report 1
160 dragonfly 06/15/2008 There were more broken shells on the wet sand than usual, but otherwise it was a fairly typical day. View full report 0
109 TRBishop 06/15/2008 This is a follow up to my mile 110 6-8-08 report regarding the moving of the Coast Trail and access on Tokyo Ln. on the border line of miles 109 and 110. Today I returned to take photos, as per the request of our Coos County Coordinator, Diane Bilderback. I also wanted to discover what has become of the trail from Tokyo Ln. to Whiskey Run Beach. I’ve added 5 photos to the June 8th report, and 8 to this one. Please see "General Comments" for a detailed report. View full report 8
239 Shafer 06/15/2008 Beautiful, sunny day with a brisk wind (Small Craft Warning). The drift line was quite clear of debris. On the ocean-side of spit we observed three separate flocks of Brown pelicans flying north (total of 26 birds); observed a flock of six Pelagic cormorants flying north; and saw a Caspian tern flying west from the shore. We also noted something unusual: a Psitticine feather...probably an Amazon parrot. We picked up the remaining trash we couldn't collect on the 12th. On the way back, we saw five roosting Blue herons and numerous Barn swallows on the estuary side. View full report 3
310 Bill Gordon 06/16/2008 Mile was very clean from both human and natural debris - a few more plastic bottles at highest most driftline. Overall, sand has redeposited about 2'to 3' since last report. That plus the brisk north wind over several days has left the mile quite clean appearing. No immediate concerns. View full report 0
137 comubp 06/17/2008 A beautiful sunny day at the beach with tolerable wind velocity. Lots of ATV folks were using the area, including several families with multiple vehicles and young children. No signs of concern were evident. The gulls present were occasionally flushed as ATVs passed by, but they resettled immediately. Shells, animal casings and a few dead mole crabs in driftline. Beach was level with some abrupt dropoffs. One dead dark phase Northern Fulmar. Moderate human impact (23)-2 walking, 5 sitting and the remainder in cars/trucks and ATV's in allowed area. View full report 0
123 Pat&RobertaSmit 06/17/2008 June 17 We walked Bastendorff beach around 7pm and saw hundreds of brown pelicans sitting on the spit at the southern end of the beach. There were many more in the air, most diving for fish. June 10 during a walk along Bastendorff beach around 7pm we found a dead pelagic cormorant in breeding plumage - i.e. white patches on its hind flanks and red patches at the base of the bill. View full report 4
119 dpackard 06/18/2008 Very beautiful summer-like morning. I had never been to the park this early. Did not see much activity in the water (or air, except for 6 crows). Two Black Oystercatchers, three sea gulls and one rabbit were seen. Sea lions began making noise farther south at Shell Island at about 7:45 am. Low human impact (4)- 3 walking and 1 fishing. View full report 1
254 SueGabriel 06/18/2008 Beautiful clear day. One person fishing in the surf; three others strolling along the beach taking pictures and hoping to find the elusive agate or a special piece of sea glass. No new problems observed; riprap being repaired at south end of mile. Some sand may be returning. Seagulls seem to be a little scarce. An unusually large number of sand crabs in the wrack line and surf line. View full report 0
110 BH 06/18/2008 Beach was clean and almost litter free. Very few people (7)-5 walking and 2 sitting) on the beach at this time of day which is the most pleasant time as there is little wind. Noticed very few birds and no mammals. Shells, animal casings, kelp/algae, small rocks, wood and ocean-based debris in the driftline. Tide was low and had opportunity to check rocks normally under water at normal tides. Noted several old rusted car engine blocks and axles apparently thrown off the cliff many years ago. Too bad there is not better access to this site with the price of scrap metal these days-- the metal would soon be gone. Noted five steel crabpot rings at the high surf line -- still there from last observation. Believe State Parks should investigate the apparent relocating or denied access to the Pacific Coast Trail. I am of the opinion that landowners cannot arbitrarily close off access if there is a public easement on the property. View full report 0
127 tsunchoi 06/18/2008 New vegetative growth in dunes enroute to Mile 197. Beach completely free of any litter, man-made debris and driftwood. Shorebirds foraging at surfline and moving in response to humans. One street vehicle within an allowed area. A work platform for salvaging the New Carissa being dismantled and removed. Moderate human impact (6)-2 walking and 4 New Carissa workers. View full report 0
330 alkarbeck 06/18/2008 Normally we see far more people on the beach at this time but the clamming season is temporarily closed due to toxins. We picked up a lot of trash consisting mostly of plastic bottles. View full report 0
244 Millie & Carl 06/19/2008 One bicycle carrying rider and surf board. Very quiet though occupied. Low tide revealed abundant life attached to the usually covered rocks. View full report 3
97 D Bilderback 06/19/2008 Rocks, a few shells of clam (Macoma sp.) and Pacific Razor Clam (Siliqua patula), broken Sand Dollars (Dendraster excentricus), molts of Dungeness Crab (Cancer magister) and numerous molts of the Pacific Mole (Sand) Crab (Emerita analoga) in the driftline. Many burrows of the California Beach Hopper (Megalorchestia californiana). Two Ring-billed Gulls and 2 Snowly Plovers on beach. Brown Pelicans flying offshore. Sand moving onshore forming ridges and runnels. Flat beach with a slope of two degrees. Wind of 4.5 mph, a temperture of 53 degrees F and ocean temperature of 49 degrees F. Low human impact (1)-walking with two small dogs. View full report 0
96 D Bilderback 06/19/2008 Rocks, a few shells of Macoma (Macoma secta) and Pacific Razor Clam (Siliqua patula), broken Sand Dollars (Dendraster excentricus) and numerous molts of the Pacific Mole (Sand) crab (Emerita analoga) in the driftline. Numerous burrows of the California Beach Hopper (Megalorchestia californiana). Two Snowy Plovers and about 8 Whimbrels on beach. Two Osprey above New River. One Osprey chased a foraging Osprey from the area. One dead Common Murre and one dead Pelagic Cormorant. Sand moving on shore forming ridges and runnels. Two riptide embayments with steep beach slopes of 8 degrees. Beach slope of northern portion of mile only 2 degrees. Sand accumulating around driftlogs. Wind of 4.5 mph, a temperature of air and ocean was 53 F and 49F, respectively. Low human impact (1) Snowy Plover Predator control. View full report 8
259 powston1 06/19/2008 It was a beautiful summer afternoon, so it was busier than usual for a weekday. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and we did not observe any problems. View full report 1
257 [email protected] 06/19/2008 About 30 seals hauled out on Straub Spit. (Seals were hauled out further inside the bay making counting impossible.) View full report 0
289 ollikainen 06/19/2008 The once fresh woody storm and flood debris from last winter is now bleached white. There is a large pile of this driftwood against the upper part of the south jetty. No signs of erosion are present. In fact, it appears that the beach is even wider than before. View full report 0
313 TomandGretel 06/20/2008 we finally walked the entire mile. Usually working with HRAP by the Rock and only observe the remaining mile from the distance.We have switched with friends, who are now reporting on our previous mile ( 311)It was a nice day and an amazing number of people were enjoying the beach. It finally seemed like summer.We were not eyewitnesses, but heard from the HRAP crew that a Peregrine falcon took out an eagle in midair, right by Haystack Rock, the eagle fell into the water, was rescued by surfers, and transported to the NorthCoast Wildlife Rehab with compound fractures of the wing and other injuries. the beach seemed quite clean, no 'forbidden' activities, everybody enjoying themselves, some kitefliers, a game of touch football, lots of sandcastle building.We will do a better job of reporting from here on, i.e. stranded mammals ( we 'guarded' a sealpup south of the Needles on Memorial Day weekend) and carry a camera.Its a busy mile and there should be lots to share. View full report 1
42 [email protected] 06/20/2008 Water lapped slowly against huge bolders poking out of the fog. A few oyster catchers were silouited as they searched the exposed monoliths. I'm trying not to think about the long climb back to the road or tiptoeing around the poison-oak. Just scramble up the slope of dirt as it meets this batch of large bolders. We saw no other humans, only a bit of garbage and one sealion. View full report 1
217 [email protected] 06/21/2008 Many beachgoers out early for the low tide. View full report 0
197 [email protected] 06/21/2008 Much of the rocky area and low sandstone formations near the entry point (Tillicum day use) are now covered with sand. A nice tidepool area remains and this is where the seven tidepoolers were exploring. View full report 0
226 gsmeyer 06/21/2008 Mile 226 shows very little sign of human impacts due mostly to its inaccessibility: minimal access of bluffs from Otter Crest Loop and then extremely limited access from bluffs to shore. View full report 0
157 bzenderson 06/21/2008 I'm claiming this as my spring quarter walk, although technically it was just past the solstice! Some some low-tide surprises. Otherwise fairly uneventful. There was a marine mammal (seal? sea lion?) skeleton in the waves, but it was on Mile 158, just north of my mile. (So were the best sea stars.) Saw one or possibly two immature bald eagles. Lovely day to walk Mile 157. View full report 3
156 JELong 06/21/2008 We saw very little wildife activity, only a few small shorebirds and the one eagle. There were extremely few items of any kind washed ashore, they had probably already been buried under the influx of sand that has washed ashore. View full report 0
121 LouiseW 06/22/2008 A few gulls foraging in the surf. Kelp/algae, shells and many crushed and broken barnacles, animal casings, wood pieces, land-based debris, plastic pellets and Styrofoam in the driftline. One unknown dead bird. Beach filled in above high tide line with some rocks exposed below high tide line. Nesting cormorants moving inland causing more dead trees. One nesting Pigeon Guillemot. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
128 Sarita 06/22/2008 On this beautiful day we also saw the shipwreck remains, previously seen by Jerry Chadwick and Dennis Phillips, now buried deeper in the sand.There also were at least two areas of ridge and runnel formation as sand moves onshore. Erosion of the foredune found the full length of mile. Two areas of pines had eroded from foredune. Large logs exposed in eroded foredune. Brown-red water pooled in footsteps near a riptide embayment at the north end of the mile. Shells, animal casings, sand dollars and eel grass in driftline. Large areas of broken shells. Many sand dollar fragments above riptide embayment. Many Brown Pelicans, 2 Turkey Vultures, 1 Crow, 2 Barn Swallows, 1 Bald Eagle and several flying cormorants. Two dead birds: Sooty Shearwater and juvenile gull. Moderate human impact (9)-4 walking, 5 horseback riding. Two dogs. Two ATV's in prohibited area. Low flying private aircraft. Small amount of litter. View full report 11