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216 Ranger Bug 11/11/2006 Mass stranding of jellyfish, primarily sea nettles (Chrysaora fuscescens). View full report 1
157 bzenderson 11/11/2006 Saw two seals in waves, wondering if Salmon are running up Tahkenitch Creek. Seen one large gull like bird on beach but flew off before we could ID it. Also seen Sanderlings, migrating geese, a Heron in creek, a few other swimming birds in waves. Found part of a whale skull, 58" though it was not wholly intact, it was probably a Gray Whale. View full report 0
216 Ranger Bug 11/12/2006 Many stranded sea gooseberries (Pleurobrachia bachei), a kind of ctenophore, or comb jelly. One dead immature male California sea lion near Don Davis Park. View full report 0
172 Oyster 11/16/2006 Home being built on dune edge. Possible Sun Fish. Immature Murrelet. Large piles of kelp. View full report 6
173 EarlandDonna 11/16/2006 House being built south of Sutton Creek. View full report 1
174 Foulkes 12/01/2006 Six large, tangled piles of Kelp all along the shore. Lots of new driftwood brought in by the recent storms. View full report 0
153 bebdhm 12/01/2006 Several piles of Bull Kelp, logs have been pushed back to the dunes by storms. Large roots have been washed away; they’ve been on the beach all year. View full report 0
93 H Witschi 12/02/2006 Kelp, algae and animal castings in driftline. Dead birds: 1 Western Grebe and 2 Common Murre. 1 entangled dead Northern Fur Seal, reported to Marine Mammal Stranding Network and they collected the seal for necropsy. Not much beach litter. Low human impact (1)-crossed New River by kayak and beachcombed for glass but found none. View full report 0
111 TRBishop 12/03/2006 Large amounts of seaweed on beach. Moderate human impact (10)-walking and panning for gold. View full report 0
168 DLouis 12/05/2006 Large amount of Ball kelp, huge piles, rest scattered along shoreline. Unusually larg waves, breaking far out, many dead birds. View full report 0
162 bwholler 12/06/2006 Plover recovery official said there were at least 41 Plovers in the area of the sand beach road where the ATV's enter the beach. They like to linger in and around the depressions made by the ATV's. This year's breeding season resulted in the highest number of fledglings in some time. View full report 0
176 Zurflueh 12/06/2006 Unusual number of streams arising from the foredune. Lots of logs and debris on the beach. View full report 0
169 bwholler 12/07/2006 Huge amount of Bull Kelp and wood pieces in wide driftline, quite dramatic. Sand has disappeared from in front of foredune. Sanderlings foraging at waterline, several groups of 8-30. Surf scoters in water. Many wood pieces with beaver teeth markings, obviously cut by beavers and have now washed down. View full report 0
161 bwholler 12/07/2006 Driftline with much kelp and wood. Kelp is starting to break down and disperse. Large masses of kelp deposited on beach during November’s big storms. Siltcoos River is still far to the south of the foredune of mile 161, with a vast, quiet flat beach between the river and the foredune. Five seals were in the river. Two dead, decomposing seals on the sand. View full report 0
176 CMHarvey 12/10/2006 Beach clean, people walking and enjoying the area. One dead Seagull. View full report 0
186 Joy186 12/11/2006 Beach was swept clean by strong winds. Two new building on bluff, one is a home and the other is large RV garage. Very high tide made beach access impossible. Road into Stonefield Beach was closed. Storms have brought logs high onto beach. View full report 0
124 B Gray 12/12/2006 Foraging shorebirds. Kelp, algae, and wood pieces in driftline. One dead Harbor seal and 1 dead and decayed sea lion. A few plastic bottles. 2 county law enforcement vehicles on beach. Low Human impact (2)-checking beach. View full report 0
189 naturegates 12/13/2006 Beach clean, some erosion of dune, south. People continue to slide down the dunes. View full report 0
129 [email protected] 12/15/2006 Huge knots of bull kelp, red lettuce algae and wood pieces in driftline. Clam shells and broken sand dollars on beach. Beach slopes gently to abrupt edge of foredune. Sand has been removed since November. Foraging shorebirds moving in response to humans. Living Surf Scoters, Western Grebes and gulls observed. Dead birds: 1 Rinoceros Auklet, 1 Cassins Auklet and 1 Western Grebe. Two dead California Sea Lions. Two street vehicles in allowed area. Seadrift debris mainly plastic bottles. Evidence of driftwood removal. Moderate Human impact (11)-6 walking and 5 driving View full report 0
171 kathrynl 12/16/2006 Lots of plastic debris left from this weeks storms. Bottles, tops, trays, milk carton. Filled 2 trash bags with debris. Logs and sand pushed high onto North Jetty from storms. Only two Gulls along drift line, many have flown inland. View full report 0
111 TRBishop 12/16/2006 2 deer in surf-one standing guard, younger one with “happy hooves” running around. Litter in driftline. Moderate human impact (6)- walking. View full report 0
110 BH 12/16/2006 Foraging shorebirds moving in reponse to humans. Kelp and small rocks in driftline. Very little driftwood. One dead Western Gull. Sand removed from beach and leveled. Moderate erosion on bluffs and rock faces. Foredune eroded. Clumps of gorse on beach. Evidence of wave overtopping. 2 auto tires, some crab pot gear and netting on beach. Moderate human impact (8)-2 walking, 3 sitting, 2 taking photographs, 1 rock-hunting. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 12/18/2006 Beach was very clean, as if winter storms and high tides had scoured the surface. Rippled dunes, noticed in the summer, were now gone and the beach was very flat. Tide was receding when I arrived. The bay side was spectacular -- birds everywhere... View full report 0
97 D Bilderback 12/19/2006 Eleven Snowy Plovers on dry sand and many Sanderlings foraging on wet sand. Nereocystis knots on beach. Small amount of Cryptoplura, Callophyllis and Rhodomenia in driftline with dune grass rhizomes, stems and leaves. Large logs and stumps on beach with 6 degree slope, seaward. Dead birds: 1 Rhinoceros Auklet, 2 Western Grebe, 1 Brown Pelican and 1 Common Murre. 1 dead Steller's Sea Lion pup. Bulldozer restoring Snowy Plover nesting site. Minimum amount of human debris. Low Human impact (1). View full report 0
96 D Bilderback 12/19/2006 Least Sandpiper and Dunlins foraging on beach. One Snowy Plover. Large logs on beach with 6 degree slope. Waves eroding sand to create small vertical cliff. Waves overtopping 500 feet into Snowy Plover nesting area. Nereocystis knots on beach. Small amount of Hymenena in driftline. Dead birds: 1 American Coot, 4 Western Grebe, 1 Northern Fulmar, 1 Rhinoceros Auklet and 4 Common Murre. Bulldozer restoring Snowy Plover nesting habitat. Low Human Impact (1). View full report 0
118 D Bone 12/20/2006 A 3ft. Santa Claus in driftline south of Sea Lion Overlook. 1 decomposed sea lion. Beach and trail free of litter. Benches free of vandalism. Wood chips placed on trail but still has a water”gully” in it. Cliff erosion north and south of overlook. Northern plant reclamation areas has been expanded. Southern plant reclaimation area has “moat” around it. Cracks forming along tree roots on point with southern bench. Moderate human impact (9)-3 walking, 5 watching sea lions and 1 playing with dog. View full report 0
188 claretucker 12/21/2006 Quiet day at Strawberry, surf seems high. Some sand moving out. Heard Oystercatcher on outer rocks. View full report 0
180 krystrom 12/21/2006 Clean beach, some bluff erosion, landslides. View full report 0
102 D Brittain 12/21/2006 Large logs and wood debris on Mile 102 from high tide line to base of foredune. Evidence of wave overtopping with wood debris on top of foredune and on eastern side of foredune. Sandy area inland from dunes flooded forming a large-sized shallow pool. Low human impact (4)-1 walking dog and 3 rockhunting. View full report 0
157 VKnox2 12/22/2006 Monstrous piles of Bull Kelp. One lone strand of Feather Boa... a first. Hundreds of Sanderlings. View full report 0
221 lipberm 12/28/2006 A mild, magical day in between storms, and our first realization of just how much sand is moved onto and off of the beach below Schooner Point as the seasons and prevailing winds change. Closer examination reveals that sizable chunks of that bluff have developed "caves" behind them since mid-June and might slough off in this winter's storms. At almost any time since June that we have walked on the beach by Schooner Point (we live on top of this bluff) we have seen small rocks and soil falling from the bluff face, but the evidence is washed away daily with the tides. We would appreciate advice (and available history) on how to measure this (or any) bluff's erosion with some degree of accuracy. View full report 0
145 [email protected] 12/28/2006 High Wave Action, water to tops of drift line, snowing, sleeting. View full report 0
253 JSteiner 12/29/2006 A very quiet day. The ocean has been very rough lately, and very high. A large amount of large driftwood on beach. One Bald Eagle on tree, back side of Proposal Rock. Many gulls foraging along the beach at mouth of Neskowin Creek. View full report 0
107 sunsmith 12/30/2006 Shorebirds foraging in surfline. 3 dead Western Grebe, 1 dead large squid. Wood pieces in driftline. Foredune north of Cut Creek washed away. Bunches of rope, broken crab pots and bait containers on beach. Observed a person removing driftwood as firewood on beach and reported this to Parks and Recreation Department. 7 street vehicles in allowed area. Evidence of tracks of illegal ORV on beach. Moderate human impact (7)-7 walking dogs View full report 0
121 LouiseW 12/31/2006 Wood pieces and large amount of land-based debris, plastic pellets and Styrofoam in driftline. Large amounts of rock exposed on beach, mostly around permitted concrete structure. Walked with C. Stevenson, OPRD, who had some concerns about drainage pipes and one structure. Moderate human impact (5)- surfing. View full report 1
234 kfharcourt 12/31/2006 one attempt at making a fire. Plastic litter most likely from the sea during recent storms. At least 12 dogs, most of them loose. In the driftline were some small plastic items, rocks. As to shoreline mods: Some rip rap is probably new. There is continued slow to moderate bluff erosion. View full report 0
168 [email protected] 01/01/2007 It was a beautiful day, clean beach, no problems. View full report 0
207 Prince Hal 01/01/2007 The sandstone (or mudstone – I think I’ve called it both) benches in the southern two-thirds of the mile were much more exposed than last time. The large stump/rootwad base has continued to be pushed further north, and now seems to be some 600 meters N of the access point (a guess). View full report 0
181 [email protected] 01/03/2007 Windy and rainy day, more rocks exposed with washed up kelp and animal casings. View full report 0
113 rheadohner 01/03/2007 Storms and high tides made Sacchi Beach inaccessible. Much sand removed from beach, leaving only a few low drifts. View full report 0
112 rheadohner 01/03/2007 Massive sand removal exposing rocks the first time in years. Many pieces of driftwood. View full report 0
175 Caples 01/05/2007 Significant removal of sand around Berry Creek (picture) 5-degree beach slope, several large logs, new on beach. Tropical tree fern stem on beach, a few black walnuts in driftline. Wrack very thin and sparse, one area of beach had many bird (Sanderling) tracks, another area extensively pecked or foraged.2 Bald Eagles (1 mature, 1 immature) at Berry Creek. View full report 2
155 ploverlover 01/06/2007 Since September when I last observed, the trailhead has eroded away. Shore Pines that have recently been eroded were evident in the heavy surf. I would estimate about twenty-five yards to fifty yards of the trail are gone.The ocean had two feet deep foam drifts which looked like snow drifts. View full report 0
183 RMSherriffs 01/07/2007 Winter day on the beach, rain and strong wind.The bluffs are being undercut by the surf and creek action, also there were large piles of driftwood next to the bluff south of the new bridge construction. View full report 0
102 D Brittain 01/08/2007 It was a beastly day, Jan. 8th-but I enjoyed being alone and feeling very tiny amidst the wild sea and the approaching storm clouds. Small amounts of kelp, shells and wood in driftline. High tides have reached to foredune on portions of beach. Foraging shorebirds. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
172 Oyster 01/08/2007 Storm waves bringing in many drift trees; as well as wood, shells, wood debris. Very little sand to walk on (end of high tide.)One Murrelet freshly dead. View full report 0
168 DLouis 01/10/2007 Approximately 100-foot area of greenish foam and lots of purple Vetch in bloom. View full report 0
214 ocayouthvol 01/11/2007 There was snow that day (though none on the beach at that time) and suprisingly few people for such a beautiful day. No obvious changes were noted. View full report 0
96 D Bilderback 01/13/2007


View full report
198 bahngarten 01/14/2007 Some high surf erosion of dune plants, and regreat of bluff. It is in a signed "closure" area, about midway of the mile. Photos taken. It does not aplp[ear to be major erosion, just noticeable. View full report 0
241 newwade 01/15/2007 Dead bird counts for University of Washington have been small numbers (3-4 birds) and mostly common murres and western grebes. Driftline Content: There are a lot of large logs and heavy wrack in some areas, as well as enough garbage that I will go back for a special garbage run....lots of plastic. Erosion: Mile 241 is cycling thru its beach erosion phase as nearly 1/3 mile at the point between Nelscott beach and Canyon Drive is bedrock or gravel bed....most I have seen in eight years. Bank erosion on the bluffs is also evident, and I would guess some houses don't have too much longer to live. View full report 0
296 Coopersmith 01/15/2007 MAJOR LITTER (needs a truck to remove):Red buoy washed up on dune; White plastic shelter by GRI-Plastics, Grassie, Ontario: big enough for a small family or 2 St. Bernards. View full report 0
261 J.M. Trunkey 01/16/2007 They are building the motel - as you can see.I liked the display chart and information board near Haystack rock and The Pelican [photo]The sand had come way up onto the pavement by The Pelican Rest. and near the home's foundations. [photo] View full report 2
339 RKAdams 01/16/2007 Nice sunny day on beach; little car traffic, but lots of birds foraging. Plastic litter retrieved and removed. View full report 0
172 Oyster 01/16/2007 Dogs off leash ran after "sandpipers" and seagulls. Generally clean beach, sand is gone compared with last week. View full report 0
123 JoAnne 01/20/2007 Kelp/algae, shells, small rocks, wood pieces. Land-and ocean-based debris and styrofoam block in driftline. Foraging shorebirds moving in response to dogs. Dune nodification due to recent storms and increase in 4-wheelers driving over smaller dunes onto the beach. Erosion of vegetated foredune and newly exposed roots/trees falling. One unknown dead bird. Heavy human impact (52)-45 walking and 7 sitting. One vehicle backed onto the beach and parked for a tailgate party. Concerned about litter. View full report 1
220 lmabeggs 01/21/2007 Winter storms have taken their toll on this beach. The sand is gone in much of the areas close to the bluffs, exposing many rocks that make walking on the beach difficult. We noted that the tree trunk seen in October is exposed a lot more now, and that bluff has changed shape quite a bit. There are recent slides of trees coming down off of the cliffs and large rocks on the beach. One area where we have noted trees leaning, etc, now shows even more erosion and the leaning trees are laying down. The stairs rebuilt last Spring by Schooner Creek Condos are damaged but usable. View full report 0
120 yogabigail 01/21/2007 Kelp/algae, shells, animal casings, eel grass and small rocks in driftline. Canadian Geese swimming in Sunset Bay, Western Gulls on shore. Landslide on side of bay. Tidal surge deposited stones on trail at south end of bay. Dead birds: 1 Western Grebe and 1 Scoter. Moderate human impact (11)-2 kayaking, 1 boating, 8 walking or jogging. 3 people climbing on sea cliff were reported to park officials and police. View full report 3
186 TEMcConnaughey 01/22/2007 Very nice day. The beach was being cleaned up by six Angel Job Corps people. We took many pictures. Saw some evidence of bluff erosion and major boulder falls. View full report 0
98 shepherd 01/23/2007 European beach grass, shells, animal casings, kelp, styrofoam, skate egg case, in driftline. One dead Western Gull. Erosion of vegetated foredune. Foredune removal for Snowy Plover habitat restoration. Low human impact (3)-3 walking. 1 dog. View full report 0
326 seasurf 01/24/2007 Actually a pretty quiet day, the surf was low, more like a summer surf. The sun was warm, and the few people were all just enjoying the walk. Our access to the beach is on a trail crossing the european beach grass and dunes for maybe a quarter mile to the beach. Some of the residents of the homes on the edge of the dunes have recently cut down the shore pines that were obstructing their view. Appreciate submitting it this way, will submit photos with future reports - Thank you! View full report 0
197 [email protected] 01/24/2007 I see the Indian hogan type house near the south end of my route has had the sandbags removed and a low cement retaining wall has been poured. Generally, a very clean beach. Small rocks, a bit of kelp. View full report 0
213 [email protected] 01/24/2007 A friend mentioned that water flowing to the beach beneath a slanted grating that she climbed across was foul smelling. View full report 0
259 powston1 01/24/2007 Mother Nature has created a steep bank from the west side of the foredune down to the wet sand beach along much of the mile. The restroom at Bob Straub State Park was heavily tagged with graffiti. View full report 1
300 [email protected] 01/25/2007 Dead sea lion at north end of beach. Pretty calm. View full report 0
123 JoAnne 01/27/2007 Kelp/algae and logs in driftline. One unknown dead bird. Foraging shorebirds moving in response to people and dogs. Heavy human impact (52)-41 walking and 11 sitting, 15 dogs. Dune modification due to driving over dune onto sand. Tire ruts in sand. Reported to ODPR increased vehicle traffic on closed beach. Concerned about litter. View full report 1
205 Leslie 01/27/2007 I and the group with me collected five SOLV bags of trash. View full report 0
305 Vivi Tallman 01/27/2007 Black sand beach was splendid in the sunshine! One metal 50 gallon drum. No human impact. All as should be, best as I can see. View full report 0
109 Foggy 01/28/2007 Heavy human (33), dog (8) and vehicle (17) use, on a beautiful day. 55-gallon drum of old oil half buried in sand, reported to Robin Sears, Parks South Coast Ranger. Piece of hull of fiberglass boat washed up on rocks. View full report 3
220 lmabeggs 01/28/2007 Much less sand than last summer. Many small rocks cover the beach. Earthen steps at access area have been washed away, so access is difficult. Landslides and erosion of bluffs is a continuing feature of this beach. View full report 1
31 Joseph 01/28/2007 Beautiful morning between winter storms, not as much beach debris as in past winters View full report 0
210 MRedmond 01/29/2007 It was a beautiful sunny day. People were walking, exercising their dogs, and looking for rocks. Bird life (crows, gulls, sanderlings) was abundant. Life is beautiful. View full report 0
197 [email protected] 01/30/2007 There was possibly someone clamming; we saw no digging but one person had a bucket, and another some sort of tool.A balk eagle flew out and flew lazy circles over us a few times. View full report 0
163 mjohnson 01/30/2007 Few ATVs seen on this visit. Several sections of beach are eroded back to the base of the foredune; most of the beach is still gently sloping. Small creek near south end of mile is running straight to ocean without pooling up at base of foredunes as in summer/fall. Found a dead cormorant, dead guillemot, and, oddly, a freshly dead juvenile mink at the high tide line. View full report 0
213 [email protected] 01/31/2007 Big balls of kelp were gone today, and even more wood was strewn on the beach. Several pieces of yellow rope, miscellaneous small plastic items, a large plastic tub-like item (almost bathtub size), an item that looked rather like a rectangular table top. Again today, an eagle came and did a few circles over us. View full report 0
261 J.M. Trunkey 02/01/2007 The public parking lot at Cape Kiwanda was used as a staging site for the construction of the retaining wall(a huge retaining wall)The county parks department approved the use of the county parking lot be used by the construction company.
The motel being constructed is the structure OregonShores assisted us in attempting to stop development about year 2000. Our efforts went to LUBA where we were overturned. We were successful in getting the setback widened at the county planning level. View full report
215 [email protected] 02/01/2007 [No summary notes included - cwe] View full report 0
218 Liz O. 02/02/2007 One boat piece was north of the wayside and was about 4'x 10'. The other piece was just south of the wayside up near the bluff and was about 3' x 3'. The pieces seemed to be fibreglass/wood.The 2 wood beams 2x4?or 2x6 were south of the wayside.The creek was flowing vigorously from just south of the wayside going north. It has widened quite substantially running along the bluff line, enough so that it it now quite impassable. Agate Beach now has two sizable creeks flowing into the ocean. The one is now much closer to the Wayside than in past seasons.The large drainpipe that goes under 101 had no water draining from it. Is it possible water has been diverted upstream into the creek which is now dumping more out at the Wayside? Could this be why it has grown so much and moved in a more southerly direction of late? View full report 0
119 dpackard 02/03/2007 A typical overcast winter morning. Steady SW breeze. Many seagulls patrolling the coastline, a few crows foraging in the trees. Saw a lightly colored seal (Harbor seal) resting on rock reef. A fence piece is missing just south of the Shore Acres viewing station. In the cove below botanical gardens, lots of new kelp washed all the way up to the trail. See pictures. Low human impact (3) walking, one dog. View full report 4
298 nkn pete 02/03/2007 Surveyed the beach with members of the NKN Natural Resources Club. Two full SOLV bags of trash collected, 1 10-gal plastic can + one 3' plastic yard fence. Most garbage ~90% was plastic (land based) except for the plastic (5%) rope found, glass bottles 5%. View full report 0
123 JoAnne 02/04/2007 Kelp/algae and wood pieces in driftline. One unknown dead bird. Dune modification. Removed two bags of litter. Heavy human impact (43)-30 walking, 3 playing in surf, 4 sitting, 5 surfing, 1 kiteflying. 15 dogs. A small pick-up truck driving on beach outside allowed area. Surfers erected a tent on beach. Six pallets stacked on beach. View full report 1
198 bahngarten 02/04/2007 Large, copious kelp beds we observed earlier this winter ae now very dehydrated beds of rope. Some fishing rope is entwined in them. On the beach at Beachside State Park, at surf side, we saw Western Sandpipers for as far as we could look to the north -- perhaps a thousand of them. View full report 0
221 coastwalker221 02/04/2007

Low levels of sand piling over all areas except Schooner Point. Beach rack line is typically several yards westward of average summer lines, indicating ocean waves are not flowing as high on the beach as they do in summer months. Almost no human litter anywhere on the Mile. Some new rip rap has been placed on beach below some of the bluffs that have houses perched atop. Five trees have tumbled off the side or top of the bluffs on the stretch called the Moolack Slide since last report. Also several scars on the sides of these bluffs with soil type talus on the beach below them indicate land sloughing since last report, signs of steady westward bluff erosion. In general, saw one small flock of resting seagulls, 12 - 14 birds. Sand piling level was about 5 feet below the usual summer high level, typically happening in August. This current high piling level indicates that there is an unusually higher-than-normal deposition of beach sand by natural means for this time of the year. In February, the sand level should be several feet lower at the site I measured it, Schooner Point. Elsewhere on Mile 221, bedrock exposure and the seaward line of beach rack brought about by incoming waves show the usual low level of deposited sand for wintertime. Why does Schooner Point get more sand deposit than the rest of the Mile?

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111 TRBishop 02/04/2007 Restrooms closed and replaced by portable toilet at Seven Devils Wayside. Also, old drinking fountain replaced by interpretative sign. Asphalt path and firering removed and reseeded. New access stairs to creek and beach. Heavy human impact (20) walking, playing in surf and sitting. Concerned about beach litter. View full report 0
196 bertjohnst 02/05/2007 Beach unusually storm-swept, but otherwise its normal wild self. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 02/07/2007 I'm surprised I did not encounter dead birds on this beach. View full report 0
245 The Druid 02/08/2007 My visiting son, Mark and I walked Mile 245 today....very pleasant weather day, no wind. There were about 10 walkers, 2 dogs. Large driftwood logs on South end of mile....lots of mussel shells on North end of Mile. Clean beach as it was close to high tide. No sign of possible lumber, reported to have been washing in to our shores. Why I mention I was with my son: to verify that we saw, 4 teen age girls and one young man, all in bikini swim suits racing down and taking a swim in the ocean. Not just a dip -- they were in as far as they could go -- on Feb. 8, no less! View full report 0
172 Oyster 02/08/2007 Locals mentioned seeing unusually high number of dead "birds" but didn't know what kind. Storm swept drift wood and trees abound. Sutton Creek exit to ocean seem to be meander north. Bluff erosion (see photo) but may be seasonal. View full report 7
173 EarlandDonna 02/09/2007 Light human impact: 9 people, 4 dogs. Sutton Creek running at moderate speed and moved even farther north. View full report 0
211 Gibsjerry 02/09/2007 Much sand lost compared to last survey. Flat, sandy beach with considerable cobble on beach near Thiel Creek. Several rooted Sitka Spruce sticking out of the sand near Thiel Creek. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 02/11/2007 Very quiet day, thought more people would be clamming. View full report 0
162 papa troll 02/11/2007 Sunday midday, outgoing high tide. Strong South wind with some rain. Clean beach, no debris. View full report 0
172 Oyster 02/11/2007 High water, high wind equals beautiful drifts of foam. No debris present. Lots of logs, lumber, and shells. Ocean & beach very clean. Sutton Creek, at the bend entering the ocean, is more like a bay today. Plentiful rain increased size of natural creeks coming up from sand. View full report 3
158 VKnox2 02/12/2007 The Guard is doing a great job of removing beach grass and sand thereby enhancing habitat for the Snowy Plover. Sadly, beach grass expansion has engulfed several areas populated by Spiranthes, Orchids, and Verbena further south. I will not be surprised if both the Rein-orchids and Ladies Tresses become extirpated from this area. View full report 2
184 [email protected] 02/12/2007

Proposed huge house to be built on bluff which is zoned Significant Natural Shoreline. Filed appeal with Lane county hearing on 2/15, awaiting outcome. 3 CoastWatchers showed up for hearing. Thank you to Linda & Bob Fleming, Phillip Johnson of CoastWatch and Cameron La Follette, Roger Hart and Bill Kabeisman of Oregon Shores for their assistance with concerns about Lane County ignoring environmental protections for the beach.

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293 ducks73 02/17/2007 3 dead birds: 2 murre, 1 unknown (long neck, yellow feet)Retreat of solid bluff: homes south of Wayside. Overtopping: wood on riprap.Backfill from riprap on beach N/S of NW 6th. View full report 0
141 KerrieP 02/17/2007 This beach mile is difficult to access. This last trip I accessed from the Umpqua Third Beach parking lot. I was amazed and sadden to see what is happening to this section of the coast. those of you that have not been there in a year will be astounded to find the amount of development for OHV users is amazing. Use is up tremendously making the area unpalatable for non-motorized recreationists not to mention wildlife(though Douglas County planners thought they could be everything to everyone). There needs to be a push to the Forest Service to close the second beach parking lot to ATVs so there is at least one partial refuge from the noise. I was told that would happen when the other ATV access sites were in but no change to date. The FS does seem to be making an effort to block access points to the beach and I was pleased to see no tracks on this visit. Infractions are usually noted as people want to get away from the crowds and explore. Sanderlings foraging in surfline. Shells, animal casings, wood pieces, ocean-based debris and Styrofoam in driftline. No vehicles or OHV's on allowed beach. Moderate Human impact (12)-6 playhing in sand and 6 sitting, 3 dogs. View full report 0
220 CoastalKaren 02/17/2007 There was quite a lot of litter onl the beach this weekend. Filled a garbage bag, and could have filled another, if I had an extra with me. View full report 0
200 bluemoonjoanie 02/18/2007 It was a beautiful mostly sunny mild day on mile 200. The 4 young boys by themselves was parents in site. This was one of the highest tides I have seen in a long time.There seemed like a lot of litter/debrie. Good thing the Spring SOLV clean-up is coming up soon. View full report 0
264 rbourke 02/18/2007 Due to the bad weather, very little human or bird activity. Extremely large piece of a ship, barge or dock on north end of mile 264. This could present a danger if anyone was close and it was hit by the surf. I would estimate that it is aprox. 10 - 12 feet by 20 - 30 feet and about 1 ft. thick. View full report 0