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CoastWatch Mile 335
DescriptionColumbia Beach, Coffenbury Lake, Fort Stevens SP
Boundaries N 46° 10.488', W 123° 58.691' to N 46° 9.609', W 123° 58.21'
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OPRD MapColumbia River to Necanicum River (1)
Vehicles• Motor vehicle travel is allowed at any time between the Peter Iredale Road (46° 10.6950', Mile 336), southerly to the beach ramp at Gearhart (46° 01.8570', Mile 326).
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Walking dogs   7/19/16

Jun 5, 2016 8:35 AM
Beautiful morning; calm, light wind. Lots of clam diggers and cars. Not much disturbance on the dunes. Some replanted European beachgrass near wrack line. Wrack line had mainly small natural stuff in it. Small amount of debris, mainly plastic bottles manufactured in the U.S. Lots of fire pits, some still smoldering with no people attending them. One osprey, 3 ravens, some small groups of seagull (10 to 20.   MORE 
Beach mile 335   
Description:People, vehicles, wood, and dune.
Wrack Line   
Description:Small wrack line, small size debris.
Location:South end of mile 335
European Beach Grass    
Description:Someone replanted the grass near wrack line.
Location:South end of mile 335
Wrack Line Debris   
Description:Feathers, some up-dwelling debris, grass, seaweed, small amount of man made plastics, casting, pieces of shells.
Location:mile 335
Description:Smoldering fires, mainly all burning on large to med logs.
Location:middle section mile 335
Description:Dunes mainly intact through mile 335.
Human Activity   
Description:Clam diggers
Human Activity   
Description:Or should I say NON-activity.
Fishing net   
Description:Small net, plastic.
Location:South end of mile 335
Bag of Debris   
Description:A variety of stuff.
Apr 17, 2016 12:30 PM
Beautiful warm day. Lots of human activity and vehicles. Collected a quantity of human and fishing debris, 2 pairs of sandals. Still finding tsunamis debris. No glass bottles today. Activity in dunes; forts, tunnels, climbing. Erosion...dunes siding and new roots. Scattered wood and lots of old decayed "By the Wind Sailors."   MORE 
Looking toward the Peter Iredale    
Description:Cars, trucks, SUVs and people on beach.
Location:Ft. Stevens SP northern part of mile 335
Japanese Debris   
Description:Plastic bottle.
Location:south- mile 335
Asian can   
Description:Asian writing on back.
Location:midway mile 335
Human Debris   
Description:Looks like something from a washing machine or boat.
Location:midway mile 335
Human Debris   
Description:Lots of plastics, cups, bowls, lighters, bottles. Also fish nets, ropes, filters, etc.
Location:mile 335
Dunes Giving Way   
Description:Dunes giving way and fresh roots.
Location:mile 335
Human Activity in Dunes   
Description:Found tunnels in dunes
Location:midway mile 335
Wrack Line   
Description:Old "By the Wind Sailors" along wrack line. Also crab castings, shells, and other natural debris.
Location:mile 335
Human Activity   
Description:Climbing dunes, building forts out of driftwood.
Location:mile 335
Description:Found 2 sets of sandals that visitors left.
Location:mile 335
Human Beach Debris   
Description:Picked up 2 bags and a large piece of styrofoam. Left at Peter Iredale entrance.
Location:mile 335
Mar 30, 2016 12:05 PM
Sunny mild day with little wind. Counted 18 cars parked at the access point (Peter Iredale), 16 cars on the beach, and 26 people, more than half of whom were sitting or playing in the sand. A few were willing to actually try wading in the cold surf, 7 in all. In addition, a couple of people were clamming in the surf. All in all, a nice day at the beach, with only a mild odor of rotting Velella velella. Nothing significant to report.   MORE 
Mar 10, 2016 6:00 PM
Survey taken after a big storm. Enormous amounts of plastics and debris, more than I've even seen before. Too much to pick it all up. I concentrated on macro-plastics, bottles, and fishing gear; 2 bags full. Surprised NOT to see any dead birds or other species on beach. A couple items with barnacles on them- I believe native. Peter Iredale (Fort Stevens State Park) entrance blocked by driftwood. High water throughout entrance roads.   MORE 
Bags of debris   
Description:Bags of bottles, fishing gear, shoes, and macro-plastics.
High water at entrance to beach   
Location: Fort Steven's State Park; Peter Iredale entrance
Dune Erosion   
Description:Dune erosion- cut back of vegetation.
Location:mile 335
Human activity   
Description:Dog walking
Location:mile 335
Beach Debris   
Description:Variety of beach debris
Location:mile 335
Description:Massive amounts of micro-plastics
Location:mile 335
Description:I believe these are native or universal
Location:mile 335 disposed of
Pastic Bottle   
Description:Light blue plastic bottle. Looked up; from Germany.Nivea Hair Care Stock (light blue bottle)
Location:mile 335
Tropicana Plastic Bottle   
Description:Asian writing on bottle cap and lower part of bottle
Location:mile 335
Tropicana Plastic Bottle   
Description:Asian writing on lower part of bottle
Location:mile 335
Lighter - Cuba   
Description:Writing on front and back of lighter. Looked if Leopoldo Romanach Coleccion De Arte Cubano (cigarette lighter) up.
Location:mile 335
Glass bottle   
Description:Asian Writing on front top and bottle.
Location:mile 335
Glass bottle   
Description:Asian writing on front and bottom.
Location:mile 335
Asian float   
Description:Small blue float (?) with Asian writing. One of 3 pictures.
Location:mile 335
Small Asian float   
Description:Small blue float (?) with Asian writing. One of 3 pictures.
Location:mile 335
Small Asian float   
Description:Small blue float (?) with Asian writing. One of 3 pictures.
Location:mile 335
All Items Previously Discribed in Photos   
Description:Blue plastic bottle with Asian writing, clear plastic bottle with Asian writing on cap and lower edge, lighter (Cuba), glass bottle with Asian writing, and small blue float with Asian writing.
Location:mile 335
Jan 10, 2016 4:10 PM
Beautiful day. Small amount of people at the beach, mostly clam diggers. A great amount of mirco and macro plastics and bottles. Some fishing equipment, ropes and nets. Other man made items, 3 tooth brushes and 2 sandles. Found one glass bottle, maybe from Russia. Horse tracks. Down the beach a few miles was a fire ball entertainer and a eagle.   MORE 
High tide line   
Description:High tide line. A multitude of items on the beach.
plastic debris   
Description:Micro and macro plastics, Styrofoam.
Description:Might be Russian. Anyone know?
horse tracks   
clam diggers   
Description:Clam diggers who don't went to get water!
Cattail plumes?   
Description:There was a lot of fiberous material in the surf.
Down the beach a few mile (Sunset beach)   
Description:Fire Balls.
Nov 2, 2015 12:40 PM
Overall a nice day, cloudy with some openings of sunshine. Beach scattered with natural material, seaweed, wood, shells, etc. One recently washed up brown pelican (eaten body). Lots of large moon jellies. Ocean rough, large waves and updwelling material. Found 4 small sunfish just north of the Sunset Beach access (not my mile).   MORE 
South of Peter Iredale   
Description:Beach debris
Dune pathway   
Large Moon jelly   
Sea foam   
Description:Lots of rich sea updwelling.
Dead Brown Pelican   
Description:Head off
Aug 15, 2015 1:30 PM
Nice day, lots of activity north at the Peter Iredale. Quieter on my mile. Small amount and pieces of native debris. Calm with light breeze. Some dead birds, thought they were Cassin Auklets, but might of been Common Murres.   MORE 
May 24, 2015 1:15 PM
Pretty nice day. Not much left behind from the tide. Busy beach. just a small amount of shells, small rocks, wood, and algae. There was a bag with army colors and writing and a black glove. One beer can. One log cut by chainsaw. No dead birds or mammals. Old dry decaying sail-boats. Three groups of people with one or more dogs. One kite flying. One handglider1. One wind pulled go-cart. 2 groups picnicking, 1 with a fire. Kids playing on the dunes and 2 families near the water.   MORE 
Mile 335   
Description:Pics for the day.
Location:Mile 335 Coffenberry Lake section
Hand Glider?    
Wood removal    
Description:cut with chainsaw.
SUV riding on the dunes    
Description:Down the beach from my survey site. Probably strawberry null.
Apr 27, 2015 2:30 PM
Pleasantly warm day with quite a few people enjoying the warm weather, sunning themselves or wading in the surf (21 people and 4 dogs and 12 cars on the beach, 24 cars in parking lot). The only drawback was the powerful smell of rotting velella velella, which was in very high concentrations on the beach. We found a large diameter rope in the drift line that was covered with live gooseneck barnacles. Although we don't believe they are of any concern, we reported it to a ranger at Fort Stevens. They said they would go pick it up.   MORE 
Mar 17, 2015 3:30 PM
Weather fair with a light breeze. Fairly quiet on mile 335; a couple clam diggers, a family playing and a walker (on a cell phone). It was nice NOT to see a lot of plastic debris on the beach. Most of the shoreline was covered with organic debris; wood (all sizes), grass and reeds, animal casings, etc. Lots of crab castings, broken large sea shells, and several unbroken sand-dollars. There were a lot of burnt tree stumps and large pieces of wood. This could be due to all the nice weather and people building fire. Only one dead Common murre. On the way home, about 3.3 miles south of the Ft. Stevens State park entrance there was a dead sealion on the beach. I noticed it because several ravens were on it. There was also an eagle watching nearby. The birds seem to be doing a good job consuming it (3/4 gone), so I didn't report it. The body still had it's intestines, flippers, back and head, but the ribs and underside were licked clean. I wanted to state that the dunes between Ft. Stevens to Sunset beach entrance had SEVERAL 4-wheel drive tracks running up and down them. More than usual.   MORE 
Organic Debris on beach   
Location:Beach mile 335
Lots of seafoam and diatom debris.   
Location:Mile 335
Sanderling and sand pipers   
Dead Sealion   
Location:3.3 miles from Ft. Stevens State park entrance
Dead Common Murre   
Description:Watching ravens eat dead sealion. Location was about 3.5 miles south of Peter Iredale shipwreak, Ft Steven.
Feb 11, 2015 1:00 PM
The day was clam, warm and cloudy. Only observed 3 cars, which includes mine. One lady collecting driftwood and one man sitting in his car smoking. Tide was midway-coming in (1:00pm). Kelp clusters and up-dwelling foam all over the beach. Many shorebirds were taking advantage of up-dwelling organisms. Saw 2 seagull and several groups of sandpipers (please check picture to verify species) Only saw 1 dead seagull and 6 dead Cassin's Auklets; however, the sand was covering beach debris due to a previous wind storm, so there are probably many more birds under the sand. The sand is still building up on top of the existing dunes. The shoreline was mainly full of larger macro plastics. We collected 2 garbage bags full and left them at the restroom in the Sunset Recreation parking lot for park staff to pick up. Crab casting, razor clams shells and many smaller shells were scattered along the shoreline. No mammals seen. Overall, a good day to be on the beach and collect debris.   MORE 
Fort Stevens area mile 335   
Description:Lucia with large plastic debris.
Location:# 335
Cassin's Auklet   
Shore birds (sandpipers ?)   
Jan 19, 2015 3:30 PM
Human activity was very light. A beautiful sunny day with no wind. Sand is building up on top of the European beach grass, developing higher dunes. The debris on the beach was shocking. Macro and micro plastics were spread along the entire beach. There was a variety of garbage; bottles, bottle tops, cans,large piece of plastics, wood, paper. No marine mammals sighted. It was devastating to see the among of dead birds. The majority Cassin's auklets. Past news reports indicate starvation or extensive storm activity.    MORE 
Jan 14, 2015 2:00 PM
The die-off of Cassin's Auklets was very apparent; we counted 252 of them. There were 6 cars at our access point (Peter Iredale parking lot). We counted 5 cars driving on the beach, but didn't see any people at all on the beach.   MORE 
Apr 20, 2014 11:30 AM
Pleasant sunny day at the beach. Nine cars, 10 people walking on the sand, one dog. Nothing unusual to report.   MORE 
Apr 16, 2013 12:00 PM
Sunny day with mild wind from the west. There were 9 cars at the access point (Peter Iredale). We saw 3 people walking on our mile, plus 2 people trying to get a parasail into the air, for a total of 5 people. Nine cars drove by, plus one low ATV pulling a parasail. We didn't see any notable wildlife, dead or alive. There was less debris on the beach than usual, and hardly any styrofoam, probably because of recent beach cleanups. There were quite a few pieces of weathered milled lumber though, more than we're used to seeing.   MORE 
Oct 17, 2012 11:30 AM
Pleasant sunny day at the beach, with almost no wind. We didn't see any people or vehicles on our mile. There was, however, a small pickup truck stuck in the sand and abandoned, with high tides starting to surround it. We reported the vehicle to Fort Stevens personnel. The beach looked very clean, with little debris to be found. There was no sign of changes to the shoreline, either natural or human-caused. As far as wildlife, there were small groups of sanderlings foraging near the wave line, and we saw two dead gulls.   MORE 
Apr 11, 2012 10:00 AM
Pleasant morning at the beach. Minus tide, with 13 people clamming, plus 1 person walking (total of 14 people on the mile). There were 7 cars parked at the access area, and 20 cars driving or parked in allowable areas on the beach. There was a heavy deposit of shells, sand dollars, and crab bodies along our mile. Storms had eroded the dunes to such an extent that they were unclimbable cliffs. We saw some unfamiliar shapes of plastic bottles on the wrack line --- not sure if they were from Japan.   MORE 
Dec 22, 2011 3:00 PM
12/22/2011, 3:00 pm. Mild day at the beach (about 40 degrees) with a low tide (-.9). 35 people clamming, and three people walking (2 dogs). 9 cars in the parking lot and 25 cars on the beach in allowable areas. Beautiful sunset by the time we were completing our mile (and getting our clams). No unusual driftline content, just some shells.   MORE 
Sep 21, 2011 1:45 PM
Calm quiet day at the beach: only seven people and three cars on the beach. Two people were walking, two were playing with a boogie board in the surf, and three were standing next to their bicycles talking as we left our mile. There was an unusual amount of kelp along the wrack line. There was no sign of human-caused changes to the shoreline. There were groups of sanderlings on our mile, but no one was bothering them.   MORE 
Oct 6, 2010 4:00 PM
Beautiful warm and sunny day on the beach. There were a lot of people hunting for clams, but few were finding any. We got eight clams between the two of us and had a very nice dinner that evening!   MORE 
Jun 17, 2010 10:00 AM
June 17th was a week-day clamming tide, with a moderate number of clammers and vehicles on the beach, but all behaving well. There was some evidence of driving up in the dunes at the south end of the mile. There were many flocks of cormorants flying back and forth just beyond the surf.   MORE 
Apr 19, 2010 8:45 AM
Fairly windy and cold morning with a lot of clammers out. Did not find a lot of plastic debris as was reported in the Tillamook area.   MORE 
Jan 27, 2010 1:30 PM
Could have spent the whole day collecting the plastic bottles and plastic mess along the drift line. We carried out what we could. We didn't see any brown pelicans, dead or alive.   MORE 
Jun 12, 2009 8:00 AM
A fairly low tide brought out a lot of clammers. Most people were getting their limits. There were more dead crabs along the surf line than normal.   MORE 
Mar 18, 2009 11:40 AM
Quiet day on the beach, with only 7 people and 4 cars. We didn't find any dead birds or mammals, and there wasn't anything unusual in the driftline. The only wildlife were sanderlings and a few gulls.   MORE 
Dec 5, 2008 2:00 PM
Beautiful partly sunny day at the beach. Any people we saw appeared to be enjoying the welcome break in the weather. Nothing unusual to report.   MORE 
Jun 24, 2008 10:30 AM
Pleasant weather with little wind. Very few people on the beach within our mile, but Peter Iredale (adjacent mile north) had a fairly large number of visitors.   MORE 
Apr 3, 2008 4:00 PM
More activity than normal because of Spring Break. Few shore birds. No speeding or erratic driving.   MORE 
Sep 22, 2007 2:00 PM
Very uneventful. SOLV's beach cleanup occurred last Saturday, so beach was very clean.   MORE 
Jun 22, 2007 11:45 AM
Quiet day at beach, with evidence of driving up into dunes in 3 places.   MORE 
Mar 15, 2007 4:00 PM
Beautiful March day at the beach. Nothing unusual except the 74 people, but that was because it was a minus tide and there were a lot of clammers.   MORE